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Easy Braided Challah & Challah Rolls | Bread Baking for Beginners

Here is a step-by-step video following the Challah & Challah Snails Recipe from Bread Baking for Beginners by Bonnie Ohara! I included both shaping techniques in this video, so hopefully this video can help anyone bake Challah, no matter what skill level you might be at. This bread is soft like a pretzel and just slightly sweet. I think it would be a great bread to share friends and family during the holidays!

I highly encourage anyone who is looking to start making homemade bread to buy this book, and follow along with me, as I bake my way through this cookbook! 🙂



For the exact recipe I’m using, you can find it in the cookbook. Here’s a link:

Purchase “Bread Baking for Beginners” by Bonnie Ohara


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Homemade Brioche | Bread Baking for Beginners


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Directed by: Braxton Burrows
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