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Easy Bake Bread🤙🏽

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Video Transcription

oh no I’m mourning for my live-in yogithis is my new show called shrunkenissues for I’ll be teaching you how tobake and cook for your family fortoday’s pilot episode I’ll be showingyou how to make easy bread the reasonwhy I’ll be making this show is to teachyou guys how to cook and bake because Ilove cooking and baking since my parentsmake a lot of good food for me I want toknow how they do it so I want to learnhow to cook to make this easy bake breadyou need these for me 3 cups of flour itdoesn’t matter it could be any firedoesn’t matter which one you need 1teaspoon of sea salt 1/4 teaspoonquick-acting yeast and 12 ounces ofreally hot water first you had 3 cups offlour and then the 1 teaspoon of saltthen the 1/4 teaspoon of quick-actingyeast and then the water danger andhumble overall we’re going to mix it upnobody’s lukewarm water but raising hotwater because it have to be – youshouldn’t make it rice quicker to coverup the bowl with the dough enjoy withany kind of things clean wrap or towelso I can write and you have to put it inanother one memory to Facebook to roomtemperature so I can write once you haveit all set put in the area so I can sitwith three hours then you’ll be ready tobake you’re gonna have to let this doughstick for three hours at roomtemperature before it’s readyif you moments laterbut you get your dose if it’s three guysyou’re gonna want to put on a wellfloured surface like this you the reasonwhy you’re playing so much flour it’s soit doesn’t stickthere you’re gonna wanna use somethinglike this to take it out yeahokay you’re gonna slip it on the flowerwith your hands like this so I can geton it and show you it doesn’t get allstickyonce it’s like this you can use yourhands and give this to it alright youdon’t want to beat you up to 345fahrenheit and then you’re also gonnawant to bake it for 10 to 15 minutes butyou’re gonna mind shook it every fewminutes this is what a Dutch oven lookslike this is what you’re going to behaving to put the bread in debate you’regonna want to make sure that your Dutchoven has a oven safe and handle this iswhat it looks like and when you turn onyour cam you’re gonna want to put inyour Dutch oven inside the oven so I canpreheat you’re gonna want to line yourdog food with parchment paper so whenyou put in the dough it doesn’t getsticky or get stuck to the Dutch ovenonce your Dutch oven is preheated whenis already tip is already preheatedyou’re gonna wanna put your doing on theparchment paper if you want you cansprinkle they don’t flour on top to makeit look goodand then once that’s done you’re gonnawant to put your Dutch oven back andtidy of itand if you have any extra parchmentpaper on the outside when the lid is onyou’re gonna want to cut that offbecause when I first did this ie theparchment paper out and it caught onfireso I’m gonna have to cut this off allright and then you’re gonna wanna put itin turn of the oven once it’s inside theoven your mama want it in the oven and bake for 10-15minutes but you’re gonna want to checkit every few minutes my time is only afew seconds away from going off I can’twait to see what my bread looks like Ilike this brand because it’s really goodand it doesn’t take too long ago theReds it’s really good bread all righthere goes it’s good can’t wait to seewhat this bread looks like I’m soexcited oh yes[Music]can’t wait to see I can’t wait to takethis Wow look at this look at thatdoesn’t that I’m super good I can’t waitto try it thank you thank you forwatching this video come back next weekfor a new onethank you for watching this show join innext week for the next episode of shopalysha’s

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