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Dutch Oven Lasagna and Bread | Outdoor Camp Cooking | Cook Out Night Week 2

This week we made baked Lasagna and bread in our dutch ovens.

Each week we have a Cook Out Night where we create a meal as if we are camping…..using our homemade chuck box for meal prep and either the propane stove, briquettes, or the campfire as our heat source. Our goal is to gain skills so we can cook a variety of meals and avoid falling into a boring rut of traditional camp food.

We are Michael and Sheila. We live in the Pacific Northwest and are excited to have finally entered the empty nest stage in life after raising six children. We purchased our Vanagon as an inexpensive way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. We look forward to exploring different ways to camp….from dispersed camping to established campgrounds, and trying new methods of cooking…..from a propane stove to grilling over a campfire. We want to keep our methods simple, so we can invite others to join us and share this experience. Our hope is that these videos will encourage you to get out and discover what excites and inspires you..

Original of the video here

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