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oh we live your life can someone give usa thumbs up to save a life don’t see athumbs up yetwe are live though I see stuffs watchingthat’s goodoh the corns of watching great fantasticthere we go good yeah after happy daysit’s always interesting when you startthese this is the second Facebook lifewe’ve done and you have a tendency toanother people that are watching beforewe start today’s talk longit’s funny because a dear friend told menumerous there was the senior vicepresident of hotel operations theCrystal Cruises passed away last nightsometimes you struggle for words whenyou lose a family member because a lotof people don’t know you haven’t sailedcrystal we’re a family you know anywe’re not just her employees or we’renot just with very true family we reallycan I meant to only 13 years ago I wasdoing a show with the Travel Channelour cruisers in the world and when Ifirst set sail that crystal I fell inlove with it and we’ve been friends eversincereal good friends and he was justliterally an amazing mana fantastic chef he just knew how tofinesse a dish and I truly and I don’tthrow this way around too much I lovethe man so I’m so sorry that he’s got tosee he’s gone of the book but I knowthey said you’ve measured your legaciesby how many lives she touched and Ican’t say but it took so many to remindall the team members and found a crystalso I know he’s listening to me now andnobody would say to me make them laughJohn because the one thing we did whenwe were together we laugh and we laughso much he would love it when thingswould go wrong when I do a live show andI’d be talking to the audience I comeback and mistakes with happen and hereally enjoyed that so I want to sharewith you today a recipe that I learnedwhen I was 8 years young and there’sgonna like that either way it’s okay tocry you know if you’re the man it’s okayto cryit shows that your true human beingthat’s sausages okay and first startedcooking when I was eight years youngerif mrs. Spielberg’s governor’s wellbehind camera I first started cookingwhen I was eight years youngyou know we gave American beetleswe gave you the Rolling Stones and yougave us what I can remember Hulk Hoganmy brother loved Hulk Hogan and I’llnever forget he was watching thewrestler one time and he was practicingthe moves on me and remember matterdidn’t come in she gave us both a cliparound the year and she said jump shesaid how about I come in the kitchen andthat day we made bread I was 8 yearsyoung and I’ll never forget just seeinghow these dry ingredients how they cometogether there rose and she would make 5loaves for the neighbors mrs. Wallace Ijust remember coming around and it wasthis easy bread and that’s what startedme cooking and I wanted to show you thatrecipe today we’re going to go a littlebit little bit backwards today come overto the oven I’ve got a pan in the ovenhere and I’ve got a lid on the pan youcan see that there’s a lid on the actualpan and I’ll come back I’ll reverse ityou can see that the loaf is rising andwe’ll come back to that in a secondthere’s a Dutch oven we’ll come to thatin a minutehow’s mrs. spiel they’re doing good mrs.feel very good so the the loaf is in theoven and that’s cognate that’s at 425 solet’s show you how to make bread andwhat bread is and why what flour we usethere are three different types of flouryou well as several there’s whole wheatas well but the main flowers that we useat home is cake flour now when it comesto cake flour cake flour has about sevenpercent protein protein protein isimportant when you makewhen you’re baking the higher theprotein the more the shoe so when youhave graduated virtue so cake flour thatwould be for the lights of angels foodcake those really light cakes what wehave then we have all-purpose flourall-purpose flour will usually bebetween ten and a half and 11.7 this oneis and then we go to bread flour sobread flour what we call bread flour hasthe highest protein so we want to choosea high protein that gives our bread andnice chew a lot of a pizzeria reason alot of Baker’s are actually use about14% the bagasse is about 11.5 when youmake a French baguette so we want tochoose bread flour some of you may saywell can I use all-purpose flourabsolutely of course you canit’s not going to change it tremendousamount want a sense of protein so justso you know that as well um when itcomes to using yeast there are severaldifferent types each you have freshyeast which is why bakeries use but it’shard to get them in the store so I don’tuse fresh peas and then you have driedyeast but when it comes to dried yeast Iuse instant yeast what they call theoven instant lease and there’s manydifferent types of this active driedyeast this rapid rise they’re virtuallythe same basically it’s the way thatgoes and when the code shows when itcould slow they will learn when spiritsdo pick up very much Stormin on my ownwords today it’s almost like mentorslike a pretzel because come come[Laughter]dried yeast so basically instant yeastwhat that means is you can use it inTamia can just go in the flour okay soit can just go in there the water I’vegot the water you always want your waterbetween a hundred and between 100 and150 in max so you use it for monitor ahundred to one hundred and fifteen ifyou go over two hundred and fifteen it’sgoing to stall the yeast if you want totest you use put it in some water andhave a little bit of sugar and see if itstarts with rough four baths about fiveto ten minutes usually is okay it doeshave a sell-by date on there and somefolks will say to me if it’s gone pastits sell-by date will it workit will work but you won’t get the samerise and the best way to store yeast isgoing to be in a and a crank and acupboard where it’s dry and it doesn’thave any moisture if you’ve opened thepackaging you’re not usually I’ll justtidy him and pop it in to pop it into acupboard okay so now we’re gonna add theyeast so the yeast is in there and youcan see it’s a small amount inprofessional kitchens when we get used alot of the time it will be a pellet forma larger pellets that we have to put itin some wards but that’s why this iscalled instant yeast so the yeast is inthere the flowers in therethe next thing what we want to do isgive this a little mix in and I’m usingmy dough hook now you can at home youcould take a big bowl and you can makethis back when I was a wee lad inLiverpool we never had a stand mixer wejust had a big bowl I rememberthere’s only eight hours only small andI actually thought I was going to fallin there that first day in the kitchenI’ll never forget when mrs. Robinsoncome around and I had all the flour inmy headI look like beetlejuice at these littlehands and I gave them all bread to herand mrs. Robinsondid you help granny action I said yeahand she gave me five pencewhich at that time was a lot of moneyand I’ve got a bigger bag of candy themare oh that felt so good I think that’swhy I followed kokkonen who is alwaysthe gifted given as well now thatthey’ve mixed together now a lot ofrecipes that you’ll see at home they’llsay to you at the salt feel free if youwant to add the salt at this stage butyou’ll notice the way this recipe isrose that this let’s check that mr.Spielberg coming come on over let’scheck the red you can see now it’sstarting to brown nicely I’m just gonnaturn it around and the reason why weturn it aroundis that a oven as hot spots we mentionedit last week every oven has a hot spotand you want to find out what the hotspot is take your tray put some a lookand tray put some coconut on it and seewhere it Browns so it’s always good todo a 180 on it right back to the recipemrs. feel very the salt now you can addit to it or what you can do is wait 20minutes so I’m going to take them honeyabout a tablespoon of honey you don’thave to use honey and you don’t want tothe reason why we use honey in therecipe is that it helps with the brownso it gets thick so we’re sparing thathoney in about a tablespoononly sugars you don’t have to add thehoney but it really helps give it thatJess not come back that are to use morebakery if you notice that talked with mehow many dozen swimming that’s what it’sall about so now we’re gonna have thewater the recipe calls for a cup and ahalf of water I’ve got about two cupshere and every flower is different andwherever you are it’s gonna change ifyou’re in a high moisture state or apart of the world where it’s got a lotof humidity the flower will be differentso I start off with one and a half cupsbut I’ll keep on that anymore and I thetext you were looking for is almost likea play-doh so we keep on adding thewater and let’s see as it comes togetherwhere we stand and we’ll take a look sofeel free at home to add more if neededthe one-and-a-half cups if you’re makinga pizza down to this you may want toconsider also adding two tablespoons ofolive oil which gives it that niceelastic feeling so we can see thatcoming together earlier on this we’vechef Alfred if anyone’s been fromCrystal Cruises chef Alfred is awonderful chef great that Dean sent me apicture of a sourdough love he made athome and was absolutelysterling sir thanks out officiating nowwith you and this to me is just a basicload one package of yeast is perfectwhich tunic water teaspoons is theperfect amount for groups of bread weuse a lot of these because we’re lookingfor the short amount of time in gettingthat rise so you may see some otherbread recipes where it’s a overnightbread recipe in the users shortsremember the reason why we use all ourusers because we’re really looking toget some fun into it do you like thatyes I’m just good any comments we’ve hada lot of people think hello if theyjumped on people then keeps Keith’sdiner was thankful for your tribute toTony we do have a question as instantdry yeast the same as rapid yeah yeahexactly the same one just differenttitles he might be a slightly differentbrain but they’ll do exactly the sameexactly the same thing you’ll get thesame race as we look in the bowl as mrs.Spielberg comes in you can see it’spulled away from the actual bowl and I’mjust going to turn this off and I’mgoing to just pull this up now you cansee here it’s about the texture ofplay-doh if you see see the way it’sabout this texture now put a little bitof flour on your hands you can see thatit’s got a play-doh texture a little bitof flour on there just a small amount sowe’re looking for this soft texture sothe recipe calls for one and a half cupsbut you may take a little bit more or alittle bit less see that play-dohtexture so now what we’re going to do isknead now[Music]I’ll watch people at home enough havecooking classes and when it comes towhen they need it’s like yeah okay whenit comes to kneading it should be aneffortless what’s readyall’s I do is I bring it over itselfI’ve been getting over itself I fold itjust like that I’m gonna fold this sidecoming across coming across now we’reworking the gluten so what we want to dois work that gluten just taking ourhands your hand just pushing out and bydoing this we’re just working the glutenand you’ll notice and it’s gonna tightenup slightly so we’re just going to pushit out and push it out and push it outnow if you wants to have more bubbles inin the actual recipe some people like ita little bit more airing what you coulddo is let this sit for 20 minutes andthen keep on my folding one two threefour do that about four or five times orover a space of an hour and 40 minutesdo that four timesbeautiful holes and be looking forwardthey be able to use this for pizza it’sperfectly there are a couple oftablespoons of oil with this recipe ifused to leave overnight in the fridgeyou have such a different tastethe longer we ferment bread the betterit tastesif you let the bit on a crystal Cruz youwill know that bread is impeccable whenyou reward aside and you see the lasercoming along and he has the breadbasketand it has this whole soiree of breads Ilove the one of the songs on it it’sjust delightful and you could have asmuch as you want and the bread to needevery single day the truly delicious atthis stage now you can see for oursimple daily bread which is what we’remaking today not a sourdough just asimple daily bread we come together wefollow the link now what we want to dois not too much flourwe’re actually looking for our ventureof how to talk to be our friend so whatwe do is we just use our two hands andmy two hands are actually coming on theinside just like thatso our two hands and I’m just bringingit around and around and around justlike that and you can see the bottom wejust pinch we just pinch so it seals thebottom just like that cinemate seal soit’s not gonna split open and we justcome around like thatthere we go look at that and it doesn’thave to be so smooth if we’re not tryingto win a baking competition today andwe’re going to cut it open so the feesdon’t worry about that now I haven’tread these baskets what we use in thekitchens we just put a little bit offlour for you at home you could use abowl or you could just leave it on theaccounts probably they do leave it onthe countertop just put some flour sowe’re going to place it in there andthen what we normally do is we’ll placea towel on top of the actual bread andwe’ll let this rise so common questionis a common question we always ask ishow long do we let it rise it’s a hardquestion to answer because it depends onhow warm your home is if you’re in areal rush one of the things you can dois take 2/3 up in the oven place it on atray and at the bottom of the oven takea loaf pan or a bowl and pour someboiling water toward the bottom of theoven we’ve got the boiling water andwhat that does is it creates a steamaround so that can encourage that oh youcan just let it sit at room temperaturefor a couple of hours depending how warmit is in your home for that andsometimes what I’ll do when we havevisitors I’ll just make it the nightbefore and I’ll get youI’m an early riser so I’ll normally justbring the girls and then after a coupleof hours I take the piece of parchmentpaper this parchment paper is cut in an18 square so I only used to just bakethis otheroften train and you’re funny to do thatbut if you want to get yourself a realgood crackling crust I’ll show you howto do that so here’s a here’s a piece ofbread I put a little bit of flour onhere this load has been in for an hourand you can see it’s nice and wobbly youcan see that the is in there see thatactually to be honest with you I’m gonnabe like that myself after this Oh anylonger you keep cotton cookies so we’regonna take the bread and tip it over thebread comes out the basket and a lot ofpeople say how do you know when it’sproof – proof in it which we’re talkingabout Lenny rice we just press on it andyou see mr. Spielberg I’m pressing andit’s bouncing backSedo am pressing and it’s bouncing backso that is proof nicely question youmaybe we can see this nice crust on itlook at that crust that’s forming nowyou may say you might ask yourself youngwhen do you know when it’s done itdepends how right some people might belooking like your chestnuts some peoplelike it looking like a lighter color Ilike a little bit more darkness to minewhat we’re looking forso the breads ready if you don’t let itproof which means letting get rise sowhat’s happen is the flour inside theflour is the yeast to season all theflour which is causing the carbondioxide which is causing the bread torise if you don’t let it proof here’ssome rolls I under previous roles so asyou can see they split they should beround I didn’t want to do with a fullload but I felt really guilty but I hadto do it to show you now it’s not thatthese are bad and if you do want toprove proof in your first time don’tworry about it it’s still you can eat itand it’s just a loaf with some characterthat’s why the right of survivors atthis stage now if you want us to do apatent on it you could I would say put acurse on it in a professional kitchenwe’ll use one of these you’ll see thesebeing used but you don’t need this athome if you have a aralia set you coulduse a razor or you just got a good sharpknife feel free to use a a sharp knifeso we can cut it with a sharp knife sowe’re just going to cut some splashesand that it’s important I find to dosome cuts in it it stops it it’ll helpit open up as it cooks which is what youwant and then we’ll just turn it pressthis way I miss get to it this is a nicebasic pan there is so many beautifulpatterns you’ll see online if you goalong but I really didn’t want to go tola-dee-da I can’t do some patterns Iknow I knowI know you think you know you can’t Ican’t do some happens I promise yet butthis is a basic one and it’s a simpledaily lows so I’ve got a Dutch ovensome recipes are mine they’ll say toheat up the dough children firstand I found that not heating it upactually is a blessing because he lit upCernan you will get the oven spring andyou’ll get the color but it’s reallyhard to get the bread inside of yourDutch oven and most you do have thesebuildings when everything is low I wasin a minute I’ll show you on what I usefor lunchso the the bread now we know it’s proofbeautifully it’s looking goodand gives you grab it by the cornersjust grabbing it and in goods place intothe Dutch oven and he even if this tookchildren was hard I may scold my hands Iwant to be careful I’m gonna place thelid on what this does it traps in allthe moisture and it gives that breadthat beautiful color it helps you getthat nice open spring on it so for thefirst 20 to 25 minutes we want to getback to keep the lid on it and then wetake the lid off which is how we startwith the show today if that time iscorrecting sometimes Iand sometimes I don’t we should be ableto bring this houselet me bring to the meeting pop thiswanted to look it in the oven I’m gonnabring this across to you this is this isthe pan I normally use for my lows it’sgot a nice color to it and listen to thesoundlisten to the sound in a moment it’sgonna crackle so now I’ve got the loafin the Dutch oventhis comes in and we pop this inpreheated oven always pretty it’s in thecenter about 20 to 25 minutes and thenyou take the lid off when it comes outyou’ve got this beautiful correct listento him I’m sort of nervous because Ihaven’t seen any comments I said I don’tknow if people aren’t commenting or if Ijust can’t see them it’s Ezra live butI’m just calling out if you have beencommenting I can’t see the governmentthat would be Bob listen how don’t we gothat could be still got a while that’sokay I just want to show you whilstwe’re doing this a quick pizza here’sthe same dough so the same dough willmake two family sized pizzas or threeindividual pizzas I’ll just show you aquick thing so our way it will also be12 rolls you can see his six of them Ihave to burn some to show you you cansee that it’ll make theserulz individually for you you could alsomake puns as well you know with it andit takes some scraps of dough a piece ofdough and you can make this makes a goodpizza if you take a look remember weadded 2 tablespoons of oil to this onelook at the bubbles inside therehopefully one day we’ll be able to do apizza class because I love pizza we’rejust gonna get the lip on the pizza justlike that and just to show you how onedough my biggest goal is to encourageyou how one dough you can use it for somany different recipes so we’ve got thebread and now we’re making a pizza andwhat I find a pizza just this is a samedough four cupswe’ve got the four cups of flour 1package of yeast we’ve got the water andhoney in there we’re just stretchingthem two hours and we all love pizza buta lot of those obscure to make pizzadon’t and now that we’ve got this onedough you can never befriend so you just take a pizza peeljust to show you this is sort of one ofthose bonuses you know you have the thebonuses such you like when you’rewatching the TV if you buy this now youget this recipe throw it in tomato sauceum a bit of mozzarellaless is more or more as less I’m rushingthis pizza normally I go a little bitmore towards the edge for I don’t wantto run out of time and then this pizzawe can pour into you can see the pizzascooking now that’ll take a couple ofminutes to gothat’s that’s cooking with the actualthough tap the box we just listen ahollow sound the highest sound is whatwe’re looking for when it comes to happyto say I say to have any bread but ifyou know it’s done and a lot of peoplesee how long do I leave that breadbefore we how long beforeI always said feedback read at least 30minutes because otherwise you need itwill change the integrity of the breadlet’s take a look at that cost first athome how easy is this you know you canread this kind of you can make it let’sslice a piece listen to this as beslicing come on mrs. spiel there come inthereit smells very good it smells good lookat this look at that bread you can makethis in your kitchen the beautiful crustthis in your kitchen and I like to brushthis with some bullets take some bus asome good quality butter and be generousbecause you don’t allowed to be generousfeel free if you wants to at home makean olive oil and dip for this now I useunsalted butter so one of the things Ilike to use is unsalted butter that foodthe pizza remember we talked about aboutpizza that’s been in there it will showyou the beautiful crust that is onerecipe can make it I’d love to take somesalttake some Madeline so we use mold andsalt for finishing chefs a little bit ofsalt on there doesn’t look so good aboutbread I think that means it’s 30 minutesall right and here’s the pizza a littlebit of basil this one recipe now thatyou’ve mastered it at home you can takethis recipe look at that look at thebottom of it you can take this recipeyou can makebe sure to visit the crystal inside lovefor this recipe the only difficulty anydifference that language really ishaving a little bit more water but youcan see how simple koukin is I it waskind of a tough one today because youknow when you heard the last sort ofsomeone who you really love it’s it’sjust hard you know but you know I reallylove toning him he really thought thebest house with me he seen things in methat I didn’t see myself and he believedme and I’m so glad that he touched mylife and I know forever I’ll always be abetter person because of him I dedicatethis show to Tony as he looks from abovethem I’ll say my prayers at sunsets andrates on the beach I hope you’ll allremember from all of our team members Iknow when we set sail we always playthis song and I know this song meansmore than anything today for this andthisjust a beautiful Sun I hope you enjoy itis shown today I’m sorry for crying welldo love science experiment I mean youwould be in a rural City live at themoment it won’t be long before we’ll allbe on the lower shoe together with allpeace creating memories thank you thoughstopped by today I know it’s Easterhappy Easter to you and your family Ihope I encouraged you to make somedecent recipes thank you thank you fromthe bottom of my heart to Tony’s familyI’ll send you a messageI love you all and thanks anyway to ourfaculty members and family at Crystal Ilove you all too thanks for let me goahead Lucas and dedicate this to Tonygod bless you pink

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