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Cooks and Books w/ Logan – Baking Lembas Bread

Join library assistant Logan on a journey through Middle Earth, or your own kitchen, as we learn to make Lembas Bread from the Lord of the Rings series.

Elven Waybread (Lembas)
Original Recipe by Aurelia Beaupommier, remixed by Logan Dickerson

Preparation Time: 20 mins
Cooking Time: 20 mins
Total Time: 40 mins

Flour – 4 cups
Brown Sugar – 2 cups
Water – 1 cup
Salt – pinch
Nuts – 1/2 cup
Dried Fruit – 1/2 cup
(Can substitute 1 cup of trail mix for the 1/2 cup nuts and 1/2 cup dried fruits)

1. Preheat oven to 350 F.
2. Sift flour into large bowl then add the brown sugar, water and pinch of salt. Mix well until dough is smooth and similar throughout.
3. Break nuts and dried fruit if pieces are larger than ½ inches. Trail mix is just about the ideal size.
4. Set up a floured workspace with room to roll your dough out and ample flour as the dough will be sticky from the brown sugar. With your rolling pin, roll the dough out to about ½ inch thickness aiming for a general rectangular shape.
5. Cut the dough into squares about 2 inches wide or your desired brownie size. Adding a bit of butter to the knife can create a smooth cutting experience.
6. Place some parchment paper on a cookie sheet, or spray with cooking spray if parchment paper isn’t available. Lay cookies down with ½-1 inch space between, they don’t spread out very much.
7. Add the nuts and dried to the tops of your cookies and press in enough that they stay but aren’t pushed through the cookie entirely. Stick in oven and bake for 10 mins.
8. Take your cookies out and sprinkle or brush with a small amount of water. Then stick it back in the oven for another 10 minutes. This helps keep the nuts and fruit on as well as forms a lovely crust.
9. Let the cookies cool before wrapping in leaves for your journey across Middle Earth!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everyone my name is Logan I work forthe Mesa County Libraries and as Ialways stuck at home you are I’d imagineI’ve been taking up some hobbies one ofthem is baking the other one is theviolin I mean I learned how to play manyyears ago in middle school and highschool now to give you an idea whatwe’re gonna be doing with the bakingtoday I wanted to play something and seeyou guess listen carefully as I try anddo this properly[Music]all right some of you may haverecognized that as in dreams I HowardShore from Lord of the Rings I wanted toplay that to see if I still could andalso to introduce what I’m going to bemaking today so we are making elven awaybread our lemon s1 thisit’s from a book I caught a while agocalled the Wizards book by Julia againpronounced Annunciation view come hereand it’s really really fun one of thereasons I like this book is it doesingredients and instructions like it wasin that world for example the water inthis recipe it should be collected fromthe leaves of a golden shoes preferablyand the pottery Bowl we use in filmingshould preferably be fired doing duringtwo equinoxes so just kind of a fun booklemon bread is one of the things thatthe fellowship eats on their way to getrid of the ring and one of the mainquotes I found from it was eat a littleat a time and only it mean so thesethings are given to serve you on allelse fails the cakes will keep sweet formany many days if they’re unbroken andleft in their leaves wrappings as wehave brought them one will keep a charmhis feet for a day of long labor even ifhe is one of the tall men of ministersso it’s kind of a fun recipe it’s reallyeasy all the ingredients are easy toprivate figured that’d be a nice thingto do instead of your sellotape where wefind in the grocery store for example solet’s get startedbegin with we’re going to need a coupledifferent ingredients we need flourbrown sugar water salt and nuts anddried fruit recipe originally came inbounces and pounds and other funmeasurements so I’ve tried to change itover into cups to make it a littleeasier okay so the ingredients weregoing to needit’s just all-purpose flour it does comeask for it to be sifted I had a pancover that I use which is ideal like thebest way to do it so I think you couldprobably get away with not if you don’thave one as well but you’re gonna needfour cups of that next is brown sugarthis wing is gonna be two cups which iskind of a lot of sugar but keep in mindthese had to get you know the fellowshipall the way up to an attorney who needone cup of waterit doesn’t matter if it’s collected fromthe leaves of a golden tree or not thatis the recipe suggest but I like thatlittle teaspoon was a pinch of saltdoesn’t really matter what kind I useiodized just because it’s what is in mycatcher crackerso the last thing there has to be callsfor it’s actually quite a bit more driedfruit and nuts than I did when I firstmade this recipe I found that I had alot more than I needed sticking to thetop of all the cookies that we’ll seehere soon so I actually am suggesting ahalf cup of nuts and a half cup of driedfruit and instead of you know buyingthose separately and actually putting inall that effort I just pop the trail mixthat had the ingredients I wanted I’drecommend it it’s a little easier thangoing through and finding about someberries you Sarahso the things you will need to actuallymake the recipe is a rolling pin as wedo have to roll out the cookie dough acookie sheet hartwig paper is preferredbut you could definitely get away withham or some kind of cooking spray beyondthat they’re gonna want you know theybowl to mix it all in and that’s to getthe pretty straightforward simple recipewhich is nice but this our first stepthat’s gonna be mixing all the dryingredients together take the flowersdump in your sugar it doesn’t have to bepretty and it makes that an asshole ifyou know spreads your a good consistencyand no brown sugar likes to clump up soyou know have fun getting all the littleclumps like it’s a video game orsomething but you still want it to bepretty well mixedonce you got a little bad done you canadd an assault while we’re waiting forthat I have a fun order inside for you Ijust recently learned according to myhusband so you know sprechen oftenprobably is the Nicolas Cage wassupposed to play Eragon and the Lord ofthe Rings movie and he turned the worlddown so the bigger Morgan’s that endedup with it and I’m having a little bitof a hard time imagining Nicolas Cage isour ranger and ya know there’s a lot ofNicolas Cage fans out there and I’m verysorry to you but I can’t count myselfamong them and I don’t know that we’regonna stay I don’t know if he wants tosteal certainly now you will try thatalong the route or what he’d be doinginstead the Lord of the Rings but I’mpretty sure we can sing anyway and I’vegot that mixed in you’re gonna wanna doa pinch of salt to this day I stilldon’t know exactly how much that is togo with what your heart tells you andhow much salt you want well reminderthese aren’t gonna be cookies and theywant us to eat in them as well sowhatever a pinch of salt means to us andbefore you add your water make sure youkind of mix that around so it gets whereit needs to be going okay so how do Iknow that you’re gonna want to add thatcup of water and you’re going to mixuntil it is kind of a smooth doughtexture it’s a really simple dough wedon’t have any beer yeast filling on wedon’t have like eggs or milk or anythingelse in here one of the things thatmakes this cookie so easy is no smallnumber of ingredients and the fact thatthe dough is really easier thing to dobecause it doesn’t have a other aspectit does come out a little harder afteryou’ve baked it which is why we’re gonnatry and keep an eye on it and make sureit doesn’t stay in there for too longwell I figured that you know shoot inthe books they are kind of hard and aregood you know meal replacements in thebooks but they definitelyor surely er than the average okayideally we want it to be you know stillit because I do have with NicoleKitchenAid that I’m a huge fan of but Ithink that if I was in the world of Lordof the Rings that probably would be anoption so to be more accurate I thoughtI should do this Mike the dough does geta bit weird so if you need to add moreflour or water that’s totally fine Ithink I’m actually just about done hereso once it’s kind of a smooth doughtexture you can set it aside and we’llmove on to the next stepall right so our next step is going tobe taking the dough out and rolling itand talked about a half inch thick we’resupposed to do this on a floured workspace now I absolutely hate flouredworkspaces because they’re annoying toclean up and you have flour everywhereit’s just a mess so I’ve actually takingmy parchment paper onto the counter hereand duct taped it down because it’seasier to pick up afterwards youobviously can do it your own way but Iwould actually recommend trying this ishow to Tipton you have kind of smallerworkspace like are you so of course youwant to put some flour down first so itdoesn’t get stuck directly ontoeverything then you’re gonna pull yourdough out of the bowl and slap it onthere so don’t be scared of adding likea decent amount of flour so it’s notsticky as you roll it out on because ofall the brown sugar in it it’sdefinitely that tend towards that sodon’t be frightened of adding too muchbut you also don’t what I like dumpentire cup loads on there so again muchlike a pinch of salt and as we roll thisout I want to talk about who’s myfavorite character in the orderingseries and my least favorite characternow of course we could all argue thatSam is the true hero sorry mr. Frodo youonlyso much but that is not actually myfavorite my favorite character in waterrings is Tom Bombadil you may be askingwho is Tom Bombadil fancy certainlydidn’t appear in the movies and TomBombadil is essentially this likemagical forest living wizard similar toradagast the brown that they put intothe Hobbit movies but a little bit morepowerful and with the ability to turninto a bear and fight peoplehe was an interesting character heshould have I believe on the way toRivendell but I’ll have to revisit it tobe sure he is super helpful he giveseverybody shelter and feeds them andkind of helps them out of course hedoesn’t go far enough to like reallygoing with him on the journey but Ialways liked him because he seemed likehappy-go-lucky you just magical forestguy and when everything else gets soserious some more of the Rings it’s kindof nice to remember that Tom Bombadil isat home playing with bears and doingwhatever he wants in his forest so he’smy favorite character my mists favoritecharacter is the giant creepy spidercomes next eventshe does have a name it is Shelob she’sabsolutely terrifying when I first readwaterings I was in middle school andonce I started reading I didn’t stop forabout a week there was the entire thingthrough and when I get to the part whereyou think mr. Frodo has died I cried andcried and cried before I got past thatpart which was maybe a bit ridiculousbut I was really invested in thecharacters and the look at that point soanyway and I’m reviewing the roll out ofthe dough do your best to avoid mymistake and put down quite a lot offlowers of this nature we are gonna becutting it into little chunks and littlesquares and so really doesn’t matterwhat it looks like on the thing butavoiding the stickiest probably a goodonce you got that done we’re going totake our knife and we’re gonna slice itinto little squares have a brownie sizedsquares I’m really the most importantthing is you still want to but1/2 inch thick okay so once you have alittle squares cut out kind of like thisyou’ll put them on your cookie sheetwith your parchment paper and that’smore a minute some berries so the recipedoes call for chopping these up a littlethinner I don’t know if they werestarting the bigger dried fruit than meor what I think trey’ll exercise isprobably fine it’s a huge hassle to gothrough and cut peanuts awesome so whatyou’re gonna want to do is take thosenuts and the dry fruit and stick them ontop of your cookies you kind of have topush them in a little bit the first timeI made this recipe I only did a littlebit and so they kind of fell off afterthey’ve been cooked I’m not a time mostof them stuck but if you want them to beon there make sure you push in a littlebit you don’t want to push them all theway through the cookie but you do wantthem to be kind of settled in the doughbefore you stick them in the oven andthis one if you have kids are members ofyour fellowship you want to how bad theycan totally do this too it’s one of theeasier parts of it which is nice andwhile I’m doing this I do want to tellyou that on canopy which is the livelylibrary streaming service thereapparently is a documentary called thereal little earth it’s about an hourlong that was made in 20 2007 and it’sall about how the Lord of the Rings ismade all about Jeremiah kokin and itlooks pretty interesting unfortunatelywe don’t have the full Lord of the Ringsmovies than Peter Jackson on there tostrain but if you’re interested in howthose all came about it looks like itmight be a good thing to check out Iknow we do have the longer movies withyou know Elijah Wood and everybody elseat the library so once we’re doingcheckouts and things like that againtake a look out for them I know they’resuper fun and those of you who have theextended versions and started watchingthem when we all got the shelter inplace order I hope you finished themsoon I know they are incredibly longI’ve only seen the normal version but Ido plan onmaking that journey at some pointokay so now that you have your nuts anddried fruits on our little squares herewe’re going to stick them in ourhopefully preheated oven this will be at350 and I found the top rack seems towork best if you have a little oven legyou can turn on that’s great so we’regoing to keep an eye on these set youralarm for 10 minutes once those 10minutes comes up we’re going to take itback out and kind of sprinkle some morewater on the top actually not very muchjust a little that helps give it a nicecrust and keeps the fruit and the nutson there even more so so again don’tbreak step out alarm and I’ll see you injust a second so while we’re waiting forthese to bake I was thinking about allthe other experiences I’ve had with Lordof the Rings the one that came to mindthat I’m sure you’re all very interestedin is when the movies first came out Iwas in early middle school I think and Ihad this wonderful light green shirtwith Orlando Bloom’s face on it as likea loss with his long luscious locksbecause he was just the best and I hadto have a shirt of him so I think he wasmy favorite actor else whatever for avery long time until I realized thatwasn’t actually his hair and inhindsight that should have been obviouswho’s nobody has hair that beautiful butwhen I found that out I think I had tomove on to liking Eragon better justbecause I believe that is indeed forgood worse that’s real hair not surewhere you guys all stand on that battlebut something I’m sure you cared youknow okay now that you’re a 10 minutetimer has hopefully gone off as itshould we will take the keys back out ofthe oven and they won’t look done yetbecause they’re not done yet which isperfect sticking on top of your stovehere and then you’re gonna want to takea spoon a little bit of water and justpull some water over the top of each nota whole lot the idea is kind of like anegg wash you guys may have done I’m justto put a bit of a crust on it and tokeep everything kind of sticking to it Idon’t actually have those handy littlebrushes that does not a lot better butif you have one of those this is indeedthe time for it so just kind of shakethe spoon over I gothe moisture on top there and afterwe’re done with this we’re gonna stickit back in the oven for another 10minutes the first time I did these I gota little carried away to catch stickingit back in for just a little longerbecause I wanted to get that perfectgolden brown and it turned out thatmakes them a little bit of harder than Ireally want them to be so try to go forexactly the 10 minutes but then makeyour own best guess one of the fun partsabout cooking is that everybody’s ovenis a little bit different becausethere’s a nice and metaphor in therelike no one reads the same book no onecan possibly make the same but aboutanother 10 minutes and again keep an eyeon it that oven whites and it’d be superhelpful if you have one otherwise youcan just sit like Gollum in front of itsalivating and talking about my preciousand well the people in your householdwonder if you haven’t been seeing othersof us okay once you got a little bit ofwater there we’ll stick it back in toour unique and interesting ovenit’s a timer for another 10 minutes allright so now your timer is hopefully offfor the second time we’re gonna take ourcompute out and see how they lookI do believe excuse me ideally you wantthem to be kind of golden brown but nottoo much like I said before they do kindof harden up and also as they cool downthey will set even more so if you wantto give them a poke and if they give alittle bit that’s good if they’re likeoh you’re gonna want to stick themin for maybe a couple more minutes soeither way once they are finished toyour satisfaction put them aside withthem all they’ll be very hot and afteryou’re done there’s actually a couplegood ways to eat them I have found withEnglish tea is probably the mostrealistic way um with dorvan meat orsome other aspect is probably the mostaccurate way but while you’re waitingfor those to cool I can tell you aboutUniversal classes which is anotheronline resource the library has so ifyou go to the websiteeat resources and go down to universalclass there’s a bunch of fun randomthings you can learn and it’s goteverything from like massage I think tobark eating do cooking classes which youcan all watch online I believe you getongoing learning credits for them ifthat’s something you’re interested inbut otherwise it’s just a good way tolearn something and pick up someone so Ididn’t get a chance to take a bite of mycookie here and it’s pretty chewy it’spretty much how I imagined theFellowship’s supplies to have been maybea little tastier since we made I hopeyours turned out just as well and when Ithank you for coming on this journeywith meregardless it find a nice quote to sendus off from Elrond in the first book youdon’t remember who that is we watch themovie or go read the book he’s a goodcharacter and it’s farewell and may theblessing of elves and men all free folkgo with you may the stars shine uponyour facesthank you so much for joining my programI hope you take advantage of the otherprograms and other resources and thingsthe library is trying to provide duringthese times be healthy have you see ifeveryone[Music]

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