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Cooking Banana bread/Банановый хлеб – самый популярный десерт в мире!

In this video we share the recipe of one of the most popular sweet treats in the world-banana bread. And as we are english-lovers we also teach you some cooking vocabulary which will definitely help you to understand recipes in English. Watch a video and cook with us!)

В этом видео мы делимся рецептом одного из самых популярных сладких угощений в мире-банановый хлеб. Но так как мы не только любим готовить, но и любим английский язык, мы выучим лексику, связанную с темой готовки, которая поможет вам легко понимать рецепты на английском языке. Смотрите видео и готовьте с нами!)

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Video Transcription

maybe answer might these similarities inwhat I got it it’s one of the simplestsweet treats on the planet cocaineexperts claim that it’s actually more acake than a brick take care I’ll see younext next hello guys I’m Anna I’m Dashaand this is a new language school todaywe are going to cook banana bread andlearn some cooking vocabulary it’s oneof the simplest sweet treats in theworldcooking experts actually claim that it’smore a cake than a bread you’ll needfour i bananas 140 grams of butter 130grams of sugar 1 egg 1 teaspoon ofbaking powder 200 grams of flour a pinchof salt first we build the bananas andadd them to the bowl then we need tomesh them into the batter now we need tomount the bottom so we are gonna put itin the microwave for 2030 seconds webore our butter 2 bananas and whisk ituntil combinedit’s time to add sugar an egg saltbaking soda and flour switch to using aspatula and gently stir until theingredients are just barely combined andno more dry flour is visible pour thebatter into the prepared loaf pan usingthe spatula to scrape all the batterfrom the bowl bake for 60 minutes at 175Celsius until the top of the cake iscaramelized dark brown if you wantsomething quick and sweet you definitelyneed to try it we hope that you willfind time to cook it or you can evenkill two birds with one stone and try todescribe the process in English it willhelp you to learn vocabulary and enjoythe procedureshare your favorite pestering commentsrelevant for new baking ideas see younext videos take care bye bye

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