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Cook with me ITALIAN Easter Bread || Vlog 33 || Anna Marie Vlogs

Happy easter my friends! I tried this fun recipe and it turned out so nice and good- reminds me of hawaiian king rolls!!

recipe here:

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Video Transcription

[Music]my kind of like this meet Ana and I’mback again to make Easter bread oh mygosh you know this this light this lightdoesn’t beautify me at all I got a ringlight and it makes me look whoo way toomuchI guess it’s playing whatever anyway cuzwe’re gonna make Easter bread today andbecause of that I’m gonna share a Restalink to of the recipe below that I watchthis Italian grandma make Easter breadand so I’m gonna try to make it too I’mso this is totally not my recipe I’venever made it before but I remember thatwhen I was young we used to have likesomething special in Easter so I thoughtmaybe this could be that somethingspecial um so I’m gonna tell you whatyou need you need four cups of flour shesays it should be sifted I don’t have asifter so we’re just gonna work withwhat we’ve got here you’re gonna needtwo large eggsyou’re gonna need 1/4 pound of butterwhich is one stick for those who don’tknow a teaspoon of vanilla you shouldprobably have real vanilla but I onlyhave imitation vanilla because I’m notas a baker you’re gonna need one in 1/4cup of milk I’m using just like skimmilk she says to use whole milk I don’thave that um you need one pack of theactive dry yeast 1/2 cup of sugar I onlyhave like fake sugar so we’re gonna makedo that’s gonna be perfect okay but Iwanted to try to make it you’re gonnaneed a whisk or one of those handheldones I wish I had one of those pie inanother bowl and then it says that youshould have some color so sprinkles so Ipicked out these colorful sprinkles andwe’re going to try to make this so thefirst thing it says to do is actuallyget you a little pot pour your milk 1 in1/4 cup milkin the pot and your butter in Susie potI knew that was going to happenwelcome to cooking with honor and thenyou’re going to want to heat this upjust until it’s warm and the butterstarts melting so I’m gonna go do thatand you can see that I’m boiling theeggs back there so there’s nowhere forme to put you guys because you’re on mylaptop so I’m going to pause and I’mgoing to come back when that’s readyokay while we’re waiting on that I’mgoing to go ahead and do the second stepand where you need just a new bowlyou’re gonna put your two eggs into thebowl you’re gonna want to put your halfcup of sugar into the bowl this isactually a fourth cup so I need anotherokay there we go and you’re gonna putyour 1 teaspoon of your vanilla into thebowl I really hope this turn out becausehers look so cute go and you’re gonnawhisk that together and if Chris iswatching I’m using that what’s that yougot me because he hates the one that Iuse that my grandma used to use becauseit’s not a good whisk so we use one thatChris got me that’s my best friend I’mjust gonna whisk this together[Music]it’s just barely started to melt thebutter it looks like her so I’m justgonna let it sit for a second littletime we’re gonna add in this milk andI’m sure it so that the eggs don’tcurdle is why the milk can’t be too hot[Music]all right so now we got to add in ouryeast just the whole packet we’re gonnaadd in here and because it does have youStinnett we’re gonna have to let it riseso let’s get a yeast in hereOh comes out of the packet okay nowwe’re gonna mix it up[Music]now what we’re gonna do from here iswe’re actually going to add the flour ina little in a little a little bit littlewhich is normal for these kind ofrecipes until all is mixed in andthey’ll start looking like a sticky soft[Music][Applause][Music]I may need to start using my littlespatula here you know their spatula andjust kind of fold it in[Music]mine’s a little bit more sticky than heras it could be because I’m using alittle bit different ingredients but Idon’t have like enough flour anywaysso what I’m gonna do is get my flourflour the surface of this liberally justa cutting board I’m gonna keep it hereto the side just in case and see it’sjust not a good angle and it stands andthen sit back down now we’re gonna getthis all out of this bowl[Music]gonna need it bad give it a couple rollsoh it is so soft it is now feeling andlooking like what she told me so I thinkwhat she told me like she did a privateshow for me right[Music]I’m gonna take my bold and my flowervigilance in and pop it in there oh solovely shirt right and we’re black whenyou’re cooking baking so this is what itlooks like it’s ready just like she saidshe put plastic on hers I don’t haveplastic so I’m gonna let her raise forone hour just like this hey I took myone hour break and my bread has risenokay so we’re gonna go ahead I have nowa nice cutting board a big ol one andthen my two sheet pans and some flour sowe’re gonna go ahead and flour a littlebit so soft nice flouroh gosh you can’t see enough looks likewe’re gonna go ahead kind of roll itinto a log I don’t know if I have enoughspace for the sentence cutting boardmy log and then we’re gonna cut it inthe four different pieces she kind ofhad it little ugly that’s not so softyou guys so take our super sharp knifeit is a Aisha ten inch or two our eightinch 20 centimeter chef’s knife andwe’re gonna just cut it in halfwe’re gonna cut it in half again so thatwe have four piece of dough that we canturn into balls the way and each oneyou’re gonna kind of make into like acircle just kind of roll around yourcircle okay so now we got four of thesebeautiful little balls so wish she didnext is she rolls and stretches thisbread now into like long log[Music]you know what underneath this issanitize so I think I’m gonna move withthem off dose but this will provide memore work this was about as long as Ithink she had that tell me in thecomments below if you think I did okay[Music]okay so we have two long ones oh one islonger than the other oh well so whatshe did is she kind of squeezed one endtogether like this and she wrapped itaround so if you’ve ever worked atSubway this exactly well they use likefour of these long bribes but it’s kindof like how you doing it subway but alittle bit more simplelook at this I’m doing okay you guys asqueeze that togetherhers wasn’t perfect mine is not either Idon’t think it needs to be and then youmake a circle can you see that I hopethis is good angle but you just make acircle leaving the middle open and yousqueeze this end together as much as youcan just kind of combine them togetherand then you move the whole thingcarefully onto your tray oh I justsquished it a little bit limited spacehere come on now this is a real livehonest kitchen so you know so move ithere[Music][Applause]so my little son his birthday is onApril 16th so this isn’t his firstbirthday he’s not gonna be able to havea party and if you guys know my son healways has a really nice cake that myfriend Chris makes and he was gonna havea really cool cake again this year andChris actually bought the stuff for italready him we can’t have its party so Iwas like okay well we can wait to havehis party but it sounds like it’s gonnabe like five six months on the road herethis so yeah I don’t know that we’regonna have it time so we’re gonna dosomething special here so if you want tosay happy birthday through my son Coltonbelowhe turned six on April 16th and you needto let these rides again this is whatthey look like for another 40 minuteskind of like this but another 40 minutesand they are larger in size so the nextthing we’re supposed to do is take onemore egg that I’ve beaten here andyou’re supposed to have a breast but wedon’t have it I used to have onenever thought I’d use it again and giveit to somebody else we’re just gonnabrush it on our bride[Music]you don’t need to use the whole day andthen we’re gonna take our littlesprinkly yes they’re so cute they’relike little flowers sprinkle ice that’swhite and I’ll sprinkle eyes this on youjust like this just use your littleheart as flower sprinkles and you put iton top like thats as much as you want oras little as you want a good activityget your kitten Wow dad mommy I make oneeat tomorrow yeah I’m gonna make ittonightmaybe well sneak a piece tonight too huhalright so we have them all beautifulall right so I’m gonna grab some colorto Easter eyes and put them in thecenter purple and green I hope you justdie it’s a green and purple I’m 350 for20 minuteswelcome back friends you’ve probablyseen that I’ve taken my shirt offexposing my little cute tank top and Iput my hair up until I’m messy heredon’t care so our breads are finishedthey’re so beautiful they’re beautiful[Music][Music]beautifully done super high so you letthem cool off when they’re done butthey’re really hot yeah and it’s calledEaster bread so we’re gonna let it cooloff and then eat the egg no yeah laterthoughmm-hmm a tiny bit sweet but really themcool then what I’m try this so hotyou think your ticket thank you forwatching this video I think wedefinitely did not fail maybe it tastesa bit their friend because ouringredients are a bit different but butwe did a good job so like commentsubscribe I hope you guys maybe you canmake this yourself me even next yearwe’ll see bye friends

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