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Video Transcription

hello welcome back to my channel todayI’ve been a wonderful day so sunny sobright as at same time it’s also cool sotoday I will be making banana breadokay everyone I bread todayso let’s go at spats let’s go and makeit okay hope you enjoy itmake sure you write down the ingredientsI used so you can have an idea of how tomake use so let’s go hello hello hellowe’re making banana bread today so we’regoing to smash sash for bananas okaywe’re smashing okay we’re backokay I’m going to add a cup not really acop not to a crop of sugar white sugarbut I’m not already too sweet so I don’treally like my soup soup soup sweetwords you know in nom nom I’m gonna mixit and get back to you so it’s mixedI see it next someone to add brown sugarthe same amount or mix it and get backto you sighs Oh mixed-up mix mix mix sonow add in a cup of see you in a bit soI’ve put on three eggs on the side sonow I’m gonna mix it and get back to youokay see ya the eggs are mixed up mix sonow I had my analyzer and I’ll wing itHey so wing kit if you have almondessence you can add that so if you haveparamagnetic add that soon so I’m justgoing to add the vanilla and mix andI’ll get back to you on that teamokay so I’m going to add two cups offlourjust half a cup so I’m going to do itlike I’m going to quickly add in ourchildren yes and it’s after other theessence extracts so he ever makes soafter I finished mixing the flour inI’ll come back see you oh you wannawatch meso I’m going to add 2 teaspoons ofbaking soda so I’m going to mix that upand come back to you oksee in a bit so I added a pinch of saltafter with the baking soo down so nowit’s time to mix and you see like lumpsof bananas inside that’s good that’sgood so I’m gonna get my nuts so we canchop it up add it into this mix ok seeyou in the bay ok so I have some flakedalmonds here some pecans walnuts here Isome goji berries so I’m going to have ataste I’m munching on the water[Applause]what I’m going to use I really likealmond so much I like I will chop themup add them into the mixturethe goji berry it’s not optional I’mtrying to consume more koji berries soI’m going to add some to my own bananabread but this is for someone so I’m notgoing to add it so after I finishedchopping it up and we’ll put it into themixture I’m going to put it in our pan Iplay in the oven okay I’ll pick the a bedone with chopping this off and when I’mdone I’ll come back to yell okayI’ll chop chop now mix and I’m going toleave some to add on the top little leafsalt add on the top of the banana breadwe shut down let’s go to the other one avery grisly panel and this is for somewannabe this fall back can see I reallydressed it[Music]


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