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Cook with me | Banana Bread Recipe

Cook With Me! | Banana bread Recipe
*Equipment you may need*:
Digital hand mixer:
Non-stick loaf pan:

Cooking spray:
2 cups all purpose flour:
1 tsp. Baking powder:
1/2 Walnuts:
1 tsp. vanilla extract:
1/4 Salt:
1 cup sugar:
1/4 cup milk
2 eggs
8 tablespoons of unsalted butter
3 overripe bananas

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Video Transcription

[Music]so I’m going to have the link of therecipe that I’m using description socheck it out so the first step is to add8 teaspoons for 1 bar[Music][Music][Music]so I’m gonna put in the bananas andmatch them into the batter then add theflour 2 cups of flour 1 teaspoon ofbaking soda but I’m using making powderbecause I don’t have baking soda bakingpowder has baking soda in it so I thinkit’s fine right and then 1/4 of ateaspoon of salt got a Threepenny inthis well to a little more than 1/2[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]a handful kind of they have recoverymaybe a little bit more I was kind ofnervous making this because when youbake something it takes a really longtime but this it’s gonna be done atfifty to sixty five minutes and then wehave to leave it for ten minutes to cooldown remove from the pan and pouranother ten minutes okay[Music]this looks about rightsmells good so that should be a goodsign rightnow I’m gonna leave it cool down for 10minutes in the pot and then I’m going totake it out and leave it to cool downanother 10 minutes and then we’re gonnado a taste test[Music][Music]it’s banana bread who’s my first timeI’ve never made this before I’ll giveyou a little time out of timefirst time alright okay so now it’s myturnthey enjoyed it when I was cutting itthe edges did feel kind of like they’remore hardened look I knew that what washappening here when you’re bakingsomething I’m not a baker guys I’m not abakerthis is so good and the edge is thickmore hardened but I rethought this isgonna be a fail kind of just because itis my first time and I’ve tried makingmuffins in a cup the ones you put in themicrowavenope does not happen can’t get it tolike fluff up but this is actually goodthis is really really good and it cameout good in that pot it came out of itI like the perfect raisins in the trunksof bananas this gives you that likeextra creaminess you know next time Iwant to try to make the vegan but in thered because this is my first time andI’m not vegan so I didn’t want to try tomake that and then not enjoy itbut next time begin banana bread sosubscribe if you see that see how thatturns out if you guys enjoyed this videogive a thumbs up comment down below ifyou have ever made banana bread let meknow how that turned out for you andsubscribe to my channel for more videosI’ll see you guys in my next one[Music]

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