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Choc-Banana Bread *KIDS COOK-ALONG*

Budding mini chefs can join this fun and interactive cooking class hosted by dietitian and mum, Kate Wengier. Learn fun facts about bananas and make a delicious choc-banana bread.

You will need:
– 4 bananas
– 1 egg (if you are egg free, just leave this out)
– oil
– plain flour (ideally wholemeal)
– brown sugar
– bi-carb of soda
– cocoa
– all spice or cinnamon
– dark choc-chips

– 1 large mixing bowl
– fork
– measuring cups and spoons
– wooden spoon
– baking pan
– pastry brush

Full recipe here:

Cam’s wholegrain choc banana bread

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Kent and welcome to my kitchendo you know what the most googled recipeis at the moment it’s banana bread we’regonna make some that’s a little bithealthier with a chocolate twist andbetter yet you are gonna make it alongwith me at any time if you need to justpause the video so you can catch up sowhat ingredients are we’re gonna need tomake this banana bread we’re gonna needsome ripe bananas 1 2 3 these are niceand ripe you can see how they startingto go a little bit black that meansthey’re getting sweeter and softerperfect for banana bread we’re alsogoing to need some wholemeal flour andthe chocolaty twist some cocoa someextra virgin olive oil an egg some brownsugar a little bit of allspice somebicarb soda to help it riseand some chocolate chips okay let’s moveall our ingredients to the side if youdon’t have an egg or a egg free thiswill be fine because it’s got lots ofbananas you could use cinnamon insteadof allspice now I pull all ouringredients ready we’re going to needsome equipment so we’re going to need abowl a wooden spoon a fork to match ourbananas with we’re also going to needsome measuring cups and some measuringspoons if you don’t have any measuringspoons that’s okay you can use ateaspoon or a tablespoon instead and ofcourse we’re going to need a dish tobake it all in so we’re going to need apan a bread pan is perfect but you couldalso use a cake tin and very laughswe’re going to need a pastry brush okaylet’s get started before we get startedthere’s two golden rules I need to teachyou about being in the kitchen cananyone guess what they might be that’sright the first one is you need to becleaner being cleanhaving a nice clean space tying yourhair back and also washing our hands I’mgoing to teach you a brand new way towash your hands to make sure they aresuper duper clean for cooking the way toremember this is to remember how manyfingers do you have on one hand so weneed to remember to wash the flour hasthe back of our hands number three inbetween our fingers for in our thumbslide our nails is number five soeveryone go wash your hands and comeback the second golden rule is to becareful in the kitchen things are hotand things are sharp so what you need tobe careful listen use our walking feetthank you very little get mom or dad orgrandma or grandpa or whoever’s aroundto help you alright let’s start by goingto turn on our hours we need 180 degreesCelsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit nowwe’re ready to make a banana bread firsttake your three ripe bananas and peelthem and put them into your bowl nowremember that rule to be clean we can beclean as we work as well so go on putyour peels in the bed or in a compost soour three bananas go in here now you cantake your fork and give those bananas areally good match the right that theyare the easier they’ll be just wash down[Music]different types of bananas some aresweet and we do them in things likesmoothies a banana bread on porridge oreat them as a snack and some savorythey’re called plantains and they’reeaten a bit like potatoes okayonce your banana is nicely matched andwe must remember to push down usingthese prompts not stabbing but pushingokaythis book can help go into a seat let’sput our wet ingredients in first we’llput our Eddie please cracked an eggbefore crack it on the bed to the sideof your bowl and just open it up alrightagain into the compost or the bin nextwe’re going to add how olive oil we madehalf a cup of olive oil get your halfcup measure and put half a cup of oliveoil in there if you don’t have extravirgin olive oil you could use any otheroil you have that is all our wetingredients so we can give that a nicestirnow when we say this banana fordecoration next let’s put in our dryingredients so we need 1/2 cup of brownsugar so I’m going to use this oneKesava cup measure and go into the sinkwe’re also going to need flour this iswholemeal flour or whole wheat flour ifyou haven’t looked at it many thingother flours if you only have theregular flour factor okay and this isjust plain flour we need 1 cup and aquarter of flour when you’re putting theflour in I’m just going to get a nice toshow you you just flatten it out likethe lips to make sure you’ve got theright amount so one cup and one waterdoes anyone know water cups makes a holethat’s right we also need 1 teaspoon ofbicarb of soda this will help our bananabread rise easymany of this one you could use twoteaspoons of baking powder but I’ve gotbicarb of soda and baking soda and I’mgonna put in 1 teaspoon put the lid backon there to help stay pleasenext we’re going to put 1/4 of a cupwithout cooker but also use cacao if youwanted to fill this up and this is gonnagive it shock Lily last thing is ourallspice oh you could use some cinnamonwe want 1/4 of a teaspoon just a littlebit if you’ve got a teaspoon instead youjust want to use a little bitwell our banana bread is looking prettygoodhave you got everything in yours[Music]give it a really big mix so that all ofthese nice and gradients come togethermmm smelling very cocoa II and you smellthe cocoa okay now when you’re mixingmake sure you have one hand on the balland one hand giving it a mix okay and wewant to scrape down the edges and keepmixing right back shot is readyget your team pastry brush if you wantto measure it’s about one tablespoon inthere we want to make sure it’s boiledso that it doesn’t stick okay now wetake our mixture and we put it all intohow how teamyou could make this any sleep try andget Emmanow remember to help clean up so now wehave our delicious chocolatey bananabread in there let’s give it a littlebit to clean up the place a little bitso we peel out a last banana and this isgoing to be decoration you can cut itinto circlesI’m gonna cut mine into some lines I’musing a bridge cut a bridge cut is whenyou put your fingers either side of afood and cut through the middle so nowyou can put your bananas as decorationon the top like thistake an extra handful of chopped chipsand sprinkle them on the top your bananabread is ready to bake it bakes in theoven for 45 minutes after 45 minutes inthe oven it’s time to carefully take outyour banana bread using an upper limitand get someone to help a few nameswe’re gonna need to test it so eitherget a butter knife or a skewer put itinto the banana breadremember the pan is hot make sure you goin somewhere around a chocolate chipwhich is they’re gonna be all melty ifthe knife comes out will the skewer niceand clean you will banana bread is readyit’s not put it back in the ovenfive minutes different albums aredifferent and different plans dependingon the size can type different time aswellleave it to cool about ten minutes inthe pan I’ve already cool[Music]let it cool down for another fiveminutes before you go remember therecipe is in the description below alink to the recipe if you want that I’vegot one more fun banana fact for you didyou know that a bunch of bananas is alsocalled a hand because each of thesebananas are like fingers so bye for nowplease like and subscribe bye

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