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Caramel Bread Popcorn – 5 Minute Popcorn Recipe From Bread Slices

Learn how to make Popcorn from Bread Slices at home. This Bread Popcorn recipe is short and simple recipe of popcorn, and taste just like real popcorn. Make sure to try this easy popcorn recipe at home. Also share this caramel bread popcorn recipe with your friends and family too.

Caramel Popcorn are one of the most popular kind of popcorn. So we bring you this easy caramel popcorn recipe which anyone can prepare at their home with just using few slices of bread. These popcorn will taste just like any regular crunchy popcorn. This recipe of popcorn can also be used by any beginner chef, so don’t hesitate to try this caramel bread popcorn recipe.

First take 3 bread slices and cut them in small cube pieces as shown in the video at 1:00 , Now dry roast these bread cubes until they get crunchy. Once done then take a pan and add sugar 5 tablespoon and add water 2 tablespoon and cook it until sugar gets melt completely. Now add butter 1 tablespoon and 2 tablespoon milk and cook them until the mixture gets brown as shown at 2:07 , Now caramel sauce is ready and add those crunchy bread slices in the caramel mixture that we prepared earlier. Now make sure to mix it well so that bread cubes can absorb all the caramel mixture in them. Now caramel bread popcorn are ready to serve as shown at 2:46 , Now enjoy these caramel bread popcorn with your friends and family.

Ingredients For Caramel Bread Popcorn

– Bread Slices 3
– Sugar 5 tablespoon
– Water 2 tablespoon
– Butter 1 tablespoon
– Milk 2 tablespoon

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