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Can We Make Bread INDESTRUCTIBLE Using Resin?

Today we’re taking some wood stabilizing resin and seeing if we can apply it to other porous items, specifically food. Can you stabilize bread or cookies? What about steel wool or a sponge?

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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Video Transcription

today we’re going to see if it’spossible to stabilize toast cookies anda sponge using a special wood resin[Music]guys before we start today’s video wehave an amazing guest with us today hermajesty her Highness the queen of randomjanae Thompson so another one of theprojects that I want to highlight thatour family had a lot of fun with is themarshmallow gun one of the things grantwanted to do is my kids I have all boysthey love to take things and wad them upand like spit them out of their mouthsor if they can get something to projectthem farther they’d like to find outwhat materials are available to do thatso as parents we want to encourage thiscreativity in our children but we alsowant to keep it safe and keep it reallyfun and one of the things that was areally fun idea was making a marshmallowblaster out of PVC now marshmallows aresoft they’re edible and they’re reallyfun and so grant just took to this ideaimmediately he created this really greatrecipe I guess for how to put the PVCtogether to increase not only the therange of the marshmallows but also thepower so you could kind of control itwith your breath and and make it areally powerful shot or you know lesspowerful for little kids right so so hemade like 20 of these guns and we hadthe most fun marshmallow blasting shopparty out in our backyard our backyardgot covered with marshmallows and thefunny thing was after all of thismarshmallow shooting the kids would puttheir mouths all over the guns and sothey started getting really gummy to thepoint where there was just marshmallowgoo everywhere and the marshmallowswouldn’t really shoot out anymore butthen the kids went on a hunt and startedpicking up all the marshmallows off theground and they had snacks and treatsfor days but we just laughed about itbecause it was one of those projectsthat we saw something that looked fungrant made this perfect dissimulation ofhow you can create a projectile weaponthat was safe and we had a marshmallowwar that was epic and provided treatsand snacks and my children for days asan extra incentive to pre-order the bookthose who pre-order can get a signednumbered copy and the earlier you orderthe loweryour order number will be so if youorder now you could get a book numberone in order to claim your signed copyhead down to the description and submityour receipt using the link if you don’tsubmit your receipt you won’t receive asigned copyso to pre-order 52 random weekendprojects now head down to thedescription below and click the linkguys I’d like to do some woodworkingsome knife making stuff like that andwood is a really cool material but thereare some downsides to it specificallythat it likes to change over time andsome applications that’s actually areally good thing you want and you likethat change but for some things you wantto shape and make the wood into what youwant and have it state exactly thereforeverWood likes to dry out and then absorbmore moisture back into it it likes towarp and twist and crack over time andsometimes that’s not what you wanthere’s the basic ideausing a type of resin that’s usually forstabilizing wood so it doesn’t warp orcrack over time we’re going to see if wecan stabilize some other things a pieceof bread some steel wool a sponge and acouple others will it take to the resinthe same way and will we be able to makethese objects permanent but look normalso there are types of resin like thisthat are designed to fit down into thetiny microscopic cracks of the wood andthen you cook it and it stabilizes it itbasically turns into a hard plasticcoating every tiny individual fiber ofthe wood so that it’s no longer affectedby humidity and age really it shouldjust stay kind of the same forever andfor a lot of applications that’s reallyuseful for example I have this piecehere this is I believe a piece of thesame wood that I made my resin rivertable out of let’s just scrap this woodis not terribly durable it’s verylightweight it’s very porous and if Iwanted to use this long term say forknife scales I would want to do what’scalled stabilizing it and to do that weuse what’s called a stabilizing resinnow this particular brand is calledcactus juice that’s the most common oneI know of there are other types this isjust the one that I’ve used before sothat’s why reason is today and here’show you usually use it so I have thiscontainer here this is our vacuum jarand you do want to use a vacuum chamberfor this so what you do is you put yourwood in the chamber and then you pourthe cactus juice over until it’s enoughto coverwould it’s going to float so you need tohave some kind of weight to hold it downyou then seal the vacuum chamber andpull all the air out and it startspulling the air out of the wood all thebubbles get pulled out and you leave itin there for like a few hours justletting it pull and pull and pull untilthe bubbles have at least mostly stoppedthen you add the pressure back in andwhen you pulled all the bubbles out someof the liquid tried to take its placeand then you add the pressure back in itgets squished all the way down so yousquish it all in there and then you justlet it soak like overnight and thathelps ensure that the resin gets all theway into every part of the wood afterthat you take it out and you cook itabout 200 degrees Fahrenheit for twohours that catalyzes the resin andstabilizes it so it’s just basicallyplastic coating every single part of thewood today what we’re gonna be doing isusing this same stabilizing resin onother stuff so I’ve got several porousthings here and I wanted to see whathappens if you stabilize them and I’venever done this before this is trulylike I’m finding out at the same timebut I thought it would be really funnyto try and stabilize a piece of breadand then I thought it would be evenbetter if we toasted the bread firstbecause that way if it does stabilize itwill look just like a regular piece oftoast but it should be much more durableand long-lasting other things we’ve gotwe have a sponge got some fine gritsteel wool and some peanut buttercookies I thought these would also bekind of funny coasters if they work sowe’re gonna see if we can do all thesethings we are going to try and fit itinto this little toaster oven it’s notreally a good idea to use a normalhousehold oven for this stuff because itdoes put off some fumes that you wouldnot want mix in the food so this toasteroven I only use for stabilizing stuffthis may be a fairly tight weave butcompared to the grains of wood it’s veryvery loose so I’m gonna dip this down inand you know all vacuum chamber itI don’t think turning the vacuum on isgonna have any effect I think it’s justgonna soak it all up and get completelycoated and then when I take it out mostof its gonna drain off so we’ll see whatthis doesremember how quickly the woods startedabsorbing the liquid bubbles were comingout of it no bubbles with the steel woolit’s not holding air in the same way soI think it’s already absorbed as much asit’s going to absorb so we’ll see howmuch it holds on to we’re gonna let itkind of rest on the plate I think a lotis gonna drip out and that’s okay nextup we have an actual sponge this I thinkis going to absorb the resin just thesame way the steel wool did but I thinkit will hold on to a little bit more ofit because it’s a sponge that’s kind ofhow they do[Music]the air that’s inside or underneath thesponge is like expanding and there’sless air above so it’s giving it morelift that’s kind of cool to see let theair back in and put a rock on it nowoh it’s lifting the rock oh that’s funnyit just it there’s so little air in thechamber that what air is in the spongeis just powerful enough to lift it upout so that sponge should be well andtruly soaked throughhowever it’s probably quite a bit morethan we need and you can see that it’sdraining off so I kind of want to justsqueeze this out not the most thoroughsqueezing I’m not trying to draineverything but I just want like a niceeven coating covering everything withoutnecessarily having like puddles andpools of it peanut butter cookies somuch air is inside a peanut buttercookie[Music]quite a bit it turns out although youshould remember that each one of thosebubbles you’re seeing is like 40 timeslarger than it would be normally sothere’s not really as much air as itlooks like because every one of thosebubbles is expanding due to the lowpressure in our vacuum chamber I’mamazed that’s still going honestly thisis something interesting I was talkingabout it with my cameraman mark before Iput us in we were wondering if it woulddisintegrate and it does absorb theliquid but it’s not water there’s nowater in it and so it doesn’t cause itto break down the same way that waterwould I think if we’d left this cookiein water for even that long it wouldhave just fallen apart by now but itseems pretty much just as durable as itwas when it went in I’m not sure howmuch your vacuum chamber this is gonnaneed either might just absorb it you canalready see bubbles coming out but I’mgonna turn the vacuum chamber on chest[Music]all right bubbles had not 100% stoppedbut they had gotten to a point where Ithink we got almost all of it and itdoesn’t have to be 100% perfect I dobelieve that at this point wretches canhave a resin flowing out of the piece ofbread so this one I’ve vacuum chamber itobviously the other one I just want tosoak it and see if there’s anydifference between the two if thevacuuming actually makes much differencein this case let it sit in there isn’tuntil it seems like it’s absorbing someamount so after this is done soakingwe’re going to put it in this toasteroven 200 degrees Fahrenheit for abouttwo hours something that’s interestingis as the resin heats up some of it doesdrain and then as it solidifies it oftenbubbles so it’s very likely that a lotof these will have bubbles on the bottomof them possibly even slightly adheringthem to this rack we may have to breakthat off but we’ll see how it goeslike I said I’ve never done this beforewhoo all right our oven is finishedcooking and it’s time to start lookingat these things so this for example thisis some of the resin that like pouredoff puddled down in the foil here andthis is what is now imbued into everyone of these things our cookie startedbreaking apart fairly early on I thinkjust the heat made the cookie itself tooso soft that with the added weight fromthe resin it just started falling apartdefinitely absorbs water still[Music]: just turns to mush or cookie is notvery stable not so spongy see this partover here looks a little bit dry so I’mwondering it you know it was restinglike this I’m wondering enough residentout of it but that part will stillabsorb water yeah it’s still absorbingsome I can’t squeeze it back out thoughso now it absorbs water it just Calholds it because there is enough frameinside that I can’t squeeze it so partsof it are still like fluffy and flexiblebut then parts of it like it’sdefinitely stiff inside at leastpartially doesn’t absorb a whole lot ofwater anyway but yeah that’s so weird itfeels like steel wool wrapped around ahard piece of plastic it didn’t quitehold enough resin to completelystabilize and solidify but there’s somejust in the middle that did stay andthat stuff is rigid so there is someinflexibility to it this is the piece oftoast that was in the vacuum chamber andthis is the piece of toast that I justdunked into the water I let it sit inthere for a few minutes but I didn’tturn the vacuum on this is that ispretty solid toast right there I’m gonnasoak a corner of this and see if itabsorbs anything I actually do see somewater being pulled up into it not a tonbut some most of the time if you puttoast in water it’s just gonna go soggyimmediately this is not it’s stillthat’s what was just soaking in thewater was this corner this one thatwasn’t a vacuum chamber is probablytwice as heavy as this one I think wehave some pretty normal toast on theinside and the resin didn’t get all theway throughoh yeah so the water it’s kind of likethe cookie the water definitely stillruins the structural integrity of itparts of it errection yeah this isgetting smushy it took time it tooklonger than normal toast wood but itdefinitely lost ithowever the piece that we put in thevacuum again that’s the corner that wasin the waterstabilizing resin interesting stuff canget into pretty much anything that isnot closed surface so if it’s porous wecan get the stabilizing resin in ifthere’s anything else you’d like to seeus try to stabilize go ahead and let usknow down in the comments maybe we’lltry it out that’s it for today but youknow we’ve always got more for you seego ahead and click that box up at thetop to check out the most recent videoand we’ll see you the next one talk toyou then[Music]

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