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Campfire Bread & Homemade Butter

How to bake bread over a campfire using a cast iron dutch oven and making creamy butter to spread on wonderful warm bread. Bushcraft heaven.


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500g Strong Flour
300 ml warm water
7g fast action yeast
1.5 tbs Soft Butter
1.5 tsp Golden caster sugar
1.5 tsp salt

1. mix Dry ingredients together
2. add in softened butter and warm water (holding a little back)
3. bring together, a metal butter knife is best.
4. add remaining water if needed
5. kneed for approx. 10 minutes.. use extra flour for your surface and hands if needed.
6. cover with cling film wrap or damp cloth and proof for about an hour.
7. knock the air out of the dough and transfer to a loaf pan or lined dutch oven
8. proof for about 20 minutes near the fire
9. put the dutch oven over the hot fire / coals and place a few coals around the edge of the lid
10. bake for around 30 minutes (check half way to see if you need to lift the oven or adjust coals on top.
11. remove from the fire and depending on the colour, leave the bread in the oven to finish off or remove the bread to cool
12. enjoy.

Music: Plantation – Audionautix

Original of the video here

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