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B’s Bread Baking part 2 of 2

🐓 B’s bread baking part 2 of 2 step by step.

🐓 #chickenpoopscoop #blogpost 🍞 Recipe:
375 grams of water
3 grams of yeast
500 grams of flour
10 grams of salt

🐓 B’s tips and tricks:
Room temp water and flour are key. Love the #coffeemate creamer containers. Comfortable bottle to hold 😉 Frothers from ikea work great and their only $3! Salt goes on top of flour so that yeast mixture combines immediately:) Dont over mix or overwork the dough. There’s plenty of time before it will be baked to form the bakable ball:) Steam water pan in bottom of oven. Remove from baking containers and finish baking on rack. Let rest for a while after taking out of oven before putting in foil. Will continue to bake out of oven until fully cool.

🐓 Schedule that works good for me:) 9:00pm – clean kitchen/dishes/get supplies set up
9:30pm – mix water and yeast and set to the side. Then measure flour out. Combine ingredients and set to side with towel covering. Do dishes or get a shower.
10:00 pm – Give a half hr for ingredients to naturally combine and set up.
10:30 pm – First proof. Super sticky. Create elasticity, stretch out dough, fold, and roll.
Cover over night.
5:00 am – Second proof. Smoother texture. Trap as much air as possible. Continue to tuck and roll. Cover with foil ready for oven.
7:30 am – Turn on oven.
7:45 am – Bread in the oven. Water in pan.
8:45 am – Take bread out of pans to get crust just right 😉
9-9:15 am – Offically a carb connoisseur!🤗

🐓 425 degrees is what works best for our oven. Original recipe recommended 475 degrees. Baked at that temp for a few months daily until heat sensor in the oven burned up. So after it was repaired I reduced temp and added some extra time.

🐓 If you never have either, and want to learn, I put the book I ordered on the Amazon list. Click link in bio and it will take you to the list. 👍🏼

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Amazon link :

Original of the video here

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