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Brewers Yeast vs Bakers Yeast – Baking Bread With Beer Yeast

Brewers Yeast vs Bakers Yeast – Baking Bread With Beer Yeast
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In this third brewers yeast versus baking yeast, I try baking bread with beer yeast. Three different kinds of brewers yeast and one baker’s yeast for control bread. Can you bake bread with beer yeast? Let’s find out. How does the different brewers yeasts affect fermentation of the dough and the taste and mouthfeel of the finished baked bread? How do they stack up against the bread yeast bread. That was made for baking and fermenting doughs. Let’s find out in this weeks brewing vlog. Baking bread with brewers yeast.
The Butterfly Knife Style Beer Opener:

Small digital scale up to 200g or 7oz:
I use this for everything but malt when brewing.

This scale goes up to 10Kilo or 22 pounds:
Now this scale takes more space but its great for everything on brew day.
Lazer gun thermometer:

The Pizza peel.

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Brewers yeast vs bakers yeast in beer part 1

Part 2 after aging the brewer’s yeast and bakers yeast beers for a couple of months:

This stuff I didnt find on Amazon, still good stuff though!

Spundit & fermonitor:
Bulldog malt mill:

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