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Bread Omelette Recipe/How to make Bread Omelette

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fluffy omellette is the one of the easiest delicacies to prepare and in this vlog I will show you how to make it sweet, easy and delicious. Enjoy this with your family and let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear your feedback on the comment section below.
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Hey, in this channel you are gonna be teaching you on how to prepare quick and cheap healthy meals using easy ingredients for recipes readily available outside your door.
I already have more than 38 delicious one-minute recipes all for you to watch and enjoy. This will include 4 meals anyone can make e.g homemade onion rings – super cripsy easy and delicious,
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But most assuredly, all of my videos will be yummy and quick recipes.
Oh! forgot to mention, omenaa, kienyeji, ugali, pilau, and other African cuisines might dominate on my channel. hehe! enjoy

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Video Transcription

finally Baba yo-yo hello and welcomeback to my youtube channel pick on therage the channel where we cook thesimplest foods with the simplestingredients that you can find justoutside you know if you are new hereKyrie with Sanna if you haven’tsubscribed and you’re watching thisstuff add value just subscribe yeah thisis just a channel where you just comeand you just don’t want to go yeahjust subscribe there there it’s going totake only one second and it’s not goingto charge you anything imagine that justshow you laughs and show you supportaltogether now that our first recipetoday is simply going to be ladies andgentlemen have a seatwe go straight to our ingredients allright it’s bread omelet we’re going todefinitely need bread we will need saltturmeric paprika dhaniya an extra plateoil and our main ingredients inside herewe have eggs red yellow green four holescups comes you can call them that I havea kid an onion there and this is twoavocado like this just to garnish ourour omelets our bread omelet after we’redone with it and we are definitely goingto need a bowl this is what we’re goingto mix our ingredients our I am 12 aprocess sour process number one cut cutsthese things but since you’re gonna makeAtta then you really ho irony that meand yet I don’t you ready Nina Zowieneed an ERCP lipid yoho-owait before we go far look at her herethis bowl is so cute I cut this so ininsideinside our Bowl I am the bottom as aguitar in this hour I’m going to cut ourour onions[Music]technically up cut key key to move chefRaffaele am coming to youShalini promise you tonight funda yesyes updates cry this way you look for aresult really actually crying can youconnect a key our onions will gostraight in our bowl straight in a bowllike that then I will cutterluckily I don’t take an algorithm ofit’s just[Music]i’ma try you do you catch stood over todoc OH- small small cubes very small tiny onesdony governor to me at 30 so oddshakuna ski Academy a Bernie carbo[Music]like su casa monica kuleana needsreliable trouble I was told I was toldon my comments Kazakh Kashima octoly meto the pneumococcal Katiaokay I’ll try that right now so guys didyou know that you can tell female copscome and milk cups for some reasonsnihlus kiya kunai Aradia pic wa naku nowred-yellow Trevo so tsukumo kinimelimeli female but a Tanaka femaleNaraku[Music][Laughter]all right check your money no credit haslike one two three four then there’s onetwo three yeahAnamika Texas eginning but it is thattheory there is that theory by the wayand her jokesabou Google in at econo scary scarydictum in india coollet me count one two three four well wewere at that time my new motto yogakiddy I was told his face aqua kyleanniea beauty she is Annie I can’t rememberthere’s a lady who told me and she keepsgiving me tips whoa I remember you honeyjust no comment type in I I hope I’llfind itso if you have notice guys I didn’t puttomatoes I actually don’t like myomelette not Amato’s nacional de tastefunny sana yeah so I have preferred notusing tomatoes[Music]on anybody any soupjust look at these are a beauty oh ohyou guys you mix welllike so you corrupt out nicelyso your salts comes in now comes in suresalt ciacco makeable URI you see seespoil hiyathis is tumeric you add your turmeric itgives the omelette some good nice CLOkala so I like it if you are more beaverdepending on our quantity and unit pikaeven though kazakh prema lynnieingredients zaqqum alrightthat’s paprika mix it like that then youmix it together after mixing them nicelyour eggs alright and make sure you washyour eggs by the way for eggs then youcaraga pamoja so you mix them well likeso our mixture is already ready ourmixture is ready for use okay you seeyou’d make them so nicely just make sureyour vegetables are more than the eggsbecause we need this vegetables in ourour omelets our[Applause]yes baby Semih and watch cartoonNutella me nope I don’t know baby so yeshmmit’s ready to our pan look at I got akid burn as well a cute bird I wasgifted this pan by some amazing amazingamazing paper the word Jesus somewherehere thank you for giving me this panknock a person this is what we’re doingright oh you wait for your oil to heatupmeanwhile this is what you should bedoingback up in Qatar for my I like soapalright let’s lift it[Music]check you off so we flip to the otherside like thatthe moment you flip to the other sideidea which is to this sign that is emptythat is coming up and I’m a vegetablemore but the mother vegetable is thebetter the mother vegetable the betterthe betteryeah era yeah nice work when I can betthe other side is well done right nowokay then you look at that look at thatyes you look at that look at that I loveyou toookay yes okayso we waited for the other side too toget well done can you see this beautyit’s so so so pretty so the vegetablesand the egg and the breads may holdmisery this is one of my favoriteunipolar gamble even man zona Shibakabisa by the way sindermanncanoes maggot bread mati nosy let’s nowremove or bread home words from the panto make a lasagna I’m Kenya it was upeven if you cannot reach and we dothings like normal changes like we havea normal cat it’s not that we have anormal Kenyan guys silver we do justnormal recipes if your pan is big enoughyou can put like two instead of just inthe no more egg omelette just do thisyes honey[Music][Music]daddyAbu stop going Alex come are we going todo it that like ahayeah can eat a mic[Music]hi guys that’s all about our omeletstoday our bread omelet okay Kuna omeletis a sunny bread omelet and I want us tosee if our testa here is going to relatetodayclick on our food tester has refusedtotally has refusedI’m as a Maya Angelou it’s very early soI think a mushy banana equal to onethere but anyone can become anemic um soI could not combine with any color inreally wanna eat here Jubilee well doneeggs so I think I mix an amazing mix upthe Qashqai become okay my JamaicaJana’s refused to on Jeremy food babe yeah nice can I join in yeah I doIndia India in another man my age theybecome an attempt to tasty food oncamera the left-hander’s it’s amazing asusualhula-hulathis a joke well ooh the matters of thehumble come onI wish you that we should see what he’sdoing Annika beyond baka what Nenecabinet all the time tell Rebeccamake sure to subscribe to this channelyes mixer to four words of mr. Bennetsure that you follow Picaro instagramcame over music on instagram and alsoDrita she does not she doesn’t have anyfollowers I know I have 800 words hey

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  1. For the bell peppers 4 bumps are female have a lot of seeds and are sweeter hence better eaten raw.the 3 bumps are male and are better for cooking

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  5. The first thing Leo after nimeamka kufikiria was Pika na raych kwani hajapost au Nini kumbe iko apa vlog…thanks…back to kitchen

  6. Haki am here to comment on your facial skin, so flawless.Hapa ni good genes from mama ama ni skin care routine?

  7. I LOVE YOU GUYS….YOU JUST SHOW ME TOO MUCH LOVE,THANK YOU….Mwenye ako na nguvu atumie tomatos..Mimi sina hiyo nguvu watu wangu hehehehe

  8. I wish I could eat eggs, and the way I used to love them and then all of a sudden ati I have a sensitivity to them. Anyway I will be trying it out in small quantities. Looks really delicious.

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