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Bread Machine Chat LIVE! Let’s Talk Breadmaking!! Amy Learns to Cook

Bread Machine Chat LIVE! Let’s Talk Bread Making!! Join Amy for a livestream where we will discuss bread machines and bread making! The stores are running out of bread, flour, and yeast. I even noticed that many retailers are sold out of bread machines! Let’s talk about the bread machines that I have in the pan room as well as tips and tricks for successful bread baking.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey everyone can you see me cheers it’sThursdayyou guys seen me hey everyone just wantto make sure you guys can see mehey I think you can now I think youcould see me now I have a delay so heyyou guys see me can you hear me doeseverything sound goodhey Moe hey Lanahey cooking down-home hey how do I getmy heyjuh Brina how you doing hey MolineMoline ah how are you doing lorraine mycheers everyoneproviding Vytas ygal hey how are youdoing hey Joan how are you doing hieverybody hi Earl hi Becca hi Dave youcan see me is it too loud is ecstatic heis anything weird going on because Ican’t hey Shelly looking so great heyLiam how are you doing hey Georgia I’mglad everybody’s here well it’s Thursdayour 2nd live stream during the lockdownright Eric’s not on his mic he’d justfinished up work and so we didn’t get achance to get that setup yet so he’ssort of backhi Eric I don’t know anybody can hearhim he’s in the back sorry about thathow are you guys doing I know you guysare probably wondering because this is abread machine chat and I’m sitting up inhere with this instant pot vortex ovenhey Casper how you doing hi Gasperawesome awesome I’m glad you guys canall hear yeah I have this instant potoven up here I know we’re in the breadmachine chat but I have a little updateabout this thing what do you think aboutthis thing Eric well are you baking itEric says hello Casper are you going tobake rolls in this no the reason Ibrought this up here is because we justdid a video on this where I cook someegg rolls in here and I thought you knowthis oven was great but believe it ornot we went to use it last night and thething isn’t working right our secondtime using it you can’t adjust thetemperature so when you hit airfryer theonly thing it’s stuck on 400 degrees andyou can’t change the temperature at allso this thing is right so if you’rethinking about getting one of these I’veheard that there’s been some issues withthese but I would say pass on this thingI sent them an email maybe about itwarranty but I don’t even know if I wantanother one it’s too late for me to takeit back so this thing yeah just say myname love yeah yeahCasper Casper Casper Casper right hiMargaret are you baking in the ovenI would like to bake in this thingunfortunately I get my second time usingthis thing and it’s right that’s a shameso how are you guys doing how are youguys I’m making dinner a Greek porkchops sounds good sounds good right sowe were on like our how many days havewe been on lockdown Eric Friday lastFriday was a week so tomorrow I wasofficially been two weeks Eric went tothe store well there is a littleasterisk let me just my mic a little bitis my mic sounding a little breathysometimes when you put your mic up hereyou can like hear you breathing so youknow I moved it down a little bit when Imove it you get a little static patmoshi from England awesome I see you see meyeah I would leave this one on the shelfthe second time I tried to use it and Iit won’t just the temperature won’tadjust so oh oh you gave yours away thefirst week yeah hmm I’m kind ofdisappointed because I kind of like thething I like the look of it I like thethe shelves and stuff that are in therebut hmm hey Andy how are you doing howare you doing thanks for joining us Ikeep looking down cuz I’m looking at thechannel I need to stop doing that so wegot some bread machine stuff to talkabout today and I got my littleassistant here he’s gonna be bringingbread machinesin and out because I have quite a few ofthem booze moving service how can I helpyou ma’am okay move thiswhat’s your first job look from theknees to the cash okay so let me figureout where I am here well I’m sorry aboutthis I got a little technical difficultygoing on love the look and the yeah Ilove the look at the thing and look lookwords going pretty much going in thetrash pretty much I don’t want anythingthat’s just stuck it’s stuck on 400okay so bread machines so I can get backon topic my efficient kit makes a reviewthat’s coming thanks Ericsomething yeah well that’s the first wayyou can put it down you can’t seebecause we don’t have a second cameraright yeah we didn’t have chance to seteverything up so love the look of ithello from Northwest Arkansas hey Kellyhow are you doing welcomeokay so bread machines a lot of peopleask me why would I want to get a breadmachine and my answer to that is breadmachines are awesome I think compared toa mixer they’re way more set it andforget itright so you can put yourself in thereand you just walk away right you don’tin for some reason bread machines theyjust need the heck out of some doughwhere me and Eric talk about that howmixers always have so much pressure onthe dough hook and it’s you know a lotof mixers have a lot of troublethose little paddlesthe bread machine they could rock someso they can sit down neaten thatkneading that bread up like crazy so Ithink it does a great job what are thedownsides of bread machines is a lot ofpeople one they don’t like the shape ofthe loaf number two they don’t like thetexture in the crime of the resultingbread and number three they don’t likethe paddle stuck in the bottom of thelove so if you you know if you want todo an entire cycle in bake off in abread machine you know those are thethings you have to live with but justbecause it’s so sad it and forget itthere’s a few bread machines out therethat have like a collapsible paddle andI sort of them don’t work that greathail and a Lincoln your bread machinejust quit working oh yeah don’t forgetto install the paddle I did that onceand I was like it was just going and Iwas like why is the ingredients notmoving around and I looked in there andI didn’t put the paddle in there heyBecca is that one of your favorite breadmachines okay so we’re going to talkabout my bread machines because we havea lot of bread machines to look at soone of the things a lot of new cooks arevery intimidated about making bread andI always tell them basic bread is onlyfour ingredients and there’s actually abook written with this type of writeflour water yeast and saltthose are the fundamental things thatyou need to make a loaf of bread nowwhat the result that you get from thosefour ingredients will be a what will bewhat we call a lean it’s a lean doughand that means if you want a crusty loafof bread all you need are those fouringredients nowanything you put on there in addition tothat it’s just you know gravy right andfrom those four ingredients there’s likeso many things that you can do that’llchange the taste and the texture of yourbread but if you look at really just thebasics if you put those four things intothe bread machine you will get breadwith those four ingredients and that’samazing right but when you start addingthings to that you start making richerdough’s so if you want to soften yourbread you want to get more of a sandwichtype loaf you want to get that rightthat’s soft loaf if you add a fat intothat the fat tenderizes the dough so youcan add egg butter oil lard you can addwhatever kind of fact that you want andthat will help tenderize the dough youcan add you know a million differentthings in your bread you can sweeten itup by adding some sugar you can make itsavory you can add cheese you can addyou know fireless Tomatoes you can addwhatever herbs it’s like you know thesky’s the limit so my advice for the newcook and for someone who has never useda bread machine or made bread is don’tbe intimidated right don’t beintimidated right Eric sure everybodystarts out making loaves that are bad Istill make loaves that are bad you gotyours 2 years ago and you still haven’tused it this is a perfect time to bringthat baby out and use it right I like tomake apple butter bread in my machineawesome awesomefrying chicken hey let’s go over toMargaret’s house hey let’s go over toMargaret’s house so not only are thebread machines great at making bread butyou can do other things with the- you can do Jam in there we did a videowhere we did Jam this bread machine sowe’re going to look at brag machines Igot a little spec sheet so I rememberall everything that’s in each one ofthese brand machines can you get flourin the u.s. at the moment okay so theflour situation yeahso the quarantine has really I keephitting my mic I hope that doesn’t causeissues so the quality whoops thequarantine I feel you because aroundhere you can get flour and you can’t getyeast as a matter of fact SAFF yeast isselling for about sixty bucks a pound oneBay Eric can you grab me a thing ofthat SAP over there I got lucky becauseI bought two pounds of SAP just beforethis whole thing kicked off this stuffright here is going for like 60 bucks oneBay yeah it’s crazy so you know if youhave trouble getting yeast I haverecently had trouble getting flour Ididn’t have any bread flourI bought that Sam’s Club but I wanted alarge bag so I ended up ordering somefrom an Amish store and it cost me afortune to have it shipped but word onthe street is King Arthur has flouragain they’re just limiting you to twobags if you order it from their websiteso they got flour in I think yesterdayand so but you can only get to twoloavesI’ve been getting flour at my Amishmarket yeah they have used to the useprice is interminating it’s insane yeah yeah Garyyou don’t need bread machine you couldmake bread by hand but yeah it’s justit’s just easier right up with that onemachine helping you out yeah it’s crazythe prices the prices are just insanebecause all the stores are sold out Ilike using this SAP I think we need weneed to do a yeast show boo talk aboutdifferent kinds of yeast because SAP isgreat but also there are some issueswith it so have you seen the videoshowing bread fermentation using grapesI haven’t seen that that’s interestingtechnically yeast lives in the air so ifyou have dough and you sit it out longenough it will rise because it will usewild natural yeast it might take itforever but there is yeast naturallyoccurring just in the air yeah you canmake sourdough to say well we’ll talkabout that because one of my breadmachines actually has a sourdoughstarter setting on it okay so breadmachines right so they run the spectrumand if it’s like everything else it’slike cars or anything else the low endbread machines will have a lot of basicfeatures but the more money you spendthe blower features you’re gonna get andthe more luxurious of a machine you’regonna get so this is a really basicmachine this this machine is the homegeek and that’s what the Machine lookslikeam i hitting the mic how’s that extragluten yeahhow is SAFF different we need to do ayeast show yeah yeah it’s instant andit’s different than act dry yeah mmmthat’s a Oh a whole nother issue rightwe could do that if we go live againmaybe we could talk about yeast nexttime two paddles not one ok so what’sinteresting about this bread machine isit is this is this does one one and ahalf and two-pound lows so if you get abread machine that has a wide range oflow sizes and the vast majority of oneor up to two love to pounds yeah vannavanna pick me a letter no eggsbig bread machine yeah so this breadmachine is a vertical bread pan and alot of people say I don’t want avertical bread pan because thehorizontal bread pans look more like atraditional loaf but one of the things Ican say is it’s similar to like aPullman loaf so you get like this juststraight you know square loaf and thisone has a single paddle one of thethings about these brad machines if youdon’t want to spend a lot of money is alot of times i don’t bake in thesebecause the crumb tends to be a littleweird on the bread machine the heatingelement is all the way at the bottom soyou get more heat around the bottom thenyou do around the top so you get acloser grain at the topclothes or grain I think at the bottomthan you do at the top and some peoplejust don’t like the inconsistency of thetexture of the bread the crumb and theydon’t like the shape and they don’t likethe fact that this paddle is in thebottom of the thing that’s why I tend tojust use these as a dough machine I makethe dough and then I take it out and Ibake it in the oven this bread machineis kind of interesting because it hasactually a cycle on here for yogurt andit has a cycle for sticky rice and ithas a cycle for defrost and for stir-fryLuise for jam and jam so yeah so what Iuse the inexpensive bread machine I liketo make jam and I tend to throw it in myinexpensive bread machines because forsome reason I have this thing I don’twant to mess up my expensive breadmachine so I just yeah Shelley I my usedmind to just knead knead you set thedough and you walk away so this is thehome geek this thing is under a hundredimeem you’ve done reviews on a lot ofthese much yeah this one I did itI think we did it cook in that one yepnext Lisa we can see the ranges of breadmachines the pan breaks at the rivets atthe base I never had that problem oh noI almost missed it hey what’s cookingNashville how are you doing this is thechief it ain’t the wolfit’s the next best one that WolfgangPuck okay so this is a Wolfgang Puck Iended up with this one cuz I got it fromnobody lower they don’t sell thisanymore on HSN but one of the thingsyou’ll find is this bread maker is soldunder a different brand name so some ofthethings that I’ve noticed is if you lookat these shopping channels and you lookat these brands some of them aren’texclusive to the machines not exclusiveto that brand so when they phase it outsometimes you’ll see it come out underdifferent brand name and that’s whatthis one is currently being sold underthe Rose will brand name but it was alsoWolfgang Puck at one time so if you seeit it it was it’s also sold underdifferent brand names so so they lookvery familiar they should because arethe same oops okay where’s my mic offI’m use it off how are you guys doingfifty dollars for a sunbeam yeahsometimes so some people say they don’twant to spend a lot of money on a breadmachine and one of the things I couldsay is some a lot of times you can get abread machine for like five bucks rightso Murphy Richards I’ve heard that brandthey don’t sell that here they don’tsell that here they make food processorsand stuff don’t theyso this Wolfgang Puck is a twelveprogram one and a half and two poundloaf one of the thing that’s interestingis the pin it has this fruit nutdispenser it actually comes off somehowit comes off I’ve never seen that soit’s got your fruit and nut dispenser soa lot of bread machines that have thesepart away through the cycle they willbeep so you can put your here if youwant to put raisins or something likethat that’s way the bread machine won’tbreak them up have you used any bread tomake jam I have we have a video up forstrawberry jam and it is so good it isso goodErik will just eat the whole thing atoncewhoops you just drink the stuff yeah sothis is the pan on itit’s it’s also vertical so the heatingelements at the bottom yeah they’re alllike that well except for oneokay Vanna how did I get so many breadmachines oh I don’t know have somethingmy wives KitchenAid mixer bread alwaysturns out dance what can she do itturned out dense I think maybe what kindof yeast is she using and is she usingenough yeast and enough liquid is ithydrated enough mmmPanasonic yeah makes really good brandmachines these red machines so this is Ihope you like these things because thisis bread machinePappa loser – with a spinning thing yeahyeah if you you can add gluten one ofthe things about AG adding gluten is itgives you like chewy more chewy bread soyou can even buy high-gluten flour andit gives you that chew like for bagelsso if you want to make bagels one thingsI love about bagels is they have alittle sticky on the outside but they’rereally chewy and that’s where you getthat from high-gluten flour remember thebrand name uh yours quit working Oh Noso this isI’ve been real this is another onethat’s like a bargain bread machine it’sgot a similar vertical pan one thinginteresting about this is they say thatthe pan is dishwasher safe but the onlything I don’t know is this right herelooks like it’s burnished metal so ifyou wash them in the dishwasherthis is gonna turn in it’s gonna startgiving off that powder like liketeaching a paddles give off so okayyou’re gonna say how I have all theseparts it’s like anything else rightlight sandwich I don’t want to work hardjust to chew it you know it reallydepends on what I’m eating with it ifI’m eating like a pasta I want a nicecrusty bread hi boo will you marry methis is your present Wow thank you it’san oyster oyster do they make itmachines yeah this is okay so whenyou’re talking about the evolution ofBrad machines I think they came out youknow in the early 80s were like thefirst bread machines that came out andyou got you started to get really basicmachines this I don’t know what yearthis is from 99 this is like Oh steralways has like this express bake that’stheir big thing is to have this expressbake this one does like a one-hour loafif you can believe that soit only has really basic cycles basicFrench sweet basic 58 minutes 80 minuteswhole wheat dough and beg that’s all youneed in the crest colors it calls itselfa vertical pan but it’s not too verticalto me that’s the pan this is this rightherethis ulster this thing is like yourworkhorse this is like my bread manultimate this sucker just pounds themout and it makes really good basic breadif you want to cost one of these theydon’t make this one anymore but if yourun across one of these like at a thriftstore or something like that this isactually a pretty good one these oneslast quite a while and they they’ll putout some pretty good dough okayleather sandwich bread is no bueno thankyou for the tips this is fun with thismachine you always get a whole yeah yeahthe oyster is a really generic breadmachine so if you are looking forsomething to just do basic breads andmaybe I’ve never even used that Expressbake I’m kind of afraid to use thatwe’ll talk about that when we talk aboutused hey y’all okay so yeah this one’sfancy I don’t know if anybody would singa breakfast like that yes this comes offto you yeah so this is before you killit okay so this is one of the old wellbelts and what was a popular brand ofbread machines Express twice dough cycleI bought a toastersecondhand I love it for eight bucksyeah you can pick up those oysters ifyou find one of those four on the cheapI would say those are like I mean thatone’s sort of like the bread manultimate the old one that it’s like aworkhorse bread machine I mean peoplelove that one so this is an interestingbread machine because it’s a dual breadmachine and well–don’t brought theseout years ago and they stopped makingthem and I thought they are really funbecause what this has is two one-poundmany lows so look at this you make twolittle loaves so so has a one poundbread machine but this is like goingback old-school because these make twoone-pound loves I think this breadmachine is really cool I tried to lookup some information about this because Idon’t have like a manual or anythingabout anythingI bought these years and years ago and Ican’t really find anything about itwhat’s this guy doing right here no he’sgoing to you everyoneoh I guess I have an extra pad okay theyprovide you an extra is it the same yeahthey give you a spare one yes I did[Music]yeah I haven’t used this one in a longtime but I think it’s groovy often twoone-pound deals on this we’re eatingsmoked ooh smoked chicken breast I’lltake some hey we find our smoker uptoday boo-boo though we didn’t cookanything yeah Eric burnt off his newsmoker twice the dough cycle yes you canmake two different kinds of bread if youwant to use a basic recipe and thenchange it up make onethe parmesan bread and one and herbbread you can do that with two two atoncego close the blinds yeah I get areflection back here because of the Noyeah and I know what they’re talkingabout because you’re right it sittingout pretty hard on your on your iPadit’s above the blind yeah we have awindow above the blind if you can seethat little reflection oh it’s coming ina lot we have to like Moo Halfmoonwindows up there that have no coveringon them so yeah the Sun is hitting itit’s getting washed out with it it willit will partly last about five minutes acouple Hey yeah they’re like theseHalfmoon windows up there so it shouldgo away in a minute you get all youringredients and then you see yourpaddles laying on the counter so somereason I feel like I wanted to buy thisnew Cuisinart this is the new CuisinartI don’t know if you guys have seen thisthing it’s supposed to be compact and Iuse this a couple times I think I did anunboxing but I haven’t actually used iton the show and I can tell you I don’treally like this thing it’s rated verypretty good but when I put bread in hereI get like a sound and it hesitates allthe time almost like it can’t handleeven a single loafyeah it helps a little I don’t knowwhere so it has the same kind ofvertical Bowl oh that’s better[Music]sorry about the light Erik’s coveringlighting service he put a cover over itoh if you guys could only see him rightnow he’s hanging off the side of thewall thanks Joe I really appreciate it Ilove geeking over stuff right do you addliquids first or solids okay so youshould add them in the order that themanufacturer suggests in the manual soalmost like every bread machine that Ihave suggests that you put liquid putyour food butter in there put all thatsalt sugar underneath your flour thenyou put your flour and then you put youmake a little well and put the yeast onthe top the only reason they really wantyou to do that number one is because alot of these bread machines have a delaytimer so they’re trying to separate thatuse from the water so it doesn’tactivate the waters fast but two theywant to separate that yeast away fromthe salt until it starts mixing up andthe salt is dissolved so yeah so this isthe Cuisinart my personal opinion is Iwould leave this one on the shelf it’stheir new model a few people have saidthat they liked it but I just reallythink it just doesn’t have the oomphthat a lot of othermachines have I’ve only used it a coupletimes and the way it squeaked andhesitated every time it was needing Iwas like this bird machine I don’t knowwhat’s up with Cuisinart I have an oldbread man it’s 20 years old and worksgreat yeah we’re gonna look we’re gonnaEric’s gonna bring in in a minute myfavorite bread machine of all time okayso this is the Cuisinart the previousmodel Cuisinart this is a convectionbread machine yeah thanks in there seebakes in there so this one is kind ofinteresting because it has a power failsome of those less expensive ones don’thave that so as you move up the pricerange of course you’re gonna get morefeatures right you get the stainlesssteel you get a convection so possiblythat convection will help move that heataround a little bit so it’s not all youknow baking I just like from the bottomwe’re gonna be looking at the zojirushithat has tried to do something aboutthat recently but this is a convectionbread machine same kind of bowl as onthe bread man this guy looks like abread manpan because there’s like basically thesame shape the old Cuisinart definitelydefinitely so if you want to get aCuisinart I would recommend this oldmodel prior model of Cuisinart youprobably have to get it somehow on eBayor if you catch one in a secondhand shopI would stay away from that small newmodel and I wouldyeah I would get a hold of one of thesethese are pretty coolthis has a low-carb and gluten-freewhich is pretty interesting because thisbread machines been around for a whileso this was like one of the first onesthat were starting to come out withthese gluten free cycles so that’s theCuisinart connection okay I had ahorizontal machine used twice a week forten yearsyeah the old Cuisinart hang scanner howare you doing I’m probably notpronouncing your name right I do thisevery single time trying to have a calmday I’m I’m very stressed out about thesituation that’s going on and I’m tryingto yeah so this is my old standby thisis my baby I love this thing I actuallyhave a brand spanking new one sitting inthe box it’s 20 years old and yeah it’sstill in the box your brand ultimateBregman ultimate if you can get ahold ofone of these things that’s a it’s a TR2200 C is the model number and this islike this is like a go machine of alldough machines right I don’t bake inthis thing but man this thing makesgreat down this thing makes great duh Ilove it cook it in one of my roles thatI just made I’ve made some rolls and thehamburger buns in this yesterdayErick’s just might go for today how youguys doing I’m just kicking over breadmachines right I’m having a lot of funwe’re gonna do a review on some Sam’sClub frozen turkey burgers you shouldnot buy hip nor they’re a chicken burgerso I made these having a buns this iswhat’s left that’s it that’s what’s leftthe bread I made all these oh my goshthey’re so good use a little too muchstaff and there’s something over cuz itthe head like mock up boom dead theseare so yummy juice cot news yeah us isovertaking Italy in China I saw thatcraziness absolute craziness going onright now whoops sorry about that sothis is my trusty bread man ultimateyeah the new I don’t know about the newmodel I think people are not like in thenew model bread man if you can get aholdof one of these older bread man’s youcan catch it secondhand I would jump onit like in 1990 yeah these are awesomeare you yeah yeah we’re locked in that’swhy I’m playing with bread machines cuzI ain’t got nothin else but but at somepoint she’s gotta admit to somethingthough there is an asterisk by thelocked in what you know day one aboutyeah and yes it is on quarantine out inthe garage because of all the stainlesssteel involved yeah yeahyeah you guys all walked into oh my goshI’m just I’m frustrated because I don’treally see what’s the end of this I’mafraid to even walk out the door so ohokay so this is a another bread man itis huge this one does a two and a halfpound loaf it’s the largest breadmachine that I have seen so it has thishuge pan inside and it also has youbring those other two babies oh yeah Ihad it for trouble you know what some ofthese I’ve been getting what’s neatabout this bread machine is it comeswith two one pounders like that dual sowith this one you can use the it has avertical pan two paddles and the paddlesare collapsible so supposedly when thebread is done these paddles collapsedown so the hole isn’t quite as big inthe bottom of the loaf I’ve neveractually baked in this I’ve just madedough in it so I don’t know howeffective that is but the two paddlesthen go into these two minis so you cando actually up to a two and a half poundloaf in that one or you can do to onepounders that is cool huhthis is there a noticeable difference wetalked about that earlier baking thebread in the bread machine versus theconventional oven for me personally thebread machine does have a differenttexture the crumb is different I think Idon’t know exactly what that is I thinkit’s partially because of the heatingelement the bottom and maybe it justgets more heat at the bottom get tothose so I got the one in the front soafter I had that bread man ultimate thisis like bread machine show-and-tellafter I had the bread man ultimate I gotthis this is a Zojirushi v20 and what’swhen this first came out everybody waslike all right because this has yes topan that’s more like a traditional sizedloaf pan it’s like long and vertical orhorizontal it has two paddles so thebread man was coming out with all thesesingle paddle machines and the zojirushijust came out and just rocked the breadmachine world and this is the firstmachine that they came out with and Ilove this machine this machine is greatit’s like the first the other thing thatthis machine did over any other machineis this machine came out with customprograms so it not only do you have yourbasic all your cycles but you can createyour own and you can monitor the amountof kneading the amount of rising theamount of time but all that kind ofstuff in a custom program so josyzojirushi really came with that oneright it could be because of trapmoisture it could be yeah it’s humongousthe zou so you’re starting to get up inprice you’re going from $100 to $300sometimes with the zojirushi so it’sjust like you know you’re going from atoyota to a Bentley this is a picnicedition so I got this one I pay 50 bucksfor this one from someone who never usedit this is the minis oh and it’s alittle one pound machine so it only doesone pound little baby loaves yeah it’sso cute look at that and it does havebasic cycles on it but it doesn’t havelike you know a cookie pasta dough youhave a cake and yeah it does cookies athis pasta has quick baking french breaddough setting crust control it’s got afew little buns over here it doesn’thave like a full onso that it has allthe customized programs and all that funstuff but this is a cute little machineI got it for you know I didn’t pay toomuch for it so I was like let me getthat I have a lot of bread machines Ihave a lot of bread machinesyeah it’s humongous queue for the arsyoh yeah the minis oh you got to lovethat thing I got it okay so this isanother zojirushi and I’ve actuallynever used this one because somebodygave it to me it was like as soon asthey find out you like breadchins and they have them sitting aroundthe house and then every years all of asudden they start giving you them rightso this is the what model is this a BBCC dash X 20 yeah so the other was a V20 this is an X 20 all your lovecontrols are right here and so this wasthe I think the next generation afterthe V 24 the xot so what happened withthis bread machine is twin paddlessomeone I know bought this and they onlyused it two or three times and they didsomething that you should never everever do to a poor bread machineparticularly Azores Russia you probablycan’t see that in there but to get thebread out it looks crusty and scratchedup it’s scratched because to get thebread out she took a knife and went inthe corners to get the bread out whichresulted in completely ruining thenonstick so she was like oh you can usethis bread machine just get another panso I took a look and cost to get inother pants like 60 bucks so I’mthinking this bread machine I don’t knowif I want to spend 60 bucks to get thisso this bread machine might either justgo through the recycle or it might maybeI’ll pass it off to someone who wants topay 60 bucks to get a new pan for it sothis part is oh but what’s interestingabout this though is this is the firsttime that they came out with a sourdoughstarter cycle you see a cycle on thatsays sourdough starter yesso so quick came out with their I neverused that cycle but what I’m thinking ismore like a pre formant and not asourdough starter so what a pre Furmanis is this goes into the yeast yeah thisgoes into the yeast disk let’sdiscussion a lot of people love this SAPand I like it too to make really basicwhite bread but the staff was createdfor the commercial bread industry andwhat they want is they want to mix itthey want it to POW and they want it togo in the oven because they’re makingtens of thousands of loaves and that’swhat this does this goes off like arocket and you can get soft mmmsquishy sandwich bread making this butwhen we do have a conversation aboutyeast in the future sometimes you wantto slow that action down because slowingthat X and down creates flavor so thelonger your bread ferments or Rises oryou do a slow rise you put it in therefrigerator or you even go to theextreme and make sourdough where youconstantly let it ferment for a longtime and get sour and sour and use partof that in each of your bread thatdevelops flavor and one of the thingsabout these instant yeast some peopleare like should I use active driveversus instant instant takes off fasterbut active dry goes longer so if youwant to get a quick bread you’re gonnado one or two Rises BAM you can useinstant it works greatSAP is great I like this better than anyof the other instant brands if you’regonna get instant get this stuff but ifyou want something where you want todevelop more flavor you might want to doa pre fermentyou make a small amount of dough threwit in the refrigerator and let thatsucker ferment and then the next day ortwo days later add the rest of theingredients into it do one two threeRises and put it in the oven you willget way more flavor out of it theproblem with these instant yeast is theymight not go that long compress teas oran active dry is slower to get going butthey will go longer instant yeast youprobably going to get one two good risesout of it maybe three but you’re notgonna go for the long haul you’re notgonna go two days in a pre from it usean instantsome people they probably may be able todo that but if you want to develop moreflavor if you want to do a pre fermentif you wanted use as oh and use thatsourdough starter cycle where I think itbasically makes a pre ferment and thenyou add the rest of the ingredients inyou need yeast that will go longer soyou typically will use an active drybecause it’s slower right so this isgreat everybody loves it but also ifyou’re thinking about you know windowwhat’s active dry and why you usebecause i hear people say i only useSAFF and I don’t use anything else itdoesn’t work nothing else works it’sbecause if you’re if you’re only makingquick white sandwich bread this is greatbut if you want to start playing withdifferent kinds of breads you want toplay with flavors and all that kind ofstuff you might want to be willing in soactive dry because you might want toslow that fermentation down and youdon’t want to just go off boom thisright here and you can’t really usethese like one-to-one if a recipe callslike you know two and a quarterteaspoons or one package of of activedry and then you go and throw two and aquarter teaspoons of SAFF instant youwill get whatand to me where you get this loaf that’slike it rises and then the top yeah likethis and then you get it in the oven andit’s like this huge top with the littlepart for the pan yeah so to me it’s notis its ass or anything else is itinstant or anything else this is greattoo if you use in a quick cycle in herethis is great for all cycles but reallythey’ll tell you a lot of times ifyou’re using the quick cycle in yourbread machine make sure you’re usingthis instant yeast you’re not usingactive dry coz active tries to slow ifyou’re doing a 58 minute loaf in that Ohstirdo not use active dry because it’s notfast enough you wanna you want to usesomething like this so yeah I got somestarter yesterday here I could have usedmy zojirushi you know I think in themanual for the xot they call it starterthey call it sourdough starter light andI don’t know exactly if you can get yoursourdough your starter going in this ohand then put it into something so youcan grow it so just like a kick starterto your starter or kick starter to yourstarter or if you can just use it as apreform at I don’t know I haven’t usedthat cycle so it’s interesting that ithas that cycle so just like all thesebread machines we looked at we looked atmaybe inexpensive bread machines in theunder hundred dollar price range this isthe Bentley of bread machines right thisis a zojirushi BB pad line beebeep at 20it’s the home bakery virtuoso and nowthere’s a virtuoso plus so what you getwith this is more cycles customizablecycles so you can manhow long you get your rise how long youbeg how long it needs you can set upyour own and what’s great about thevirtuoso is now you can save those as arecipe my v20 allowed me to do that butyou couldn’t save it in here now you cansave as a preset your own customizedhomemade preset so now you’re likereally getting into a lot moreversatility in this machine plus youhave the sourdough starter cycle butwhat’s great about this machine is thehandles on the okay yeah you got handleshere you got two paddles you havehorizontal loaf pan it’s just way moresubstantial it is a Bentleycompared to other machines but one thingthat zou did that no other machine hasdone to combat the whole issue of itonly having the heating element down atthe bottom is they put an element in thelid there’s actually you can’t see itbecause it’s in there but there’s anelement up here as well as there so whenyou get that dome on your bread it’s notdarker at the bottom and lighter at thetop so this has two heating elements youshow you you may not be able to happenthat element the bottom it’s not up onthe bread it’s actually under the breadthe bread sits above it yeah the breadsits above it and there’s actually theelement inside this lid you can seethere’s a there’s some back here there’sa little air ducts for the elementthat’s in the lid a little bit those areair ducts back there yeah so this thingactually has the heating element in thelid as well as below to try to improvethe results that you get yeahthis machine oh my gosh can you turn itthis way bit what do you wanna see thismachine is amazing but it is it’s anexpensive machine it’s like 350 it isexpensive but it’s you know it’s worthit to me because I love this pan for onebut these handles make it so easy to getthat pan in and out when it’s hot yeah Ilove that thing yeah those handles willcost another hundred our replacementrepairs are costly yeah they make morethey make the best rice cookers outthere but they also make the best thebest bread machines their bread machinesthey last forever my v20 nothing is likeat least fifteen years old so they’reamazing can you slow rise any type ofdough yeah there’s actually a book outthere on the slow rise method it’scalled the Brother junipers bread bookit’s by Peter Reinhart which he’s areally really famous for his bread heactually has a book out there on theslow rise method how to you know usuallyrefrigerators slow down thatfermentation so you get is breaking thiswhy do you have that in here becauselike I gloves on hey y’all this guy’syou know lonely out in a cornersinging out in the garage you’ve seen itnow he goes back Wowso when I say that I’ve been home fortwo weeks I did leave one time the otherday I saw an ad on Facebook marketplacefor someone who was selling a standmixer for 50 bucks in the picture was ananchor shroom and I messaged them and Iwent and got it and we met in a parkinglot of a grocery store I put my tailgatedown and I left an envelope with the 50bucks and she came I sat in the truckshe can put it in the truck and took themoney and now that’s the news oh it’s inquarantine in the garage I can’t believeEric brought it in here because you knowI’m like weirded out watch your handsEric yeahso I got anchored room for 50 bucks soI’m gonna be using that but it’s prettymuch gonna be on quarantine for a monthyeah wash it down it’s probably alreadysafe I don’t know I’m just chicken sonow I want a rice cooker I love my ricecooker I’ve been using it for 20 yearsalmost the same one yeah can you believe50 bucks I got an egg it’s amazing ifyou can’t get as oh you might want toconsider a tiger both the zou and tigerare made in Japan yeah they sell tigerat our international market the tigerrice cookers thehas a tiger yeah yeah I’ve been bakingin a while can you give us a good milkbread and butter bread recipe mine is isoh yeah I can work on that I haven’treally made the milk bread because I’mallergic to dairy we’re going to bedoing we’re gonna be doing thosehamburger buns this weekend so I’ll havethat off any advice on what used to useand how long to knead itnervous we kind of talked about yeast alittle bit if you want to do a basicsandwich loaf you know go ahead and usesomething like SAFF instant if you wantto play with that around is particularlyin future first loaf you’ve ever madejust go for it do it to rise bread andthis will work great if you want to youknow get more involved in fermentationand developing flavor you might want tothink about others but this will workfor your first bread yeah so those areall my bread machines if you can believeit you guys have any specific questionsabout bread machines I can put a linkdown the description to my my breadmachine dinner rolls it’s a great recipeto start with it comes out fantasticevery time you make it and it’s a greatbeginners recipe you know that’s thetrouble with bread making is I can giveinstructions but bread making issomething that you learn over time youlearned a feel of the dough the thing Ican tell you is you want to knead ituntil you get a smooth dough ball untilall the flour and everything is off thesides of the bowl and you get a nicesmooth doughball and sometimes all recipes requireyou to use your own judgment whether ornot you need to spritz it with a littlebit more water you need to put a littlebit more flour sometimes you have to dothat to get that dough and it reallydepends on the type of bread you’remaking how hydrated your dough is sowhen you talk about bread making you’realways talking about your water to flourratio and how hydrated your your doughis so you can have stiffer dough’s oryou can have real sticky dough’s itdepends on the type of depends on thetype of bread you’re making so for abasic white love white bread sandwichlove I would say I would bring it to thepoint where you have a nice smooth doughball it can be slightly sticky but whenyou remove your hands from it that doughpulls away and your hand is clean Iwouldn’t have it sticky where when youpull it away if you have dough stuck toyour hands that would be a little toosticky for a classic just white sandwichbread so you want like a nice firm likebaby bottoms look to it and the more youmake bread you know then it doesn’t takevery many times to make bread tounderstand what that feeling is so finda basic recipe use the bread machinedinner roll recipe and just make it andafter you make it the first time you’llget a feeling of how the dough is andthen make it two or three times once youmake bread three or four times you willunderstand you like put some water in itand knead it and watch what it’s doingand you will discover how that there’san art to getting a dough with the righthydration level and you can find chartson the internet that will say that willgive you formulas about how much wheatflour to water and howI dreaded depending I’ll type the doughthat you’re making if you’re making ayou know if you’re making a ciabattaversus a sourdoughI mean versus a French bread versus ayou know a lean dough a lean dough is adough that has no fat in it it’s leanyou know a straight dough is a doughthat you’re making with no pre from ityou’re just making the dough one or tworise in the oven that’s a straight doughotherwise you you know you’re gonna usea sourdough or a sourdough starter and apre ferment so it’s an art bread makingis an art my suggestion is just startmaking it even if your first loaf comesout misshapen and sunken and everythingmake it and learn and then every timeyou make it you will get better andbetter at it you will learn how thatdough feels you will understand thatmagic of when you have a great hydrateddough and it’s just the feeling of it isamazing so yeah bread is tricky itdefinitely is tricky but experience youknow you don’t you don’t need to make ahundred loaves to make a good basicsandwich bread if you make three or fouryou will start to learn how that doughfeels watch a lot of videos and heyTimothy how are you doing and you madeit late right but you’re here thank youfor joining usyeah adding a fat adding butter addingmilk adding milk and butter adding anoil will tenderize and soften the doughthose are softeners so you can add alittle bit of sugar in there some of thebread I put in like maybe twotablespoons of sugar that will bringmore flavor to the partyKien Hawaiian time Hawaiian breadreplaced some of the water withpineapple juice yeah what do I add in mydough if I want more pliable and not dryyou just need to hydrate it more I wouldsay yeah add butter add butter makes mmmmakes it yummy is it fell proof if wefollow the recipe instructions providedby the bread machine I you know I’vemade the basic sandwich loaf of thezojirushi run they actually have itplastered on the side of the home bakeryvirtuoso they have a sticker on the sidethat doesn’t come off and I’ve made thatrecipe and I just thought it was okay Imake betterI have better recipes that I’vedeveloped so I don’t really use that Iwould say it’s a place to start ifyou’ve never used a bread machine beforego ahead and use a one out of the manualbut it’s sort of like it’s sort of likethe cooking the the the cooking schoolrecipes like the like the prefer thatprofessional cooking book the black oneof the the other the books that you getwhen you’re in cooking school becausethey give you it’s really techniquedriven and they’re really like kind ofbasic alas B’s they’re not there’s nolike really experimentation on them soit’s a great place to start so you get abasic technique so you can use thatbasic manual bread machine the therecipe out of the Bret the manual tounderstand how your you know thedifference between the machines like thezojirushi will heat your ingredients alittle bit at first it has a you willnotice that at first you turn it on andit doesn’tdo anything for a little while becauseit has like this preheating where itgets your ingredients to like a hundreddegrees which is the best spot for theyeast to go rightso the zou has a preheating cycle on itwhere a lot of other bread machinesdon’t you will learn you know you canuse those basic recipes to learn thosecycles and learn how when it when it’sgoing to what it sounds like when it’skneading and when it rises and all thatfun stuff even with the bread machine Itell people that once the dough getsgoing and you start mixing andeverything in the dough ball starts comearound and it’s starting to cometogether I always you know check it Imake sure that that dough ball islooking good that all the ingredientsare getting mixed in there there’s noflour left on the sides and sometimesI’ll have to you know dust it with alittle flour or spritz of a little waterto get the dough ball to be the rightconsistency that I want it the righthydration level that I went yeah so evenin your bread machine you have to adjustthat a little bit just like you would inhand or in a mixer you always have toadjust it because every every sack offlour is different every bread machineis different every bit of flour hydratesdifferent you can use King Arthur Flourand it’s fairly consistent from Floridafrom bag to bag but every bag it’s likea piece of meat every cow is a differentcow in every chuck roast responds in adifferent way because it’s a differentmuscle every bag of flour is differenteven within the same brand everyteaspoon of yeast is going to responddifferentlythere’s humidity in the air that couldadd hydration to the dough it’s just amatter of learning how you want thatdough ball to lookand some people that want exactmeasurements get uncomfortable with thatbut that’s just where the cook comes inright that’s why there are chefs that’swhy there are cuts we don’t havemachines that just make it they make ourlife easier but the machine can’t doeverything the human has to be therewatching the process to make sure youget the results you want because allingredients aren’t the same and thankGod because everything would be likeMcDonald’s right every single hamburgerthat comes off the line is exactly thesame what fun is there in that right soyou have to be you have to use yourjudgment it’s the judgment of the cook Ialways always say it’s the judgment ofthe cup no matter what you’re doingyou’re making bread you’re sauteing youfind chicken you’re making whatever itis you’re doing it’s the judgment of thecook so it’s not the recipe the recipeis a guideline but you are the master ofyour kitchen don’t ever give that awayto a recipe don’t ever give that away toa cookbook don’t ever give that away tosomeone on the internet telling you whatthat dish should be I get that all thetime why did you put that in there whydid you do that and my first reaction tothat all the time is I’m a home cookwhat’s great about being a home cook isI can do whatever I wantI’m not a commercial chef and I am notlimited to how the public defines a dishright the public says that this is whatchili is chili has this and doesn’t havethat and the chef in some ways has tostay in that realm because if they do itany differently the public is gonnascream and holler likeit’s not this right that’s not chilisorry this is my house right and this ismy pot right so use recipes as aguideline but they don’t dictate how youdo things in your kitchen they will helpyou get a result but it’s all about yourown judgment and you just have todevelop that over time don’t be afraidof it don’t be afraid of failing itbread I have made bread that I took itout and pitched it right flour is cheapyou can buy a 50 you can buy a 25 25pound sack of flour at Sam’s Club for $9you have when they have them right ninedollars nine dollars a sniper gur todrive through instead go buy yourselfsome yeast some flour you got the waterand some salt go get you a 25 pound sackof flour and tell yourself that I amgoing to teach myself how to make breadI’m going to teach myself how to makebread in my bread machine in my mixer byhand whatever what it is right and lineup some recipes and look at what theyhave in common and look what they havedifferent and just start baking and youhave a nine dollar sack of flour by thetime you’re done baking through that 25pound sack of flour you’re gonna be agood bread maker you’re gonna be able tolook at a recipe and said this is what Ilike about this recipe and this is whatI don’t I can look at this recipe andsay this is not gonna work I pulled therecipe the other day it was from RobertIrvine and it was for a basic bull abull is just a round bread right well ittends to be lean breadand I looked at the recipe and he has atablespoon of salt in one loaf of breadthat’s what the recipe was and I knowfrom my experience and bread making thatthat isn’t going to be nothing but agiant Salt Lick so I’m assuming that therecipe is written wrong that it wassupposed to be one teaspoon of salt andnot one tablespoon of salt because Iknow if I put typically your breadsgonna have about a teaspoon of salt fora loaf if you’re putting a tablespoon inthere you can forget it right it’s gonnabe you it’s gonna kill your yeast orit’s gonna be just salty so the more youlearn how to make bread and you don’tneed to make that many loaves tounderstand this you can look at a recipeand say either that’s a misprint or it’sflawed and you can adjust things basedon your knowledge right so preachsubscription to bar the stupid aim isgetting your money’s worth right I havelearned a lot of things the hard way Ican tell you that I have screwed up alot I screwed up something yesterday youwill always screw something everybodyevery chef screws up something so don’tworry about it if your bread goes flattoss it and make another one rates I’mnot saying like waste ingredients butthere’s a lot of things you could bedoing to this world that’s worse thanthrowing away a loaf of bread thatdidn’t turn out right take notes andlearn from itright learn from it say don’t do thisright Robert Irvine says the tablespoonof salt he’s wrong about the deer wouldlike it I make my bread every second dayyeah so one of the things you’ll noticeabout a homemade bread it doesn’t lastthat longthe minute that bread comes out of theoventhe stalingprocess starts you saying right spreadstarts to stale the minute it takes allthe oven so commercial bread makers pumpit full of stuff so it stays around soif you ever notice you’re in the breadaisle and you look at bread and you’relike this bread is good for like a weekand a half two weeks that’s like dingding ding right there’s something inthis bread because bread is only goodfor two days the third day the stalingprocess is killed itit’s day-old it’s not there day-oldbread is one day past the expirationdate which is two weeks that’s day-oldreal homemade bread doesn’t last youneed to make it needed so if you bake itif you want to get into bread baking youhave to realize if you want to say I’mgonna get rid of buying commercial breadand I’m gonna make my own bread you areto save that you’re gonna have to sayI’m gonna be making bread exactly everysecond or third day because that’s allit’s good for but it’s better for youbecause you’re not eating this breadthat’s full of all this junk but I can’tsay that you know if someone tells youthat oh I don’t eat any commercial breadI’m like okay sure right you have a ismy micthat’s what I say right sure I willnever tell you that I don’t buycommercially made stuff because I have afull-time job I can’t make bread everythree days if I didn’t have a full-timejob I still wouldn’t make bread everythree days because I just don’t have theenergy for that right bread making to meis a hobby if you start making bread andyou make your own homemade bread everytwo weeks you only make it a coupletimes a month you only make it onceevery other month number one you’restill doing more than most people butyou’re still living in reality right webuy commercial bread and we make breadhomemade bread is a treat but I don’thave time to make homemade bread all thetime requires you to do it every coupledays and if you have the time to do thator the energy that’s great but I can’tsit up and lie and say that I do that Iwould never would because we buycommercial bread and we make homemadebread homemade bread is a hobby for meso I have not gotten to the point whereI have made that what we eat all thetime that would not not be true in anysense of the imagination so don’t feelbad about that either right do what youcan do homemade bread doesn’t last longyeah number one does the last longbecause people eat it up but – itdoesn’t last long because it doesn’thave preservatives you can you canfreeze it the bread it’s gonna degradethe bread but you can freeze it nutflours I’ve never done any alternativeflours like that I’ve never done that soguys thanks for joining me I reallyappreciate ithad a lot of fun I love bread machinesI hope sorry for my parade of breadmachines but I love them right I can’thelp it I hope you’re having a great daymake bread dough for the freezer yeahyou can make for the freezer take it outlet it thaw do a rot let it thaw shapeit let it rise throw it in the oven yeahyou can do thatdefinitely Pizza dough’s you could dothat to make a couple of loaves of peasa couple of Pizza dough’s and put themin the freezer so when you want to makepizza dough you just take it out let itthaw shape it into the pizza BAM rightso I hope everything is going well foryou guys I hope you are all safe andable to socially distance and all thatfun stuff we I think we’ve been on forlike an hour and a half now so I don’twant to take up half your evening wewill probably going live again I’m notsure what day if you guys want us to golive let us know if you want us to dothis againactually entertains me because you knowbecause I’m look down so I need so Ineed some outside interaction other thanjust talking to Eric all day we could golive and make some cookies we madebrownies one time live we could try tomake some cookies live that would be funin what mixer I could put a pole upI could put a pull-up in the Facebookpage the wolf awesome awesomeso cooks thanks for joining me I reallyappreciate it I hope you had fun thiswas awesome and I hope you make greatbread we don’t have a video up in acouple days with those hamburger bunsthat’ll be fun thank you forjoining me hey Victor thank you forjoining mehave a great evening we’ll see on thenext onejoin us in our Facebook group and yeahcookies yeah that’ll be fun and in theanchors room hmm that would beinteresting cook live yay see you guyslater

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