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BREAD LOAF || EASY BREADMAKING Recipe/Soft and Fluffy Bread/Tinapay

Easy Queue || EASY BREADMAKING Recipe/LOAF BREAD/Soft and Fluffy Bread/Tinapay

It is always nice to bake your own bread using all types of flour – wheat, corn flour, bread flour, etc. and top it with anything you like : seeds, nuts, dried herbs, etc & enjoy it with your homemade jams or butter too! There are thousands of bread recipe to enjoy. I have been wanting to share some of my recipes. Sometimes I bake hurriedly or at the spur of the moment haha. I just throw everything into the bowl, mix & bake, dont knead much, I dont have time & perhaps lazy to video it. But I made a promise to share some, so here it is! In this video, let’s forget about the stand mixer, dough cutter & or big oven, you can use your oven toaster too! Next time will share other bread recipes like buns, pan de sal, etc. Enjoy! God bless you.
ECQ! Easy. Cool. Quick!

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