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Beer Bread | Cook the Quarantine

the store was out of bread, but not beer. So let’s bake!

The recipe I used:

Sortedfood onYouTube:

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Laughter][Music]hey how’s it going I’m Jen welcome backto my channelwe have limited resources because ofsocial distancing and this this mightmay or may not be what happens in thenear future but for today we are makingsomething look beer welcome back to putthe quarantine I am quickly running outof bread what am I gonna do I want tomake some bread do I have any yeaststorytime I was watching Instagram liveyesterday and sorted foods if youhaven’t seen them they’re pretty awesomeanyway not to point I was watching theirInstagram live and they challenged thenext group of guys to do beer bread onthe next Instagram life so I hadn’t eventhought about Mikey beer bread since Iwas a kid and I was like well that’s agood idea so here we are it’s reallyeasy and you don’t need yeast thisrecipe I’m using is from I am Bakerdotnet I’ll link it below now you firstwant started out with 3 cups ofall-purpose flour and to that you wantto add 1 tablespoon of baking powder ifyou have self-rising flour you don’thave to have baking powder to fieldswith salt 2 tablespoons sugar you got astick 1/2 a stick of unsalted butterhere then a 12 ounce beer at roomtemperature so you know a whole beer canbeer whatever kind of beer you want whooI probably shouldn’t shake that before Iopen it that might be a bad idea firstfirst firstpre-heat your oven to 375 because youcan’t bake bread and cold of it are sospray my pan here with some cookingspray generously set it aside so yourpan is ready here yeah take your flouradd your baking powder now your salt andyour sugar just mix it up real quickthrow up our beer yeah pour that rightinoh no no that’s the important partwell no well that tastes like flower whyam i stupid oh that was so dumb okaythis is looking let’s fall down spearright put 3 cups of plop hold on asecond this is looking pretty runnyJolla alright that’s what I have okay sowatch this video beer should I have letit sit oh it says pour the beer and stirall the ingredients until just combinedthere are no dry parts batter will bethick it we’re gonna add more flour tillit looks like until it looks like hersjust already um I added about a cup anda half of flour to this it I don’t thinkit actually changed the texture of it atthe end I mean it was still pretty goodbread but I just wanted to make surethat my dough looked like the dough inthe video and then I just spread it outinto my my prepared loaf pan after thatokay so now we actually writer and we’regoing to cut it we’re gonna place allover the top of the low here[Music]okay all right and now as soon as ouroven is preheated to 375 we’ll put it inthe oven dad we will bake it for we’regonna start with 45 minutes to check onit give it anywhere from 45 minutes toan hour depending on your oven and youknow how it bakes and stuff so we’regonna throw the oven and check on about45 minutes[Music][Music]all rightoh that’s pretty good okay so they makesome toast now we’ll see what I’m somuch at think of it[Music]hectic Travis beer bread you try it letme know thank ya it tastes like breadnot really a different taste of it whatdo you have a sandwich with it you thinkI should again with like cheese orgarlic powder or something in the mixmaybe cheese Oh Chad approvedRory you want some I never do thatpromisewell even though we know that he liedabout the accidentally dropping a pieceof bread for the dog I know he didn’tlie about their view I hope you guysliked it here is this is my friendNicole she also made beer bread isn’tshe beautifuluh anyway sorry yes we love Nicole butshe also decided make girlfriend andsend a picture of it and I think herslooks actually a lot better than mine soI might have to get with her on herrecipe thank you to the guys over sortedfor the inspiration and also during thistime don’t forget to sociallydisassemble[Music]

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