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Basic Bread Making – Part 1

One of the essential skills needed for survival and self sufficiency during emergencies such as Covid 19 when store shelves are bare is knowing how to make your own bread. This two part video series walks you through the process step by step to very easily make a loaf of basic white bread.

Fresh, warm home baked bread will be a treat everyone in your household will stand in line to get. It’s cheap to make, has no preservatives, you control the ingredients, and tastes SO MUCH BETTER than commercially baked bread!

Follow along and just do what I teach you to do. Your bread will turn out great, I promise! Please feel free to share your experiences and comments below. Also, please hit the like button and share this video with your friends.

Thanks for watching our videos!

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Video Transcription

hello everybody this is Bill Williamswelcome to another tree Hunt Creekoutdoors video what taste is good as afresh baked loaf of homemade bread theanswer I think many of you wouldprobably say not much if anything andthat’s what we have right here a freshbaked loaf of homemade bread and we’reabout to slice open so let’s do iteverybody seems to like the end pieceand I do too so that’s what we’re goingfor first is nice crusty in piece herelet’s sit over here on the cutting boardand just do one more for good measure Imight be tempted to eat the second piecewho knows kind of thing maybe so ohthat’s what you bring it looks liketipped it up where you can see it that’smy home baked bread loaf looks like onthe inside this is your slice makes agreat little piece of dinner bread andthe crust as you can see so we’re reallyreally good and it’s nice and warm readyfor some butter or jelly or jam orpreserves or whatever you like to haveor maybe just eat the bread and that’swhat I’m gonna do now thanks for joiningme in this video stay tuned becausecoming back we are going to show you howto make this loaf of bread[Music]during kovat nineteen people have a lotof extra time on their hands I’mshutting at home lockdown working fromhome and so forth so you may be eating alot of meals at home too and possiblyyou may want to experiment while you’reat home with preparing some of your ownbreads I highly recommend ityou’ll love it it’s not hard to do andso from a survival standpoint it is justwonderful to be able to I have to go outI have to go to the store and I have tobe dependent on the store being stoppedwith bread because here mean you don’thave any bread or they limit it to oneor two loaves and you just might not canget the bread you want when you need itbut you can always make it so here’s howto do that I’m going to show you how tomake a basic bread recipe now before Ido that let me say that I’m not justdemonstrating here I’m teaching so ifyou want to learn about baking breadsthen this is the place to to be I’mgoing to teach you not just show you andthere’s a huge difference we’ll go overa lot of things in this video and othersmay be yet to come but I will also tellyou I’m working on my tray concretecookbook and even possibly thinkingabout just changing it to nothing but anall breads cookbook but there is atleast some section in it on breadsalready so there’s so much to learnabout bread making I could write thewhole book on it and we won’t cover itall in this video but we will cover somebasics so here we go let’s get startedokay everybody we’re ready for step oneof our bread baking project and whatwe’re going to do here is simply get thedough prepared for its first rise youwill need all of these things that areabout to show you you’ll need a goodsized mixing bowl you will need a mixingspoon a wooden spoon or a plastic spoondo not use metal do not use metal woodor plastic only hope you got that partthat’s very important you will need a1tsp measuring spoon and a 1/2 teaspoonmeasuring spoon you will need a cookingthermometer you will need a 1 cupmeasuring cup excuse me and you willneed a butter knife butterthis is unsalted butter by the way youwill need some type of yeast we’ll talkmore about that but what I’m using isbest choice it’s a store brandfast-rising yeast this is for breadmachines and it’s an instant yeast comesin a 4 ounce jar you can get all kindsof yeast and we’ll talk more on yeast infuture videos but the fast risinginstant bread yeast is a good choice andI would recommend that if you’restarting in bread baking this isprobably where you need to start there’sother yeasts and will as I say go overmany many things in my future breadbaking videos and in my tray heart Creekcookbook coming up alright but anywaythat’s the eastyou also need some olive oil or someother type of all that you prefer andyou will need milk I’m using fat-freemilk which makes a less tasty bread ifyou would like to use whole milk youwill get a tastier bread or 2% orwhatever you like but I don’t need extracalories so we’re kind of keeping thingson the sly side here and I’m also usingand you will need some bread flour nowfor this particular batch I’m going toshow you a little trick to get anextension and not use entirely breadflour we’re going to use part roughlyhalf not quite half bread flour and thenthe other flour will be just the generalall-purpose flour and mix it 50/50roughly and that will still give you alot of the qualities of the bread flourbut not as much as if it was100% bread flour bread flours a littlemore expensive than the all-purpose andyes you can make bread completely usingall-purpose flour that is possible to dojust not quite as easy to do thoughbread flour is easier for beginners soif you want to use entirely bread flourthat’s fine but if you want to do likeme and mix it 50/50 you can lower yourbread cost a little bit all right we’llget startedoh one more thing hold on you will alsoneed a cup of warmed water and we’relooking here at the temperature of abouta hundred and ten degrees which isabsolutely perfect anywhere from 110 toa maximum of 130 is the temperature nowagain I’m showing you how to do this inthis particular manner there are otherways to do this same exact step and oneis to use cold water room temperaturewater instead of heated water the heatedwater will activate the yeast a littlefaster and get your rise going a littlequicker the cold water will will requiremore time so since we’re just kind ofwanting to push this along I’m using the110 degree warmer water all right nowwe’re ready to get started so here we gowhat we’re gonna do and start with threeand a half cups three and a half cups offlour this does not have to be measuredprecise but if some of you just can’tstand it for doing eyeball measurementsyou can take your knife and level it allout or do whatever you feel comfortabledoing I cook like my grandmother taughtme and she never made anything but whenshe did have to measure something if sheever did it was always just a eyeballmeasurement now that’s 2 cups or therecipe and I didn’t have a little breadflour left in there so we’ll say thator the future okay hopefully you can seehere that we’re now using all-purposeflour this I think is a Krueger gramflour doesn’t really matter but we needto finish up with another cup and a halfand for the 1/2 cup I’m all in thatmeasurements ooh I could get out of 1/2cup measurer tea up another utensil butwe’re just gonna go with about 1/2 a cupit one won’t be perfectthat’s 1/2 tiny got our dry ingredientsstarted right there with instant breadmachine yeast what you can do is you canput it straight into the dry ingredientsyou do not have to mix with waterrepeat you do not have to mix with waterthis is one tablespoon right here thisis another half right here and you’redone with your yeast you will also needwhich I forgot to bring out a littlesalt this is a simple table salt and youneed 10 grams that’s what you actuallyneed what we’re gonna do is put in agood nice heaping 1/2 tablespoon andthat’s probably not quite enough to makeup 10 grams so we put just a little bitmore in there for those of you who wantto do bread baking better it’s hard tosay what you may want to do is get you agram scale so that you can measure yourquantities in grams and then follow theactual precise measurements which shouldbe 7 grams of yeast and also shouldn’tbe 10 grams of salt that’s what shouldbe going in therewe’re just again eyeballing it okay sowe’ve got the salt we’ve got theour and we’ve got the yeast in there forour dry ingredients and we’re justmixing them up a little bit right herenow we’re going to make this bread herewith a little bit of improvement in itso what we’re going to do is take ourmeasuring cup and we’re going to putsome butter in the bottom of the cupjust a nice good hunk about teaspoonmaybe there’s oh hi I’m calorie loadedLading you want your bread to be morebutter and things of that nature you putin the richer it is so for some peoplethat’s what they won’t okay now it’stime for olive oil we’re going to poursome olive oil we’re going to put hereabout two tablespoons of olive oilyou saw me measure that carefully twotablespoons and then you’re going to putthe cup not quite to the rim because wegotta heat this up a little bit put somemilk in it now all I’m gonna do is justwarm that to about the sign hundred tendegree temperatureso we just drop it over here in themicrowave but you can’t see and we willall right so what’s going on here we’llturn it on and let it heat up all rightnow that becomes our base for the liquidbut we’re also gonna put in some waterbecause you need more than just that onecup to make this work so we’ll just goahead and get started well all that’seating up with mixing our batter ordough it’s not really matter to do butanyway we’ll get started on that processusing our warmed water some of itbecause it doesn’t take too long on theingredients to warm up there in themicrowave for about 45 seconds usuallyI’ll get it warm enough we’re reallyjust trying to melt the butter overthere all right it’s telling us it’sready so let’s see if it is it doesn’tlook too terribly bad and we’re stirringthis with the metallic knife that’s truebut that’s fine for just doing that okayit’s warmed up where’s my thermometerlet’s just see what we got here and[Music]check that temperature out we’re runningup about 135 138 maybe 140 that’s reallymore than we need so before we dump thatin there we’re going to leave it down alittle bit with the cooler water therewe go we’ll just put that whole cup inthere and you can start putting yourdishes over in the sink to clean upwhich is behind me okayso here we go back to stirring or no Ihope all of you can sort of see this andlook in there and get a idea of whatit’s looking like most of you probablymade know you can actually do thisentirely by stirring you do not have toknead the dough but I’m an old-fashionedchef I like to get my hands in it and Ilike to knead the dough you just getbetter results so the dough a little bitbut you don’t have to now you can seethat we’re almost the right consistencywith this dough because it’s pullingapart from the sides of the bowl wantingto form a ball onlyso and doesn’t need much more moisturebut it doesn’t eat a little just eat alittle and that’s probably all that thisone is going to need to make a prettygood dough hey I have put down a pieceof waxed paper and some flour becausewe’re about to turn out the dough ontothis wax paper maybe you can see whatI’m doing hopefully you can we’re justgetting it out of the bowl and it’ssticky so it wants to stay to the bowlyou’ll have a lot of that left then I’llgo ahead and put that bowl of sink andlet it be water running in it becauseyou’re gonna need to wash the bowl so goahead and start getting that cleaner getsome flour back on your hands and overhere on top of the dough like that thosewarm which is a nice feel to itjust roll it like you see me doing herelet’s get that back out of the wayhopefully you can see me rolling it inthe dough to coat the dough and then youcan start pressing it down folding itover to knead the dough you can eat itjust like this on the wax paper if youwant to or you can flour your hands upgood and just pick it up and do it withyour hands like this like a traditionalBaker would and of course this is what Ilike to do because it gives you a betterfeel for the dose you didn’t have tokeep your hands well we’re not prettygood thoughthey better come off for a little whilebut it will smooth up the dough willkind of smooth up and and the same inthe baking business is it gets as smoothas a baby’s butt so that’s when you knowyour dough is ready if it isthat smooth is a newborn babies but nowwe may not get this one all the way tothat degree because that might takeabout five to ten minutes of kneadingand I’m not going to give it that muchit doesn’t truly have to have that muchit’s fine to have maybe even threeminutes worth needing it’s just to getthe yeast and the ingredients andeverything all fully mixed all you’retrying to do but it’s just good to getyour dough needed it’ll rise better withall the ingredients mixed well so ourdough is warm it is shaping up reallynice and don’t be afraid to work thedough it’s not gonna do any good if youdon’t work it with some strength add itto it dude bake bread every day youshould get good upper-body strength justby kneading the dough for about tenminutes a day all right we got thisgoing well enough here for the moment sowhat I have to do next is clean thatbowl and we’re almost done for this stepso just hang on and I’ll be back okay Ihave now wash the bowl out it’s nice andclean and the next stage of this is totake a little bit of the olive oil justnot a whole lot don’t take much at alljust a little drizzle into the bowl andthen take your hand and coat all thesides of the bowl with the olive oiljust like you see me doing here justcoat it up Ram sides and all and thenwhat you’re going to do is toyour little ball of dough that you’vekneaded up and just drop it over in thebowl what we’re gonna do here you’ve gottwo choices you can just cover it withsomething like wax paper and let it sitand rise on your countertop if you don’twant to let it rise on your countertopwhich I’m not gonna do right now whatI’m gonna do is turn on my oven lightjust the oven light not the other thanjust the light bulb in the oven and setit in the oven there’s enough heat thatcomes from the light bulb that’ll helpwarm this up and make it rise well alittle bit quicker so that’s it we willwait the required time which may beseveral hours depends on your temper atroom temperature humidity and otherthings but ultimately this will rise onup towards the top of the bowl and Iwill be back with you when that step isdone[Music]

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