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Baking Rye Sourdough Bread Series #1: Feeding the Starter

If you’re looking to learn how to bake sourdough bread from scratch, you’re watching the right video 🙂

We are a sourdough bakery in KL, and we’re teaching you step by step our successful Rye Sourdough recipe so that you can make beautiful sourdough loaves for yourself.

The sourdough baking process in KL Malaysia consists of 7 steps. Feeding the starter, mixing, stretching and folding, shaping, fridging, scoring and finally baking.

There are 8 videos in total for this series and in this video, we’re going through the 1st step of Feeding the Starter in detail.

If you’re just watching this one, search for the overview video so that you can get a brief on the entire process.

Alright then, will let you get to it. If you have questions or comments, feel free to write them down below, we’ll try to answer what we can.

Happy baking!

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