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Baking BREAD -S2E3

How to Bake BREAD!

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Video Transcription

there is little that competes withfreshly baked bread time to put yourbaking skills to the testthis is Ritchie unscripted episode 3baking bread let’s gobaking bread isn’t all that difficultand once you’ve had a taste a bit comingfresh out of the oven store-bought breadmay lose its appeal so let’s get goingthree and a half cups of flour half astick of butter oil to grease the pantablespoon of yeast tablespoon of sugarand some warm water about three-quartersof a cup so what we’re going to do iswe’re gonna add a tablespoon of sugarwhich is about two teaspoons to thewater and this is to get nice pointmaybe a little bit more and a tablespoonof yeast we’re just gonna mix that allup three and a half cups of flour insidea stand mixer and I got half a stick ofbutter and the dough hookand slowly start to incorporate you alsoneed about a teaspoon of saltyou mix up the sugar the water and theyeast mixture you pour it in and thenjust let it mix[Music]I’m going to need a little bit morewater so that I want to turn up a cup ofwater here I’m just gonna add little bylittle until it comes together thatshould work[Applause]and as you can see is sort of stucktogether on the door hook it’s still alittle bit sticky to the touch but it’sone ball just going to let it go for afew more seconds[Applause]and that’s ready so we got a baking panI’m just gonna add some olive oil tothat to grease the pan just use a napkinjust just swish it all around then justtake the bread it’s nice and knead itoff the dough hook and put it in the panand you cover this and we let this sitovernight in the fridge for about six totwelve hours until it’s risen and thenwe bake it so I’m gonna cover this downput it in the fridge for six to twelvehours and then tomorrow we’ll come backand we’ll bakeall right so it’s been about 12 hourssince we let the bread rise and voilathere it is just a tip if you put thebread in the fridge and it doesn’t riseor it’s not rising as well the way thatyou want it to then just take it out ofthe fridge and just leave it on thecounter top cover it down with the clothand that little bit of wormus will helpto make the bread rest so there it isit’s risen the next step is to put itinto the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheitfor 38 minutes now you want to put it Ihave the center of the oven and aboutthe middle of the oven there it is I’mgonna take it out of the oven and giveit about 10 minutes to cool before wetake it out of the pan all right let’stake it out of the pan boom right okaylet’s cut into it look at thatsee you next time

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