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Baking Banana Bread #WithMe @Lucy Hale | W Magazine

Katy Keene and Pretty Little Liars star @Lucy Hale makes a unique take on banana bread, adding two of her favorites — peanut butter and dark chocolate chips.

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Video Transcription

hi guys it’s Lucy and this is Elvis andwe are here today with W Magazine and weare going to show you today how to bakewhat we are calling corn teens and Annabread and I found this recipe onPinterest but I’m actually gonna add afew little things to the banana breadwhich will make it not low-carb and notketo friendly okay so obviously the veryfirst thing you want to do is pre-heatyour oven usually don’t cook a lot but Ihave been during this time yespreheat oven to 350 so alright so behindme I’ve laid out almond flour sugarvanilla extract which is an added thingyou don’t have to add that if you don’twant you need three eggs three overripebananas these could be a little moreBrown but it’s kind of on a half coconutoil and then olive oil or coconut oilspray and then this is an added thingthat I wanted to put in dark chocolatechips and I’m gonna attempt to putpeanut butter in the middle I’ve neverdone this before but we’ll see how itgoes okaynext step is you are going to want tograb your paper this is a glass one butyou can also use this silver aluminumones as well then you’re gonna grab yourspray and you’re going to want tocompletely coat your pan like so so youget all the edges well I just rememberthat I forgot to put on my new apronthat heavily invented sent me there alsomaking masks cloth masks for people andif you buy when they give one just ahealthcare worker or someone in need nowwe’re officially ready to go and if youhave a mixer it’s gonna make your life alot easierbut we have hands for reasons you canjust whisk everything together with awhisk or a forkI’ve been known to do things with a forksometimes by hand but if you have amixer use up so we are going to nowfirst crack the three eggsto get any shown there hmm I did getshell in their seats always get shell inI’m also using free-range organic browneggs I think those are the bags okay andactually we have to hold it up becauseit doesn’t reach the bottom okay youknow what I’ve decided I’m gonna do thisby hand now we are going to add thethree overripe bananas I love bananas Iseriously love bananas I want to goldhow many bananas can you eat in a dayand it’s at seven I don’t think that’scorrect but they’re known to have abanana or two and it’s easier to guessif you break it up into pieces like thatI’m going to whisk when my quartz wantto whisk even Anna’s and eggs togetherwe want to make sure that you get allthe clumps out until it’s like a prettygood consistency we see no more chunksof banana so I’ve been seeing onInstagram that everyone is making bananabread that it’s like a good thing it’s aphase of quarantine what’s next we’regonna add our olive oil no writing ifyou have olive oil want to use that youcan but we’re gonna add our coconut oil1/4 of a cup it’s like a lot of oil butoh it’s unflavored that was like whydoesn’t it smell like coconut um andthen we are going to add this into ourmixall right yeah I just whisk whisk whiskwhisk you still love baking as a kid Iwas always looking for creative outletsand has a kid you can just eat whateveryou bake now if I bake the whole thingso I don’t think so we’ve left our eggbanana oil make sure on the othercounter I’ll just wash out the oil fromthis measuring cup so the flour doesn’tstick to it okay two cups of almondflour which is basically this wholething and make sure it’s like finallypacked and if it’s a little chunkythat’s fine cuz we’re gonna be mixing itwe have ittwo cups o’clock I’m gonna put in yourbowl obviously yeah okay so in thisrecipe it says add as much desired sugarstevia depending on your level ofsweetness I’m gonna add a cup I’m gonnaadd a cup I don’t know if that’soverboard but I guess we’ll see youlater we have one cup sugar pour thesugar in the flour 1 teaspoon of bakingsoda now always double-check cuz I willMilo accidentally sometimes put 1tablespoon of baking soda 1 teaspoon andI’m just gonna double-check just so yes1 teaspoon of baking soda so you getyour measuring spoons funny sort aboutthese measuring spoons I thank you formy mom said we’ve had them forever yearsyears and years and years and onetablespoonon TC on teaspoon looks like thisthat’s ice sighs – okay well usually itcomes in a box but I had my friend dropover a bag that because I was outthere and you just want to make sure youget it not overboard because this is oneof the things you want to get right yeahbet so way look at this good boywatching me cook plan II you know you Iwas just staring at me he’s not used toseeing me in the kitchen you think thisweirdness honey all rightyou’re there’s a fun part I’m gonna addmy 1/4 teaspoon vanilla which isoptional but I really like all right addin everything right now because it’sgonna the whisk is gonna hit the bowl soeasier to do this right answer you’rejust gonna mix this looks like one bigblob but they officially call it whenpeople cook banana bread you want tomake sure you get all the edges flowersand now you just gotta bake it but I’mgonna do some fun things to try to makethis not just your average banana breadI’m gonna taste itI think I might have put a little toomuch butter we’ll see it’s too earlythere is what it should somewhat looklike so you take your pre greased panand your mixture and this is anexperiment I’m only gonna pour abouthalf of the mixture and if you can seeI’m gonna pour about half of the mixturein and then I’m gonna do my weird thingokay I love peanut butterthis isn’t peanut butter but I love youbut this is almond butter jefferson’salmond butter which I love and chocolatechips and what I’m gonna try to do is doa layer of peanut butter in the middleof the banana bread with some chocolatechips when you cut into it it’shopefully gonna work out we’ll see Idon’t know I honestly thought it wouldbe a lot softer so this might be alittle harder to read so you know whatscrew it I’m just gonna do clumps ofpeanut butter in different areas I knowyou can see it’s not very pretty but I’mtrying to just make it there and I thinkthat’s probably enough peanut butter I’mgonna do a layer I’m just gonna sprinklesome dark chocolate chips on this andthey’re pretty much they put them in theoven[Music]okay the last step is to pour theremaining mixture on top of whatever Ihave just created right here so you goMartha Stewart who make a great wife oneday okay so it’s gonna stick to the panso you want to get or get a spoon or arethese spatula things and just scrape itso make sure you get all of the mixtureget it all YUM there we goand so now grab your oven mitt and we’regonna put in the oven there you goyou’re gonna bake it for 60 minutes umgive or take a few minutes depending onyour oven I think I remember last time Ibaked mine a little too long and thetrick is you stick a toothpick or aknife in the middle and if any batter isstill on it then it’s not done but Ifeel like you need to take it out whenthere’s a little batter on it becausethat’s what keeps it our favorite wordmoist okay so I literally just took a20-minute catnap and I wanted to checkthe bread at 20 minutes 40 minutes and60 minutes so let’s do it oh my goshthis isn’t gonna last for your six youokay so if this happens we’re just gonnakeep an eye out on it it smells goodwell I’ll just come back and check it inlike 20 minutes and hope that it’s notcompletely burnt okay I was wonderingwhy mine was turning brown so easily ifyou have a newer oven my ovens a littlenewer so if I’m gonna cook it a lotfaster if you have an older out of ovenyou’re just probably gonna be morearound the 60 minute mark where as theysaid newer ovens might be around the 30to 35 minute mark and I am at almost 30minutes I’m going to takebecause it looks pretty done so I’mgonna grab a sharp knife and stick it inthe center and see if any thing comesout yeah see so it’s not readyso I’ve hit a dilemma um the edgesyou’re burning the middle is not done sodo I let the edges burn more or do I letthe center be gooey I’m gonna let thecenter be doing maybe I’ll give it liketwo more minutes right about 38 minutesand I think I’ve come to the conclusionI’m just gonna take it out and hopefullyit’s not too dewy so here we golike still sheep Oh oh goodness okaydefinitely want to turn your oven offdon’t forget to do that really bad okayso we let our very cool for over an hourmaybe two hours I’m not sure I have nowords for what I just spots into you’renot not only it’s a sale this is thatwhat did I dowell clearly didn’t bake it long enoughso whatever I told you to do in thevideo don’t do the opposite listen let’ssee if I can get it out of the pan okayI hope this comes out either the goodthing is this will be the bottoms maybeit won’t be as ugly except it’s stuff inthe panokay oh this is mortifying this is whathappened I couldn’t even make this up ifI tried where did everything golooks like applesauce thanks budoh my god it’s really good this wouldhave actually been great if I cooked itthe appropriate amount of time we’regoing it’s so good I’m so madnut butter though okay okayit was a whole lot of peanut butter okayso what happened was with the chocolatechips and feed my remelted to the bottomI just don’t understand why this wascoming so much in the inside was notbecause if I would have taken out of it60 minutes this would have been blackwould have : fire whatever I failed Itried I had funthank you guys for watching hope youlearned what not to do but in allseriousness Thank You W Magazine forgiving me the opportunity to trysomething new and I’m sending you guys alot of love and I hope you’re being safeand staying sane and proud of all of usfor doing this for the better ofhumanity and you should be sure to watchKatie King on Thursdays on the CW andthat’s my shameless plug all right

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  4. “ı hope u learned what not to do” ı’m laughing so hardddd.ı wish her start a youtube channel because she is very energetic and watching her makes me happy

  5. I love how she’s being herself and not pretending to make everything perfect like other celebrities who make cooking videos! Great video!

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