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Baked Bread Pudding | Eggless Bread Pudding With or Without Oven Recipe | Ladies Kitchen Lab

Baked bread pudding is an easy and delicous pudding recipe which can be prepared in an oven or you can even bake this beauty on a stove top.

Baked bread pudding is a variation of famous egyptian traditional dessert recipe Um Ali or Om Ali which means Ali’s Mom. This dessert is quite popular in Egypt which is prepared using puff pastries and is soaked in sweet milk.

Bread Pudding can be made by using any kind of bread of your choice. You can even use leftover bread which is dry but are fit to eat for making this bread pudding.

The bread pudding recipe is very easy to make and you can even add fruits and dry fruits of your choice. And the flavour of milk is all up to you. You can add Cinnamon Powder, Rose water or Vanilla Essence. But I personally recommend Cinnamon Powder or Cardamom Powder which is a great combination with the apples and bread.

The whipped cream topping can be even added after the baking part but when it is allowed to bake, the frothy texture through out will add to taste of this pudding delicacy.
You can save this bread pudding soon after it is baked by adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But if you are not a fan of hot puddings, you can chill this in refrigerate overnight and then cut in to pieces.

1. Soak the bread in Milk mixture at least 10 minutes until the bread is completely soaked.
2. The whipped cream can be topped before or after baking as per your choice.
3. If you are using a stove top for baking, preheat the pan for 10 minutes.
4. Enjoy hot pudding with a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream or you can even chill the pudding overnight before serving.

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