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BAKE WITH ME│healthy banana bread *dysfunctional*

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→ name: brianna (bree)
→ age: 17
→ birthday: august 19th
→ film & edit: canon sx620/final cut pro

banana bread recipe:

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey everyone welcome welcome back to mychannel so today I’m going to doing adifferent type of video cuz I thoughtwhy not so I kind of just woke up likeliterally like 10 minutes ago and I gotready real quick so I really wanted toget this video up for Thursday day Ijust had to do a fake with me cuz Ithought why not so I’m gonna make thisreally good banana bread oven cookingwhile bakingrecently and it’s really good healthybanana bread with chocolate chips orwhatever add-ins you want so I’m gonnado dark chocolate chips and I’m sorryI’m living a little ratchet my hair islooking really bad and I kind of justthrown something like this my shirt sowrinkly I didn’t realize that so now umyeah I really want to do a bake with meI’ve been wanting to do one for a whilenow and I just haven’t got around to itso today’s I gonna do it anyway that’sabout it so let’s just get to the videohope you guys enjoy and I’m doing thisintro now because why not and I feellike doing it out in the kitchen cuz Ithink it’s just too much talking butyeah let’s get into it and yeah let’s gookay so I’m out in the kitchen now Iknow I have to go get the ingredientsand all that so if you guys want to knowwhat is actually in it without meshowing you like here it’s hard to seeor whatever I’m gonna put it down in thedescription the link to it it’s a reallygood recipe I definitely recommend soyeah I’m gonna get the ingredients andI’ll be right back okay guys yes this ison my phone but I didn’t have bakingsoda so that’s kind of like the mainthing you need for a banana bread sothey go to run to the store quick and gograb some baking soda so yeah I’m gonnago do that quickly and then I’ll be backwith you guys when to get back in thekitchen but yeah don’t worry I’m wearingmy maskdon’t worry this quality behind sucksanyway I’ll see you guys in a secondokay guys so I got the baking soda outof run to[Music]okay guys so now I’m gonna put all theingredients in the bowl so I have firsthad to put vegetable oil in here so says1/3 cup of vegetable oils sat on my boyoh and actually got this giant ball thistime kids last night it was like toosmall that all the stuff was likeoverflowing so I got this giant bowl forthe mixture and then 1/2 cup honey so Igot this honey it’s clover honey timecute okay so half a cup of honey andthen I’ll put this in here okay I need 2eggs okay I love cracking eggs okay agood number one I’m really turned itwith those two hands but I mean one handbut I cannot do that sofor Santa shelling it okay so I’m gonnado the add-ins and then wait to mush upthe bananas because mushing up bananasis next but I’m gonna wait and do thatso right now I have to do milk and Ihave to do 1/4 cup of course this is Ihave 1/4 on it reallyokay so four tablespoons equal some 1/4so I’m gonna do this little thing righthere this is one tablespoon okay oneteaspoon all right 1 teaspoon bakingsoda so me see where I get all rightthere’s the baking soda perfect okayputting in 1 teaspoon vanilla extract soI have some vanilla extract right hereperfect 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoonground cinnamon so this is the hardestpart because it’s like thisand it has this opening on it so I thinkthat should be enough because I sprinklesome on top as well I love cinnamon sogood okay now 1 3/4 cup of flour so youguys are on top of the flour right nowthe menti goes down I’m gonna set you onthe side now so you guys can actuallysee up closeso here is this much bananas theyactually smells really well cuz I hadreally good ripe bananas I’m put this inthe bowl now and now I have to do theflowers so so it’s 1/3 cup flour ok sohere’s 1 cup okay so now we have topreheat the oven I think it was for 325so okay so I kind of do this and adifferent way usually I kind of growthinstructions I gotta put everything in abowl which is still fine it all goes inthe bowl at some time but I didn’t likeI mean I don’t know so I’m just gonnamix this now and see what happens if youguys look at the instructions like Ididn’t so here I am I’m sorry I kind ofjust went for itbut it’s fine you guys can’t see themmake sure cuz it bowls so big it’s allgoodthere’s so much flour holy crap it looksgood though okay I’m gonna do this offcamera cuz my head hands are hurtingwhile my arms are hurting so I’ll beback ok so this actually looks reallygood it smells so good I’m so proud ofmyselfok so now I have to spray the pan don’tmind these but we have to spray the pannow so I’m just using the Pam stuff okaythere you gook so now I’m gonna add in the chocolatechips so I got the semi-sweet darkchocolate ones I’m gonna add these onand I like a lot of chocolate chips soI’m sure all right so now I’m gonna putthis in the pan so mefrom the angle for you guys[Music]okay so here’s the mixture in the pantsand I I cut up a banana I’m gonna put iton top because I learned from Melanielock so here’s the banana I just mybanana just broke okay you know whatfirst of all when you just put somecinnamon on top okay so now I take likea fork and I just swirl it so I made itlook really cool okay so here’s thebread so I added since the mountain topand then I added a slice of a banana andit cooked really good on top so Idefinitely recommend that so here is themake sure it does have the chocolatechips in it I didn’t put too many justbecause I don’t want to like overpowerit but here it is and now the ovenspreheated so I’m gonna put it in for Ithink it says sixty minutes but I’mgonna put on for like 40okay so now I’m gonna clean up all thatand then obviously all that over thereand then I’m gonna take a thumbnail forthis video so I can start editing thethumbnail now while I wait for the breadto cook so let me do that and then I’llget back to you guys in a secondokay so there’s 23 minutes out of the 40that I put on there so this one islooking like it’s looking pretty goodI’m pretty excited about I can’t wait toeat it but yeah so it’s only been inlike a couple minutes in but yeah soI’ll show you guys what it looks likewhen this is all done and yeah I’ll beback so here’s the bread I put it in foreverything 15 minutes so it looks reallygood I’m gonna take it out[Music]okay guys so here’s the bread so I cameout of the oven and stuffs and I’m gonnacut it and try itso let’s cook this so I’m gonna cut thisno I like the middle but did you getovers we can see it but I can’t wait totry this there’s a lot of chocolatechips in this piece but it looks so goodso I’m excited and it’s still really hotso yay mmm it’s so good also sorry forthe background some lunch times but itsounds so prettythis recipe is definitely my favorite Imade this already like four times Ithink I made it in my all nighter but Ijust want to do a full video towards itbecause it’s just so good so yeah guysthat’s about it for today’s video hopeyou guys enjoyed it because I’m seeingmore of these just comment down belowtell me some other things you guys wantme to bake like brownies and stuff likethat just come down below some thingsfor me to do and to cook and I’ll domore of these but guys want me to sohope you guys enjoyed if you did don’tforget to Like comment subscribe andalso turn a post on vacations to benotified whenever I upload a new videoand yeah if you guys want to follow mysocial medias they’ll be down indescription of course they were on thescreen at some point in this video soyeah that’s about it and I’ll see youguysTuesday[Music]

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