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Bake instant homemade bread | پخت نان خانگی فوری

Have you ever baked bread at home ?! Do you like to cook .
So watch the video to the end and read the caption.
There are a few things to keep in mind.
First: The amount of these ingredients is for 6 small loaves of bread that can be placed in the frying pan. If your frying pan is bigger, you can get a bigger one. If you want to make more bread, double the ingredients.
Second: You can use less oil, ie 1.4.
Third: You can use warm milk instead of water, which makes the bread a little more mobile.
Fourth: When kneading, if the dough sticks to your hands, add flour little by little.
Fifth: This dough is instant, you can use it after mixing the ingredients, but it is better for the dough to rest for an hour so that it does not stick.

Sixth: Like and share with your friends 🤓
Seventh: There is also a comment and suggestion.
Cook with love, eat with love 👨🏻‍🍳

Delicious bar cafe.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

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19 Replies to “Bake instant homemade bread | پخت نان خانگی فوری

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  3. It’s all the binge watching all the new people are doing. Keep going y’all! God bless and stay safe.

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  5. John is such a good baker! Those brownies looked so good. Also, interesting when you said coffee time to Nick that he connected it to relaxation family time on the couch. Hope Rocky’s nail heals. Excellent job on the French bread.

  6. I love how the dogs are so protective of Nick. I commend you for doing the best you can with Nicks home schooling. It’s not easy working with kids on the Spectrum.

  7. Great work making the bread, Nicky!! I think you should make a video with the recipe! It looked delicious!

  8. hope your not sick of me ,,lol my boy use to say i love you to everyone and would not continue until you said it back ,drove my other 3 crazzy sometimes ,but were from canada so most people in public would tell him they loved him to,but also made for a long wait in costco when she wouldnt say it back,bless you 6

  9. I know that smelling good up in yalls home ! Brownies , Bread & Coffee Now I got to make a lap to the fridge. Big hugs to Nicky

  10. I am very impressed with Nick’s versatility which, needless to say is due to his family’s persistence in providing him with such a wonderful variety of tasks and skills! I think homeschooling has been a huge success so far.

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