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Bake Bread with The Willsons! (Family Friendly, Easy Recipe)

Join us as we prepare for Triduum by baking this simple bread. This is a great activity for families with children to learn about our faith while creating lasting memories.

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Video Transcription

everyone I’m Christina Wilson youprobably know me best as one of thesacrament coordinators for Eucharist andReconciliation programs along with myfriend Anthony Howell if not youcertainly have seen my children Samanthaand Parker around as father said in hishomily poem Sunday we need to gathersome symbols to prepare for HolyThursday when we recall the Last Supperand when Jesus washed the feet of hisapostles in our eucharist program wemake a very simple bread recipe whichSammy and Parker will be showing us butbefore we start putting the ingredientstogether I’d like to go over some of theingredients first is wheat unless agrain of wheat falls to the earth itremains a grain of wheat we need soil togrow we all grow in faith just like thewheat then we have flour the wheat iscrushed to make floursoon it will be Good Friday and we willwalk with Jesus who gave up his life ittoo was crushed because of Jesus’s lovefor us sometimes we are able to do verydifficult things out of love just likewe are now we’re keeping each other safeby remaining home and practicing socialdistancing we need oil oil is needed inbread to make it moistwe know when celebrating the sacramentsof Baptism anointing of the sick andConfirmation during these secret momentswe experience the strengthening healingpower of oil salt salt is needed andbread to give it flavor God tells usthat we are not to be bland people weare the salt of the earth during thistime we can be the salt of the earth byreaching out to people we love prayingfor each other and the world for healingthough knead the flour oil and salt needto be worked through our livesGod gently pushes and pulls on us thehand of God works on us God takes histime with us just as it takes time tomake breadlastly the bread needs to be baked breadis baked and meant to be sharedwe are bread for others and Jesus is thebread of life for us all now let’s bringsome ridin Samantha burger are gonna putour ingredients together just in asimple plastic bag for a very small loafwe are using 1/2 cup of flour 1/4teaspoon of baking soda1/8 of a teaspoon of salt 3/4 of ateaspoon of sugar 1 and a halftablespoons of shortening and 1/4 cup ofbuttermilk or a little bit more if youneed it to make it a little doughy now Ididn’t have buttermilk at my house and Iknow it’s not essential that you go outif you don’t have to all I did was take1 cup of the milk and added 1 tablespoonof white vinegar to the milk and let itsit for about 5 to 10 minutes there’s abunch of different recipes online forbuttermilk now after the dough has beenkneaded through the bag you’re gonna Patit into a small loaf and put it on abaking sheet we’re gonna bake the loafat 375 degrees for 20 minutesonce your bread is finished you havethese wonderful little loops of breadsave your bread for holy Thursdays yougather around your kitchen table andrecall the last supper you can break itshare it with people that you love havea very blessed holy week we miss all ofyou can’t wait to see you soon

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