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Bake Bread Again It Is Successful

OK now my bake

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Video Transcription

hello good morning saying your ladlittle poodle operatorinterface wishesupon a take no video for the bass likethe wop up on the video because might bebig like big I bake bread but doesn’twork because I did not use the octaveears so I was trying to I was hopingthat that dog will rise but will racerather big but did not race then I triedto cook it I baked a plasmid but did notcook so it should be really the OctaviusI still have I still have left I guessOctavius so I’m going to me again guysif this book was butchered the door thatI made last night so you do not put yourmy start and Papa I mean seven o’clockin the morning days so I need to makebread because we don’t have we’rerunning out of bread here I meanyou got the balloon ready I used theStars last night so it’s not it won’twork I thought it will work – so that’sanother lesson to me so bye for now- thanks for watching we’re going tomake again of another video if this onewill be done bake with the use of theright recipe this is really I use alwaysbad last night yesterday afternoon I wasjust I just tried to use the stylus notthe Octavia’s I don’t know what’s thedifferent on that but I just try itaye-ayeI tell Phillip that hip because thismorning when when I get up he was askingto mr. bird I said mark job I said why Iuse different yes big mistake on me soby everyone I need to start it again ohvery good very very goodthis is doctor yesterday’s I am going tosplit this one into two when we do itthis is the rightgrace is on the tableOh so let’s punch this one I am gonnafor everyone the label non-apple nothingeternal one art suppose that a publisherand a be bakeneko nothing okay I’m gonnajust set it here so thing then you putyour world or guys you can put that inmy my apple badly sunburned ignite inConey race before you I know your owndog I’ll be back don’t go awayI stop an earthquake because you knowthey have my every I watch the big lastnight whole night I know I’m awakeBlaine spreadthis is no bread no no so we have tobreak down everything myselfThanks success bake again my phone[Music]

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