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5 Ingredient EASY Bread Recipe || Kid Size Cooking

In light of what’s going on in the world, I’m sharing this video with you all in hopes that it can help you be able to provide for yourself one of the foods that many people love: bread. My mom is visiting us here in Hawaii and couldn’t have come at a better time. With the shelves of most of the stores being completely empty, she has been baking our bread and saving us a lot of money as well! Homemade bread tastes great and has only ingredients you can pronounce! This bread includes only 5 ingredients plus water and it’s very easy to follow. I truly hope this super easy homemade bread recipe will help you guys and that you’ll try it and enjoy it! Please go to Instagram or Facebook if you have any questions and we will be sure to answer!
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Video Transcription

ah welcome to content cooking now we’regonna call it kid size cooking becausethat’s what it has been on the channelthis whole time but this is not going tobe a traditional kid size cookingbecause we’re actually going to be inthe video this time I sort of behind thecamera directing the video and today wehave a really great recipe for you guyswe’re going to be teaching you how tomake homemade bread I think it’simportant and timely that we teach youthis because everyone’s running out offood in the grocery stores we’ve beengoing to grocery stores there’s no breadthere’s no meat there’s hardly anythingleft so you can make food for yourfamily and you can make bread with veryfew ingredients you only need yeastflour oil salt sugar so water and waterso there are things that you can getpretty easily there I don’t think thestores have been running out of yeastyet at least so we’re gonna show you thevideo today it’s my mom’s recipe sheknows at my heart and she’s making ourbread forever she made my bread for memy entire life growing up as a kid soit’s a really good recipe really easyand I hope you guys love it so the firstthing we’re gonna do is put in the waternow we have pre-measured 2 cups of waterand this water is warmlike baby bathtub water if you put it onthe inside of your wrist it’s not toohot it’s not too cold it’s just thatnice warm so go ahead and put that inthe ball[Music]now to that two cups of water we’regonna add three tablespoons of yeast athome I use this giant excavator here wehave these napkins so I’m gonna have theboys open the East packets and we’regonna measure them to see how manypackets we need so we’re gonna measuretill we find three tablespoons in theselittle packets just like each packetsalmost a tablespoon so it looks like ittakes a little over three of thesepackets they come in a three pack soyou’re gonna have more to do anotherproject another day now we’re going totake this is the fun part because wewant to put our yeast and help it growso we’re gonna take a tablespoon ofsugar David you want to get the Englishso they’re just plain all granulatedsugar and sprinkle it over the top andthis doesn’t have to be an exact measureso it doesn’t matter sure nothing is onyour brother’s armwe’ve wrinkled two tablespoons of sugarover the yeast you can add more or youcan add less it depends on how sweet youlike the bread so if you’re making asweeter bread you can add up to aquarter of a cup but one tablespoon iswhat you need to get the yeastrising so gas bubbles are gonna form inhere as the yeast proofsif you look closely you can see that theEast is proofing it’s sending up gasbubbles through the surface and thatbreaks on the surface it’s kind of funto watch and then it grows you can seeas it’s growing and bubbling that showsme that the yeast is good and ready forbread also she mentioned if you haveextra yeast if you buy those littlethree packs we’re gonna do another videothat uses yeast so if you buy it tofollow our tutorial you will use itthat’s right you can make pizza doughcinnamon rolls bread rolls and all kindsof breads now we’re going to add 1/3 ofa cup of oilnow we’re gonna add TSP of saltthe next step is to mix okay mommy heyChristopher mix did you give real summitwhen you had plenty of turns oh yeahit’s so satisfying look how it’sbubbling the yeast so now we’re gonnaadd the flour but we’re only going toadd one cup at a timeif you had too much flour it gets mereally hard but if you had not enoughit’s too soft so we have one companytime just to see how the dough islooking okayand I’m also who you want sterile I putit in David you want put it in you putit in here and then Chris will switchokay and you stir that flour in now thisis gonna be 2 cups of flour you can seehow the color of the mixture even withjust the yeast is already like the colorof it it’s nice because there’s no dyesor weird things I’m not quite a full cupbut don’t get it[Music]all right now who wants to put it in thefourth cut this is what it looks likeafter three cups of flour so don’t dumpthe whole cup in dump about half of itin and let’s see how that gets mixed inwe want to make sure it gets mixed inreally well a little bit more okay sothat’s about three and a half cups[Music]they’re now your professional Baker Wowokay what do you think is that dosestarting to come together yeah you seehow elastic it looks see how it’ssticking to the sides of the bowl stillyeah so we’re gonna add that so thatgiving us how many cups four cups Ithink four cups is gonna be just aboutright is it getting harder to mix hereyeah sure it’s probably a little hardernow very thick it changed quite a bitfrom us a little bit of liquid to it alump of dough didn’t it yeah okay Ithink I feel of this we need about aquarter of a cup more flour now here’sthe part that scares most peopledepending on the weather you might needa little more or a little less flour sothat’s why I add a little bit at a timeuntil the dough gets the rightconsistency if it’s really humidsometimes need a little more flour rightnow it’s pouring down rain since we havea lot more moisture in the air so whenyou feel the dough if it’s a little tinybit sticky users out a little more justadd a little any time it gets hard tostir and so that’s what we’re gonna turnit out on the countertop I’m going toshow you a couple of tricks one Ilearned from a master baker and hetaught me this one trick how to makeyour bread perfect every time so I’mgoing to show it to you don’t tell therest of the world thoughwe’ll just between us okay first thingwe put a little bit of flour on ourcounter which we’ve priests an Atty z’dso that it’s nice and clean where youjust put this bread dough on this littlebit of flour now you can see that thisdough is still pretty sticky right yeahsticking to me pretty good isn’t itsticking to you so it tells me I need alittle bit more flour now as I knead itthe flour is going to get kneaded intothe bread so you wanna know it’s not -no yes now let us show you lie on yourbowl when I don’t even remember how itstuck to my hands now look when I needit it’s not sticking to my hand okaythis is the fun part than meeting can Iknow this is that this is the the trickpart right here because I don’t want toput a lot more flour in mido mido isjust about right when you touch thestone look how it springs back up and itdoesn’t stick with my hands so I washedmy hands so that you could see that thedough is dry and doesn’t stick to myhands anymore as I knead ityeah now this is the trick I learnedfrom the master chef because the moreflour I add to my board like this themore flour and giving in my dough andthat this tougher my dough will be itwon’t make my slight bread this is stillsticking a little bit so I’m putting alittle more flour here okay there we gonow the way to need okay I turn itI basically fold it in half and then Ipush down with both my hands see how Idid that boys yeah okay[Music]can you see I’m just adding a littlemore because it’s still sticking just alittle more than I want it tonow you can need the bread as much asyou wantthe longer you need it the more itbreaks up the gluten and builds up thegluten in it makes a better bread so Iusually need mine about ten minutes okayDavid you want to give it a try firstsure all right there you go so rememberwhat I said fold it in half so you’regonna fold it in half and then push itdown so fold it in half take the palmsof your hands push it down turn thebread fold it up push it down all rightyou want to try it Chris yeah and nowtake the palms of your hands and push itdown okay the idea is you have to pushreally hard I think he’s a good he’s agood video mixer hey not with yourfingers try not to use your fingers youwant to use the palms of your hands okayso you’re gonna take it watch what I doI take it and turn it and then pick itup and then push down with your palmsokay[Music]yeah let me show you this trick becauseI don’t really want to put any moreflour in here and I’m gonna do is I’mgoing to put just a little bit of oil onmy surface and smear the oil around okaynow my bread is not gonna stick to mysurface or my hands but it’s not gonnaabsorb any more flour so when I was alittle girl my grandma used to just keepadding flour to the bread but when I metthis master chef he told me put oil onyour counter and finish kneading yourbread on the oil and your bread willalways be soft ever since I starteddoing that I’ve had great bread nowlet’s see how much mommy remembers fromwhen she was a little while yeah goodgood job Christy a lot more work thanyou thinkkneading your bread now we need to put alittle more oil down[Music]feel good all right so these I’m notdone what do you think you think itlooks like it’s about ready lookstogether so what I’m gonna do now is I’mjust gonna get it made it into a niceround ball and because it’s already beenneeded on oil I don’t need to oil mywall I’m just gonna take my hand getsome oil here kind of put it in thereI’m gonna put my ball right down therenow what do you think we’re gonna domake tiny balls and put it in the ovenno no let us sit we’re going to cover itand let it rise and then when we comeback it’s like magic will have happenedokay well it happened it’s gonna riseit’s gonna it’s gonna rise up to the topof the ball nice cool that’s what theyeast does that’s the coolest part andthen we’re gonna punch it down that’sthe most fun part oh I’m gonna punch itsure okay let’s go to like this take arest and we’ll clean up all our stuffokay okay all rightthis is the fun part okay you don’t letyou each do it one time all rightso as you can see doubled in size soit’s grown now we get to do somethingcalled punch it down and after we punchit down a lot of people just take it anddo it but I’m gonna let it rise one moretime before we actually bake it so DavidI know you both have washed your handsso David you want to just right in themiddle just go boom Wowbut just a break for this all right youwouldn’t do it be careful okay so nowwhat I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna takeit like this it’s laying the side of thebowl and look it went right back down tothe way it started didn’t ityeah it’s back to the same size bunkcome on I’m just going to take a littlebit more oil on my hand okay and I’mjust gonna need it a couple of times thebread dough seems hard it’s verystretchy look what happens[Music]kind of like animals line all right sohere we go nice bread dough and we’regonna cover it againand let it rise again so this is thesecond time we’re gonna punch of you andI think Chris waitshe became Christine Oh Christine getsto punch it down she started Christmasshe was just Isis kiddingChristina it was Christine okay okay goahead put this team go ahead punch itdown boo that’s little okay Chris didyou do it all right name and you aredoing all right so you see it goes backdown againso I’m gonna do the same thing but firstI’m going to take these really prettybread pass and I’m going to put a littlebit of oil in them each oneand then Chris and David do you want totake a pan and spread that a little andme up besides yeah particularly the twoends here in here okay today cuz then yacan take a little piece of parchmentpaper we’re gonna put this parchmentpaper in here and just like thatsmash it in there and then with youroily hands oil off the parchment paperI’m gonna do the same thing I didn’twork with a little oil on my hands putit on the countertop then I’m gonna goand take my dog and it’s gonna pull awayfrom the balland now I’m going to divide it into twomy favorite thing to do is just grab itand squish it well and now I have twoloaves of bread okay so I’m gonna justfold it and roll it a little bit and I’mgonna just turn it into a football[Music]okay and then we’re going to put it inthe pan I want to make sure I have allthe air out okay David you want to pickthat up put it in your pan ready thesame thing here’s David did somethingamateurs do he tried to smash it intothe pan to fill all the corners but whatwe really want to do is leave it shapednow you can need it as much as you wantto what it won’t hurt at all okay wellwe really want to do is leave it shapedinto this footballinside the pan so I just under the eyeand let it sit and then I’m going totake itcover it with our towel let it restuntil it doubles in size and then we’regoing to be oven so let’s let it take anap for a minute okay we’re back sohere’s the good newsthe bread has doubled in size here’s thebad news when we weren’t lookingoh and kind of you know a little bit ofjob so you can see where we have somesome of the Owen Ally’s okay so now wereally touched on our bread we’re gonnaput it in the oven the oven is 350degrees Fahrenheit[Music]we’re gonna set the timer for 30 minutesour time I just hop and that means ourbread is ready to be testedlook at that sounds right only do thatif you’re an adult of course make sureyou look at Owens cute little place onhis bread before he pinched it there’sthrowin pinched it sugar looks goodbread looks fantastic so we’re gonna tryto pull up on the parchment paper rightnow and see if we can lift the breadright out of the pan if not we’re gonnause a knife to separate it between thebread pan and the bread so it’s easierto pick up so you can kinda stuff in thejam just a little bit so no she’s gonnause that knife like I said and then itwill come right out well that’s the hopeeverybody’s very interested in thisnow we’re gonna let it cool before wecut it if you cut it while it’s too hotit just smashes down so we let it cooland then we’ll cut it so we took it outof the oven anyway let it sit for a fewminutes with a towel over it and now andwe took it out you know we’re ready togoeverybody’s dying we have some jelly sohere we go there we go that’s myfavorite piece and piece then I wasgoing good[Music]you know we have to sample who wants tookay mmm-mwahis it perfect yes a great thing aboutnobody bread is that you’re not gonnaget any weird ingredients in it thingsyou can’t pronounce that’s true there’snothing artificial or preservative inthis bread it’s just what you saw yeahand it tastes really goodwhat do you guys think it’s perfectright yeah just yeah that’s so goodI think we should make it again sometimeyeah I have an idea maybe we can makecinnamon rolls yeahthanks for watching oh this is good[Music]

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