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4 min to cook FLUFFIEST PAN BREAD | Turkish Flatbread Bazlama | Skillet Bread

You can use them as hamburger buns, sandwich buns, or you can eat them with some cheese & jam. It takes minutes to cook, only preparation and waiting take time, but you can read your magazines meanwhile 🙂

Did you know that you can cook bread without oven? Fry pan bread recipe has very few ingredients, only flour, water and salt, and of course, as this is a bread recipe, yeast. They are also called Turkish flatbread Bazlama, delicious and famous, one of the great recipes of Turkish bakery. These are like thick pita breads.

This is a no oven bread, you can cook them in skillet or on pan. No oil needed while making the dough or while cooking.

I used them recently for my vegan burgers, and they were taken to next level!

(descriptions in the video)
Caster sugar
Instant yeast

I hope you enjoy this recipe!

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