Bread Recipes

27: Learning To Bake Bread

Tom & Mike discuss their lives in #lockdown, some big #life changes and plans for Season 2. Make sure to get involved by voting on our next topic or by suggesting your own.

Available at the website:

– [0:00] Intro
– [4:53] Dog Diversion
– [7:33] New #Hobbies?
– [26:03] How Busy Was Your Lockdown?
– [38:02] Working Under Lockdown
– [1:11:45] Season 2
– [1:18:19] Outro
– [1:19:11] Ad: Unparliamentary Language (

via Google Forms:
Recording engineer: Craig (
Intro & Outro: Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Paul Dukas ( under CC0 1.0 (
Main Image: Tom’s Baguettes

Original of the video here

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