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🔴 How To Make Homemade Bread & Pulled Pork – Quarantine Kitchen LIVE

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Paleo bread:

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Video Transcription

hashtag Friday’s with flame coming out from Chicagosorry for the delay Rose needs her feastright we can’t start without puttingsome rose some food in front of Rose butit’s gonna be a good one you guys canserious food tonight I’m cooking Desi’sbacon here’s the menu tonight pulledpork quito style in the instant pinellaslet us know – but I put the recipes downbelow – right so we got Kathleen fromIreland here ah we got lots of folks gotthe south side herelots of fam ah see here Trinidad is inthe house love to hear that Quebec NewYork I love it oh here’s what’s going onmiss um beautiful pasture raised porkbutt which is kind of ironic cuz it’sthe shirt but but they call it the buttand these butts do not lie they arebeautiful that’s from thrive marketbreed every other Friday than thegrocery store it’s all factory farmedpork in my opinion but they hooked upwith a very well-known small family farmin Georgia are called the white oakspasture they do it right these pigs arepasture raised morning noon and eveningthey have a supplemental feed of peanutsand some pasture-raised eggs becausesometimes the eggs get late from thechickens and they’re cracked they giveit to the pigs along with a non GMO feedamazing stuff along with tons of myfavorite non GMO organic keto paleogrocery staples you might get at thegrocery store for up to 30 percentcheaper on thrive markets so like alwaysthey were nice enough even thoughthey’re so busy they don’t have to togive us a promo code in the descriptionbox if you click the link it takes youto my pantry bundle I have about 21pantry essentials that are a must fornow and for always and you can get up to$20.00 shopping credit if you saweveryone be with y’all for a ashtagsomething kitchen line and a half that’sright over here oh I didn’t see Ginathank you over here say I had a rosehoney she’s crushing some sugar snappeas and some kalamata olives Mon AmiMichelle is here aperitif youramuse-bouche it will open up yourappetite for the main course because heolives as a pickled sour flavorand the peas are the sweet flavor intoyou bring your appetite out right solet’s get rockin rollin cuz this isgonna take a little time in the pressurecooker under pressure which I’m gonnastart preheating now pressure cookerhahahaokay is not the same exactly alright nowI always talk about the vh1 behind thescenes with vanilla ice when he got suedfor the copyright with Queen he’s likeno it’s different there’s an extra dundun dun did it in Denton so no man isdifferent we got to make a spice rub youthink about when you go to like asmokehouse they have their own spice rublisten uh the pitmaster turn is denimand his big beard usually Hank i’ma tellyou what’s in thereof course I’ll tell you these are myspices check it out dusty alright Caseymy girl thank you so much once again toMAmerci beaucoup so that’s my spices andthis one makes it oh nice this is whatmakes a keto brown sugar that is sugarfree min-width erythritol and I lovethis brand because look what happenswhen I pour it out here it’s soft andpackable just like real brown sugar lookat this see you can’t get that with anyother keto sugar on the market so I’llput a little bit of brown sugar Ithought I was your sugar um what movieis that from then we’ll do a little bitof smoke no that’s someone else I’ll letfans do that one smoked paprika cumincoriander alright how’s the videoqualityyeah herky-jerky sounds like when I filma little bit of cayenne listenlots of stuff being streamed on theinterweb right also come here if yourthing is blurry you guys by default nowYouTube is putting it into standarddefinition you got to click on qualitymake sure it’s on 720 mineon 240 before so I change it a 720that’s all y’all got to do but I’m notreally sure if that’s the issue Isometimes wonder if your upstreamconnection might live here and they’rekind of upstream I don’t know nothingabout that that’s what people in Rocketstalk about and art you know rocky it’s alittle bitKieko thank you for the turd appreciatethat all right so here’s my syrup smellthat Kiko huh it’s smoky it’s earthyit’s peppery lovely now I’m gonna seasonmy bot with a little bit of salt I’llfix up blow dating right now are theyweird okay we’re gonna do it smell thisit’s my coffee and smoked and show spicerub so coffee along with these spicesnow we’re gonna this is like

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