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🍕🍕🍕NO BAKE SLICE BREAD PIZZA 💕 solution for your pizza craving 🍕

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Due to Enhanced Community Quarantine I decided to make my own YouTube channel.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi Marla Bevers welcome back to mychannel and for today’s vlog aguadialogue Nilla slice of pizzaso let’s my nothing is especially youknow red hot dogs pineapples in bits areyou[Music]so a little disappointed I startmonitoring on six pieces first step islucky dine on tomato sauce this littlered wagonI’m very very life so you know guys soonhotdogs napela esna Boyd Kuhn Haninamiss lace pollution and onion save a loti pepperoni no time mi sol solomon paperOnuma bible a Tom Hallionwarrantyoh bloody madman sliced bread two hourslaterso you Marvel on my garage and I cankeep an eye man happens on behind Ithink thing especially you know red hotthough well and I’m a subdued about hiRyan your guys family and trippingalong for minor pizza that him being atime all of us and behind anytimepizzarriba buona notte dinosaur eatingat himyou gonna give now on a pizza well Iremember be minimal a pic so go andalong hi you guys so to personally Nicohuman slice bread nothing again[Applause]mmm we decide come alone you inAllegheny per piecebut did nothing for some animal babiesknew all my babies no I know but we’llfind more money back some also vandalelonka say no need then open[Music]so logging and not in tunepineapples parish and Hawaiian so youknow I spoke up a person attention willagain and now I knob also had to doublecheesewell a tiny bit in Milan T secondavailable sitting behind with an alibiwhen I’m gonna be lean on him Ilana beno greater[Music][Music]example demos are eating real up inGreece equipment guess I’m just not[Music][Music][Music]Tiffany we noticed an amazing lifespread ISA someone who did not eat againRaymond second and finish my document Ithink slice but Santa Monica Bayand I hope enjoy and best my partnersare there going above me so fun Iranianblood cool you my second blog compatiblein a while easiest way one and theconical piece so I think they learnabout by using plastic bottles orrecycled bottle du cinéma lemon companyone or easiest way to buy number one andthey’ll going up okay Anita mañana ymedia de la cosa Buena blog Nassauthis is the end of the ball thanks forwatching and if you liked this videoplease give it a thumbs up and ifbelongs our channel go please subscribescommunity so keep safe guys and stay athomebye[Music][Music]

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