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[쥴리네 베이킹] Julie’s baking | How to bake bread (Ciabatta bread) 빵 만드는 방법!

치아바타 빵을 집에서 처음으로 구워보기! 어렵고 오래걸리지만 즐겁고 맛만 좋은 결과였어요~ 저희 남편과 저는 치아바타 빵을 사랑하는데 근처 맛있는 빵집이 없어서 그냥 한번 구워보기로 했어요!

This is my first time having a go at baking bread! My husband and I love Ciabatta bread and so I decided to have a go at baking it. Plus there is no decent bakery that’s within walking distance from our house!

Recipe :
288g water
2g yeast
38g olive oil
385g bread flour
7g salt

Original of the video here

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