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பனீரில் பிரட் மசாலாவா?#நம்பவே முடியவில்லை#இவ்வளவு சுலமா#!How Make Panner Bread Masala?#

Let us see how to make” Panner bread masala “in five to ten minutes. It is very good food for one who follow paleo diet.
It has full of milk proteins and little vitamins and no carb.So it is a good launch dish.


Panner. 100grms
Small onion(crushed ). 5 in no
Garlic and ginger
paste. one spoon
Red chilli powder. ”
Turmeric. ”
Karam masala. ”
Cumin seed. powder. ”
Anees seed. powder. ”
Ghee 5spoon
Slice big onion
Slice. tomato
Little green coriander leaf
Broccoli (half boiled)


First make panner like bread slice.Then mix the all above spices and salt with two spoon of ghee. we got a one paste and apply the paste in the panner slices and keet it thirty minutes.After that keep in tawa and spread two spoon ghee and turn other side till it comes red. We will eat roasted panner with onion, tomato, green coriander leaf and boiled broccoli.

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