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All that are needed:
3 Eggs 🥚
2TBSP Melted unsalted Butter 🧈
2TBSP Coconut 🥥 flour
1/2 TSP Baking powder
1/4 Spoon Vanilla Extract
1/2 TBSP Stevia
Dash of Salt
Dash of Cinnamon

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Video Transcription

hello good morning how are you I hopeall is well with you and your family sotoday I’m going to make a very verysimple key to coconut waffle recipe sothe ingredients are very busy so staytuned and watch to the end and so thatwill make this together so before wecontinue I just want to appreciate allthe people who have subscribed to mychannel so I want to say thank you thankyou thank you thank you and for thosewho have not subscribed I’m asking youto subscribe to my my channel help youget here by subscribing click the redbutton that says subscribe and alsoclick DM I can’t bear icon so thatyou’ll be notified each time I post anew video I promise you are going to befun all true for this kid to recipe allyou need is three eggs so I’m going tostart by cracking my edge so make surebefore you do anything that you washyour handsthree eggsso I am going to whisk the three eggsokayit’s okay you may not see we’ll try tomake it whisk it for a long time if youdon’t have the electric mixer you canuse your manual one okay so anotherthing I need is two tablespoon of meltedbutter to make sure the butter hascooled down because you don’t want tocook your egg so one two so the nextthing I need is that tablespoon ofcoconut flour so this is the coconutflour I’m using auto is in Amadacontainer so all I need is twotablespoon so these are my truth tablespoon for times sakeI have push on it so everything goes inso the next thing I need is a 1/2teaspoon of baking powder 1/2 teaspoonof baking powder all this and measuringspoons are very very handy they all havealready so the baking pod I’m using ismagic baking powder so you can use anybaking powder salt in water so we use1/2 teaspoon always make kids level it’sokay so I need I was like this notoptionalI was like artificial vanilla extract soI’m using this one we can use anyone canfind any cheap one so I’m using oneoverall spoon so which is one over fourspoon you can put this it just option Ican put any how you like but for me thisis what I’m going to use so anotherthing I need is cinnamon I love cinnamonso this is thisusing all you need is a dash of cinnamonand I need also a dash of salt and saltthat you like which I have cautioneverything these are my cinnamon and mysalt everything goes in so another thingyou need is also optional because thisis for myself and for my case is steviaso this has a very very low carb so forme I’m going to use 1/2 teaspoon of thisjust a teaspoonokayour done so as you can see is very verysimple so I’m going to lose everythingtogethercinemas just not so good oh these are mywaffle maker is so easy so I meet anytime spray that I’m using it because Iwanted to be keto friendly I’m using athe coconut one so you’re going to justbring your hands so to avoid stickingthat’s all why you need to spray yourpan so I’m going to start by puttingeverything heredon’t put so much okay so that’s you itwouldn’t be too much so everything isdead the next thing I’m going to do isjust to close this so I think I seethere’s a power button and there’s areadi bottom so give this about three tofive minutesand everything is done and most of thetime the very bottom would turn greenI think I put so much destroyseverything in just far enough so that’sitso the the waffle is already as you cansee so and it’s very very see I canactually lift it like this I use this ifyou see how everything just came up sosee looking so prettyso I made a beggar for me so the beggarI’m using is this one is they back onbeggin sty I talking so this is actuallykeep it they made it in beggar funthat’s what he’s going to be this is forme and my familyso for kids or for myself what I’m goingto do is just to eat one or feet andalso maybe two slices of the beggar sothat’s what I’m going to do so guys formy family what I normally do is to putsyrup on top of it but I don’t use azero I can just put butter on top andjust eat it so this is loaded withcalories so if you’re doing ketoremember make sure at least you eat verysmall amount of fits so time to test itokay I’m just going to cook it’s reallyI’m just going to work that I have totry what I make this is so good and it’snot icky at all so if you’re tired ofeating egg in quito this is one of therecipe you’re going to try so if youguys want and like this video pleasegive it a thumb up and remember tosubscribe comment like and tell methings you know Mary Poots and now yourwaffle I know sometimes I putblueberries I put back this one is theirhome Stein one that I make and Iremember nobody shaping of any type justencourage me one or two words will beI’ll be so happy with all your commentsand stay tuned to my next videoremember guys I loveyou guys and

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