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How to make waffles with us (Part 1)🧇

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome to Regina and I’m aright now I’ll work and this time we’regonna do a new video about makingwaffles we do that and good thing wehave our toaster I told us they’re righthere you so we’re gonna say this is ourtoaster right right over here okay sonow we got it the shadow so she’s notthe enemy I’m yeah so I first watchthese could be usedoh boy first I’m gonna cut my strawberrycut it cuz it’s you put in your wafflesfirst then and you don’t have enoughtime to play a strawberry that means aregonna be cold tonight and I’m gonna getoneso I’m gonna get this place my iPad butit’s our cousin Melina put yourself bythe way could either hard or nice yeahbut they could peel off your skinI don’t know you guysact your pants ask your parents if youuse yeahyeah it was right allowed to use nicebecause we’re getting how to use nicethey don’t kids are allowed to move nowI just need one more shot this one isher my first one full and this one’sgonna beand we also have to tell ya I don’t knowif you ever tried it but on your waffles[Music]well I’m pretty sure everybody knows[Music][Music][Music]I have lots of stars I only use so weusually putwe just have to wait for later cellphonewhere my officedidn’t put enough hay and I think I’mgonna be cleaning my need to be cleaningthis because I think I’m to be sweatingnow guys calm down below if you have asister and I have three sistersbasically you want is basically ourcousin living yeah I like my cousin andI’m just because my basement they haveto yeah and I basically have two sisterstoo but what we both have one brotheryeah cuz we’re sisters and I cousinremember in the last video of we werethat girl said what my dream car is pinkit’s her channel it’s my cousin this ismy cousin’s channel it’s all about usI’ll be making videos and put the ourchannel but yeah but oh yeah all aboutus but certain time and by the way ourname is now I’m gonna cut you guys yeah[Music]so hot alreadyokay so did you watch that thing andthen Emma has to put can you just bringyour plate can you bring your stools intherethey can pretty much see you know Idon’t have enough spacemancuz I’m bigger than her she has herstool through you guys look at her stoolwait you can’t[Music]

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