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How to make waffles in a waffle maker

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Video Transcription

hi guys so today we’re gonna be makingwaffles in a waffle maker so like thevideo comment and subscribe and shareyeah and so first you need to put thethe one there you need to put the mixand then you make and then you put thewater and then you stir it and then itlooks like this and so there’s untilthere no I don’t see that much so waitdone so you guys subscribe our firstyoutube video we’re gonna make waffleswe already made the point that theseright hereit’s big so you pour it into the mixtureOh put it like that so they can see youfill it up all around it fresh there yougo and now we close there’s still alittle bit more so then when it’spowered it shows the blue one and thenwhen it’s ready that ready button turnson now I’m gonna wait two minutes soaway no I have no I cut you know that Ido the shoot I shoot you know yeah Ishoot you know II know is the time I[Music]went no cuz I cut you know me you dude Iknow that I do that and I cut you yougot well to play that OhwhatI want to check the pair cakes we’regonna open it hot and there you go JC’sfirst pancakes I mean waffles

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