Waffles Recipes

how to make cinnamon bun waffles! Happy Mother’s Day! 🌺💋♥️

Hey guys I’m lilly!

I upload videos every week!

Meet my family: me(lilly/mommy) calum(hubby/daddy) Caden (toddler/son) Cora and Liam (6 month old twins/my so. And daughter)

May update:
As of the beginning of this month I have 32 subscribers and I’m so grateful and blessed. My subscriber goal
For this month is 34 can we have 34 subscribers by the end of the month let’s see!

May video schedule:

May 10th is going to be a Mother’s Day video✅
May 13th is going to be a 1year anniversary on YouTube video
May 21st is a cooking video
May 27th is a things to do at home type of video

Let me know other video ideas in the comments.

My videos I make are about: my family, tik toks, recipes and much more fun.

***I hope all my subscribers read this because I love all y’all and I’m so grateful and proud and amazing happy with how kind and supportive you guys are.***

If you want a shout out just let me know in the comments!

Xoxo lilly 😘💋♥️

Original of the video here

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