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Hong Kong Bubble Waffles (香港雞蛋仔)

Bubble Waffles have been around since I was born in Hong Kong, and it was a street snacks that I grew up eating before or after school. I still remember that same “uncle” who set up the street cart right next to my elementary school and all I could think of is that would be the first thing I would get when the bell rang. LOL 😂 the aroma of the vanilla and the egg was just insane!!! And who knew that it would be one of the most popular snack so many years after I move to the United States. Now I will show you how to make it at home so that you can have it anytime you want!!!

Waffle maker

Here is the link to the waffle maker I used in this video but of course you are welcome to use whatever you may have as well.

Yield: 3 to 4 batches With my mini waffle maker feel free to double Recipe



70g all purpose flour
15g tapioca starch
5g custard powder
1g baking powder


1 large egg
70g water
18g evaporated milk

Last to add:

8g oil
Dash of vanilla essence

In a mixing bowl, mix all the dry ingredients, set aside
In another mixing bowl, whisk egg, and sugar (in three parts) then add water and evaporated milk
Add wet mixture into the dry
Mix everything until well incorporated then add the oil and vanilla last
Strain mixture into a measuring cup
Cover with plastic wrap and chill in fridge for an hour
After chill, heat up the waffle maker
Once heated, brush a very thin layer of oil and use a tissue to wipe off excess
Pour batter into the waffle maker and make sure to fill to the top
Close lid and let heat for about 30 second then flip the whole waffle maker and let it cook for about 2 mins 30 seconds then flip it back to the right side and continue to cook for another 3 mins
By now you should smell the lovely aroma open lid and use fork to take bubble waffle out on a rack to cool
If you have a fan it will help keep the crisp
Serve warm to cool

You can eat as is which is how we grew up eating, but you can always eat like you would with toppings like waffles or eat with ice-cream. The choice is yours!!!


Original of the video here

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