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[ENG | CHN SUB] VLOG #2: An Ordinary Day in Brisbane🚶🏻‍♀️ (Waffles + OOTD + Homemade simple lunch).

#2 Vlog:
Just an ordinary day in Brisbane and what do I normally do on a school holiday. I’m so bored these days, but I’m glad I picked up a new hobby this summer holiday (learning how to make vlogs!) to kill time and share my daily life to y’all.

Feel free to leave any comments, share how has your day been and a 👍🏼 if you enjoy this new video! ( and Subscribe for updates too! 🎈)

Thank you all ❤️

Waffles place:
The Pancake Manor (Brisbane)

⚲ yingzhe2092

Original of the video here

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