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10 Fun Cooking with Waffle Maker | 10가지 재미있는 와플메이커 요리 | 와풀팬으로 다 눌러먹기 |

These are some fun and simple things to make in your waffle maker, and the best part of all of this is that you can barely mess it up! Have some fun with me and make fun things in your waffle maker too!~
오늘은 와플팬으로 다양한 간식을 만들어 보았어요. 재미있게 만들어보세요!~

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1. Basic Waffles 기본와플
2. Crossle 크로플
3. American Breakfast 미국식 아침식사
4. Breakfast Potatoes 감자채
5. Fried Rice 볶음밥
6. Mini Cheeseburger 미니 치즈버거
7. Hash Browns 해시브라운
8. Hot Pockets 핫포겟
9. Pizza Rolls 피자롤
10. Chimichanga 치미창가

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