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夹心格子饼 / 华夫饼 / Fluffy waffles sandwich / Prima Deli’s waffle / one of the best afternoon tea snacks

Welcome back to EZAH Cooking Channel!
Today I am showing you how to make one of the best afternoon tea snack in Singapore ~~fluffy waffles with peanut butter & chocolate!
Hope you enjoy today’s video 😘

Ingredients / 材料:
AP Flour/普通面粉 1.5cups/1杯半
Baking Powder/泡打粉 2tsp/2茶匙
Sugar/白糖 half cup/半杯
Coconut milk/椰浆 200ml/200ml
Salt/盐 half tsp/半茶匙
Eggs/鸡蛋 2pcs/2颗
Butter/牛油 3tbs/3汤匙
Pandan essence/香兰叶汁 few drops/几滴

Music :-

Original of the video here

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