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Banoffee Pie | बनोफी पाई | No Bake, Easy Banana Dessert Recipe | Banana – Tofee | Banoffee Pudding

#Banoffee Pie | बनोफी पाई | No Bake, Easy Banana Dessert #Recipe | Banana – Tofee | Banoffee Pudding

Banoffee Pie is a no bake, flourless and eggless dessert, prepared with the combination of sweet, sticky made from #banana and #biscuit; softly topped with fresh whipped cream. This can be a quick prepare recipe for any occasion and party.

Any Biscuits : 18-20
Melted butter : 4-5 tbsp
Condensed milk : 1 tin
Bananas : 2
Fresh cream : 200 ml
Chocolate to decorate
Approx. time to Prepare: 1hr

Original of the video here

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