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The making of Complete Vanilla and Banana Pancakes 🥞

✨🙋🏾‍♀️Hey buddies! Hope you’re all well and not overwhelmed this current season. I’m back again this time showing you all how I make my banana pancakes.

🤩So glad I have a pancake maker!!🥳back to the making and backing this lockdown2.0 and pancakes are on the menu. Packed with over 10 different fruits and veg, the Vanilla Complete plant protein powder ensures one’s getting their five a day and more! Interested in my recipe? (I’m no professional chef but I do know the browner the banana the sweeter and they’re not burnt I promise lol) 😉Message me today to order your Complete plant protein powder in chocolate and vanilla flavours ✅✨ #breakfast #pancakes #banana #2020 #lockdown2020 #gethealthywithme #gethealthyin lockdown #tastybreakfast #recipe #pancakemaker #youtube #freckled
Disclaimer (I don’t own any rights to the music!)

Original of the video here

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