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Hello everyone one,this is another recipe video,the 2nd on my channel for now,in this video I will be showing how to make pancakes in the most simple way.

This is the easiest breakfast you could make being quarantined at home.

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For this video you will need :
2 eggs
½kg of flour
Vegetable oil
A bowl
A spoon
A frying pan

With l this in place, let’s get cooking😊❤️
Hope this recipe helped you,if it did pls comment down below and show so it could help someone else.

Love y’all all and I’ll see you in my next videos.


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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my youtubechannel with another video it’s a recipevideo how to make pancakes so let’s getright into the video so for this videoguys you’ll be needing two eggs for halfa kilo of some oil what sugar salt sugara measuring spoon and folders who gainedeverything out so begin by breaking theegg into a separate Bowl separate fromwhere the fly is you bring it to eggscause we’re going to mix all the liquidmixture in another Bowl forincorporating it into the flour so youput after work in the eighth order toput in sugar just amongst you thinkwould be enough to make it sweet enoughCo taste sothere there’s no like measurement ofonce it’s just put the amount you thinkwill be good for you it is better andeven after putting it like in the mixalready if you see that it’s not sweetenough you see add some sugar so or justlike grinder sugarmake sure it’s all crying alone mixtogether with the egg so you just dothat and I’ll as soon or add a pinch ofsalt mixture just a pinch of sorry it’sa very position by its small businessissue so add that at what considerableamount of what happened initial has tobe the creepy little worriedbe ready to ruin the pancakes attack sothey are adding one tablespoon or twotablespoons of oil is enough for thispancake recipe so just mix all of themtogether as you can see and then I willpour into the flour so that’s so saylike if I’ve even after poor you seethat the consistency isn’t good enoughcould see add some water so just makesure each one even knows Romani languagereferring to pancakes so I want to makethis up just have it smooth and all thatI’m going to mix it up so that you canusually only had to mix it a bit andI’ll let you connect start havingexcited about the class so I’ll just usethese sites there is a glossarythat’s what ismix it up with my hand it’sand as you can see is a little too thickstupid it also difficulties with thistext responseswhen to add what guy if you not possibleto orgasmthat’s not much temperature so I justadded more what sigh because as I saidit was too heavy too thick so now I’mjust going to mix them so I get a smoothsome nose texture so as I’m mixing guysat one point I’m going to like tastetaste the amount of sugar promised todaysee if it’s enoughso got allowed to taste it and if youtaste it it is not in love you cantotally you’re totally free to add moresugar directly into this make surethere’s no problem sorry guys so I’llkeep mixing me like I’m trying to pressall the lumps and all of that so I hopeI can get it to be smooth but it’sreally like a while to get it small so Ithink the consistency is good like thatit’s thick but not too thick I thinkit’s good so I just tasted itshe keeps sugar is enough like I want itto be soI think it was to pick one point thatwas killing was to honey but absolutemix it up everything up it was okay sowe just mix it a mission that other onesnow how’s that so just make dice it isgoing today and mix it like mood onelectric mixer in a secure way so justbe patientpress it out and mix it up mix it upjust like a job like it TSP of oil intothe primary stood honey I know I didextra in this first one the guys likethe oil was just too much as I said ateaspoon of or a half a teaspoon a majorthey just made a drop of oil just likego to the five times so I hope to avoidlike terrifying punch through the oilwhich is every enemy and they make heaton medium you can both get thingsweren’t so[Music]then it’ll be too smallwhen you do thatproduced ladies click like a closed doorit’s really to recruit two or threewords on your hips[Music]taking notes from time to time you justlike go through the edges and make surethey don’t stick you know you won’t beable to turn again to me doing me forthat I’ll just I’m not sticking so letit cook um two to three minutesI mean it’s max like Max or sometimes Ilike itI need to but I will say birds but likereally crusty I know that’s a little bitmore so I’ll just see you soon fourminutes depending on how you like youjust keep checking these it is how youwantboom you ready to turn it so I think itwas ready like on and I turned eightguys see how it looks like some time sohappy to be getting more Brown it’s okaylike this don’t be scaredso oh that’s tight the other side isstuck outside when change normally takesto show the fear of time on the firstside so this guy toasty like 2 minutes 2minutes max alreadyso I’m just turning it just turning itand checking if it’s how I want itlet’s take it for a little while beneathso that I remove that one and I betterchange of life and of course the otherone was giving me issues I changed it tothis one but but always refrain it didenough time so I had to petition wantedto do more tryso I had seen this one already it is aretainer from footballwhich of course is your home of thecalculator and you will for the processguaranteesfirst I said still gets it and that’sthat soon you needed to guarantee likethree to five minutes on medium heat andonce ready I’ll turn the other side andwell they’ve got one for two minutesso guys I hope you’re getting this rightand as you can see I keep checking theedges like that so just to make sure thedailies cheap guys make sure you checkyour edges the things that God wants tobe the first sides actually journey[Music]as long as you makeso guys I hi little trolls in order tomake some otherlike put the floor downwas troubling so I’d say that they havea little tables but that this vampire[Music]so it’s looking good guys like I’m justgoing to eat these pancakes heck what’sso terrible so I just removed this oneand we are going to continue doing thesame thing but guys think note at onepoint you can generally fry it againusing this thing for empower theopposite order like the oil because I’lljust put a drop of oil like the oil onthe frying pan and fry like two to threethank you and put it 1 so if you have toput more oil just protect your job theone stick of butter so just a just atiny jokeand I’m making the other pancake so guysit’s like be for our solution okay how Idid like the whole from pancakespurchase from the troll I hope youlearned how to do it and enjoy your mealand happy of pouring time and as youguys may make video of you


  1. Everyone should know how to make pancakes and waffles. They’re good, widely popular, cheap, easy to make and they freeze well, so you can make a bunch on the weekend and eat them all week. Whenever I see some putz (or putzet) buy overpriced and not very good frozen pancakes or waffles I feel like laying my palm up-side their head.

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