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Pancake Recipe | How To Make Pancake | పాన్కేక్ రెసిపీ | Homemade Pancakes

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Eggs 2
Milk boiled & warmed 1 Cup
Maida / All Purpose flour 1 ¼ Cup
Sugar 4 Tspns
Venilla Essence 1 Tspn
Baking Powder 2 Tspns
Oil 2-3 drops for each pancake
Batter Mixing Procedure
Take a Mixing Bowl and crack 2 Eggs and beat all the eggs well until they turns fluffy and frothy. To this add 4 Tspns of sugar and mix well again. Now add 1 ¼ cup of Maida or Allpurpose flour to the egg mixture and the mix well in smooth texture with forming lumps. Now add the boiled and warmed milk of 1 cup to the batter little by little until it forms into pouring consistency. Now add 1 Tspn of Vanilla Essence and 2 Tspns of Baking Powder into the batter and well again until the ingredients combines well.
Now the Batter starts to raise once we add the baking powder.
Pancake Cooking Procedure
Now take a pan and heat the pan on low- medium heat and once the pan is slightly hot add 2-3 drops of oil and spread it all over the pan and then add a ladle full of mixture to the pan and do not spread as dosa and just spread it slightly and let it cook for 1 minute or until the bubbles forms on the pan cake on low-medium heat only. Once the bubbles forma, Now flip the pancake to the other side and cook it for 30 seconds more and then take it into the serving bowl. In the same way make the pancakes with the remaining batter also.
Now the Pancakes are Ready

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