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Video Transcription

they were going to make a pancake sohere are the ingredients needed I’m markGreene condensed milk and fresh milk 3eggs and hot cake we mix okay let usbeginso first let us put the hot cakes sothat’s it so let us mix and we’ll putthat egg let us let us mix let us putthat fresh milklet’s mix together let boost some sugarone tablespoon of sugar let us mix welllet us go now let us put the migraine sothat’s the pancakewait until the bubbles pop now repeatthe procedure so this step are taken torepeat and I have sweet and Collins sowe will put here in the pancake I willbeat this this sound says sookay bye thanks for watching inside letus put the contents first so that’s itbye thanks for watching no judgment andbye


  1. Your son and my grandson could be twins !! They dance the same too !! Thanks for sharing. It is so nice to see wholesome content on here.

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  4. This was so cool to watch, I started craving a tot waffle after this video, it looked so good. You guys are awesome!

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  6. Kim holderness 2020 “ we raise the bar of lowering your expectations “ ( I love y’all so much best you tubers ever .)

  7. I am usually very optimistic( and an extrovert) and not feeling it much right now. Then came ” I don’t need that negativity in my life right now. Highlight of my day.

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