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Video Transcription

what’s up YouTube Oh what’s up YouTubeI’m not gonna do todayyou’re watching is Kaylee TV episodeCassell by the title I’m making pancakesand this your first time seeing thisyour first time seeing me cook somethingI don’t I don’tI’m what I wanted to make up there butyou wrote I think of my friends likeyeah but so good tea Jimin Jimin motherSimmonsyeah I think what’s wrong my wood I’msorry I just woke up I woke up at like350 something 350 Sunday and it’s 355well I think I woke up there like 3:30no I woke up at like 3:30 something ouchin the bellows and sick time and then mymom called me to Christian was my realsister and now I’m making pancakes oh nooh no oh no I’m fine okaynothing big old Oh[Music]brother look all this stuff how know yougirls didn’t miss you alreadythat’s not that smoking okay I don’teven know what to do so even though itBree Stalin because I draw you could seethat that’s why these six are you doingI don’t really careI don’t like Nick all right Nick but Ijust flip this fine I’ll be right backwhen I don’t know what to do okay so webut I finally figured out my mom tell mewhat to do soso we filming some therapy it needsbetter sepiaokay so two cups it says 2 cup of me butlook at this little just like so I thinkI’ll add this to the bowlhe doesn’t want to come out because ofthe water when I was written it anywaysnow who says one in one half of waterI’m not using oh I’m sorry I’m not usingno sink water Oh pancake batter on it orsomething we fan at all right so Ted addone on one halfoh one oh one half one oh wait one oneone yeah we have all right y’all I’mspeaking though okay that’s right I’mpretty sure this is rightI’m pretty sure I’m scared this is howit looks so far[Music]sorry about that but now I got my listand listening mixesoh my gosh this is gonna fall out to peeoh wait no I forgot to ask them stuff soI have to add a drop of because my momsaid that I should to give it okaythat’s jumping on your way upthis is gonna be good and now let me eatsome so my phone brain disorders orwhatever see it all that powder so Ihave to do the iPad little bad qualitieskind of so so much mix in it and I’mjust trying to get these back in alreadyfor all those sugars are so much betterand you don’t want to over start becauseit’s over stir that mud oh and I kissyou[Music]in my pan[Music]oh my gosh ah it’s burning off aboutthat[Music]they are matter engineeroh you forgetting promotion your otherhands of the Pleiades are stronger to meI said to him up in our amusement[Music]this is a littleright[Music]if this is working[Music]so I perceive smoke is the biggestI’m Oni[Music][Music]Romanova daysI’m able to I said she said she liked ityeahand first of all man[Music]all right[Music][Music]Nookay also I’m gonna coming back to goall the pickets are enough to go eatokay so that’s it for today’s videoplease like comment and subscribe and Ithink a matter of my hand but yeahplease like comment subscribe show yourfriends and familybye

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