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making pancakes 🥞 || moataz world

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Video Transcription

and what comes to our our video outsideOslo in decided to be inside the campoutside this holding yeah go to schoolso we’re gonna do it in your pants[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music]now are we gonna do like a little bitbecause it’s not I think it’s not goodenough so I’m gonna do a little bit moreI’m gonna love my brother shining alittle bit peace you wantmy dragon[Music]now I’m gonna pour the pancakesnot here there yeah and now I’m done I’mgonna let it like be a little bit andI’m gonna drag around I’m gonna put itin the middle[Music]and we’re gonna let a couple hours andwe’re gonna phone with my sister he’sgonna flip it all right Joey now so nowI’m gonna my turn[Music][Music]honey I’m gonna take some I got a nodI’ll get the kid but I’m going so nowyou’re gonna let me do what you wantedto do good just good yeah bye guys Ohinscribe and hit the button of a patientcomes up yeah and join our family bye[Music]yeah we’re gonna put it down here andyes ruled by guys so a guy now we’regonna drink and eat pancakes

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